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The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Better in some ways but worse in others.
Well first things first, I'm not a fan of the books in any way. So I'm kinda treating this series of movies like I do with the Harry Potter series, so I don't particularly care if things are different from the book version etc.

To be honest it wasn't quite as bad as I originally thought it would be, some parts where actually quite enjoyable, then again I've always been one for werewolf movies than vampires. However like the previous instalment, it lacked something and as a result failed to grip me as a non fan of the books.

New Moon's big problem is its pace or lack of in certain areas, it doesn't seem to move forward very quickly since it's padded with long talky scenes that would be considered compelling drama to a 15 year old. The werewolves them selves don't get a lot of screen time as it is and for that matter neither do the vampires. The fact that it takes at least half of the film to get to anything vaguely exciting is what makes the film a bit of an all round disappointment.

On the plus side the effects and fight scenes are well done, so kudos to the stunt and effects teams there. However it's still amazing that our two leads (Patterson and whats her face) and still haven't improved or developed their performances since the last instalment, again like Twilight I got more joy out of the supporting actors performances than our two leads.

I'm giving the movies a 6/10... not bad but not great.


A Wonderful movie... released at the wrong time.
To cut to the chase as it where, the movie is touching, heart warming and looks beautiful on screen. But what makes me sad is that it just came at a bad time, Disney had just done the Lion King and I feel that Balto was just over shadowed by the monster that is Walt Disney studios. If it came several years before of much later it would have faired a lot better. The voice acting cast is (although unusual) perfect.Take Kevin Bacon, to be honest considering all that he has done this role stands out as the most odd of his career, he plays the character so down to earth that it makes you wonder if it's him thats voicing it. Trust me I had to check the credits to be sure. He's a god of an actor don't get me wrong but usually tends to play the more risky and challenging roles, I wonder why he picked this one.

Watch it, you'll see what I mean.

Silent Hill

Perhaps one of, if not 'The' biggest movie of 2006.
This has to be one of the best films of this year. It is visually accurate to the game, it has a good solid plot which combines the story elements of the first two games.

Another thing that got me exited while I was watching the film was that they used a lot of the Music, sound effects and memorable shots from the game series. It really made me feel that the director had taken the time and care to research these things.

Although I didn't really see the point Cybil Bennet being killed towards the end, it seemed such a waste. I also didn't get how Sean Bean's character fitted into the story, he seemed a lot like Harry Mason but seemed utterly useless.

But overall it was very dark, very visual and extremely enjoyable. People who have not seen it should do so.

Jonathan Creek

Excellent Series
I've watched Jonathan Creek since it began in 1997, it's well written and the actors manage to successfully balance both drama and comedy. Alan Davies plays the part well, as does Caroline Quentin and later on in the programs history Julia Sawalha. The show has had appearances from some very well known actors and other Comedians in the UK, like Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Maureen Lipman, Jack Dee, Rik Mayal and Adrian Edmonson. David Renwick uses similar humour to the Sitcom 'One Foot in the Grave' (which he also created). The comedy in Creek is usually about the normal things that occur in life that can turn out to be completely stupid in practice. Definitely worthy of another series.

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