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Medicopter 117 - Jedes Leben zählt

Awesome series!
I haven't seen all that much of it (or at least not as much as I would like) but Medicopter is an awesome TV series! It's about two teams of three that belong to Medicopter 117. They go out in their helicopter to save people. I know, it sounds very simple and basic but the truth is that it's very exciting and the characters are very lovable and credible. They also go to great lengths to come up with new and interesting plots for the episodes which range from the expected "let's save the kid that fell in the pit" to "the Mafia is after Michael" and on and on. Each episode presents two or three parallel plots that echo each other in some way to show the two sides of the coin. I am hooked to this series and will, somehow, acquire the whole series for myself ;) I'm not sure how since I live in Canada...

Stargate: Atlantis

A huge fan of SG-1 myself, I was at first doubtful about a spin-off where the story was about people in Atlantis. I mean, Atlantis? How much more cliché could you get, right? I was terrified that it would be so bad, Stargate would become a joke in the SF world.

I'm glad I was wrong. I'm hooked on the series and have watched every single episode. I can't wait for "The Siege" part 2 next week! The season started off with a great two-parter, "Rising". Amazing FX, great plot, great characters (it was such a pleasure to have McKay back!)and Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson from SG-1 to make the transition.

The plot is that an expedition is mounted to send a team of scientists from all over the world and military personnel to the lost city of Atlantis. This team is led by Dr. Elizabeth Weir, a diplomat that was introduced in the episode "Lost City" of Stargate SG-1. They manage to get to the Pegasus Galaxy and Atlantis but they don't have a power source that can send them back to Earth (it's called a ZPM, zero point module). When they get there, they make a new enemy called the Wraith that preys on humans, sucking the life out of them.

There was the worry that it would turn into the Stargate version of Trek's Voyager. An expedition stuck far away looking for a way home. It's already well known to Atlantis fans that from the beginning of season 2 there will be contact with Earth on a regular basis.

After "Rising", the series slows down a little with some moderately good episodes but some brilliant episodes come late ("Before I sleep", "Poisonning the Well", "Home", "The Storm" and "The Eye" ...) Overall there are more great episodes than so-so ones.

The Wraith then. They scare the hell out of me! The Goa'uld (from SG-1) are funny evil, the Wraith are terrifying evil. Seriously. I'd pick becoming the host to a Goa'uld or matter to a Replicator over being Wraith dinner anytime.

The city of Atlantis is beautiful (those FX! Wow!), the theme music is great. The uniforms aren't all that convincing. And what I like most of it is that it's very newbie friendly (meaning you can easily watch and understand without having watched SG-1 before) while being interesting for old time fans (such as myself) of all things Stargate. The series keeps getting better as the season passes and though it's practically over now with the second half of the finale airing next week I can tell season 2 is going to be amazing. Even with the changes to the cast. McGillion who plays Dr. Beckett is coming back as a regular (excellent!) and Francks a.k.a. Lt. Ford is becoming recurring (not good in my opinion) and a new character by the name Ronon Dex (not cast yet) is gonna become a regular. The rest of the cast is brilliant and I'm glad they've started developing Teyla some more.

All the show needs now is the Chevron Guy from SG-1 and for Dr. Zelenka to become a regular :D

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