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Komola Rocket

Only lite character studies but from far away
Some movies has no meaning and this is one of those. A ship journey you won't remember. Only thing is Mosharraf Karim acting. Tauqir is also very good. Otherwise everyone including the director don't know why everything is happening though nothing happened in this movie. So nobody knows what happened and why not happened.

Durante la tormenta

A very good one but not perfect
***May be spoiler a little bit! But not the main shock.*** It is obviously a good movie, from a talented director. It's almost a sci-fi genre movie. Thus it's a good movie but not perfect. Director emphasized on the main focus "parallel/alternative story telling" but missed some less important facts. Example the dog bark at the intruder but not the dead body into the car. The twist is very predictable. The ending is good and enjoyable but not a shock. If anyone miss a scene he/she will miss a important element to join the puzzles. So don't miss any scene, you will definitely enjoy.


It's an almost individual movie, otherwise insult for the book
Debi is the magnum opus of the book writer. One of the greatest litterateur characters Misir Ali has been started with this creation by none other than Humayun Ahmed. A pioneer for Bengali Literature as well as Bengali Cinema history.

Come to the points. It's not a bad movie for those who never read the book. PS it is foolishness to compare a movie with it's adapted book. I know this. And I am not comparing this movie with the book. If I do it will be highly insulting for the book. Misir Ali by Chanchal Chawdhury, a failed attempt. He is a talent actor undoubtedly. But he missed the opportunity. Alas! The character name would have been Bashir Ali. Not at least Misir Ali. Just making Misir Ali dialogues from the book and smoking cigarettes doesn't mean you are Misir Ali. I hold myself from breaking the screen. OK let it be an individual movie. Leave it. Joya Ahsan is also very very talented actress. She did her best. But she is not the perfect cast for this role. She is too old for the role Ranu whereas Chanchal is too young for Misir Ali. Animesh Aich! I wonder why he is here! Any small charcater from TV Drama is far better than him. Totally waste of an important characted Anis. In fine, wrong casting is one of the main problem of this movie. Everything is happening so fast as if, "O you people already read the book we know so why show you the detail? Just see the happening forget the situation. Anyone who never read the book will wonder why all this happening! So in this sense, the director is also capable to make Debi from the book.

I wish, actually I know, in near future the trilogy Debi, Nishithini, Nishad will be made by a talent director. This is too hard to make such book into a movie. It's too hard for anyone.


What is Mithun, to know, see this.
Too many plot holes and unnecessary scenes. Otherwise, good direction, good editing. Mithun as his best. Every actors did well. Chinai chun chun is good music, my childhood one. Overall not a bad one.


A comedy drama you won't remember
To watch old '70s '80s '90s bollywood movies, is one of my hobbies.In this process last night I watched this one. Not a bad movie yet rather some good moments make you laugh and the other positives are '80s nature, people, styles, roads, cities. Otherwise not a movie you will discuss with anyone. Utpal Dutta is a true legend and best in every single movie. Kolahpuri is also did her best. Raj Babbar can't shine with his average acting. Too many songs, too long songs as well. The director is in hurry, I felt somewhere in the movie. Not a typical movies of Basu Chaterjee, one of the best directors.

Arjun Pandit

Not up to the mark.
Music is good. Action is good. Dialogue is good. Sunny and Juhi as well as other done their best. Combination of a good movie. Buy typical '90s. Old story. Uneven execution. Forgettable.


ZERO - a movie with no life
A movie of Shah Rukh Khan increases my expectation every time. As my most favorite actor, my expectation for him never decreases even I never disappointed. He is the best despite a good earning movie or a bad one. As a diehard fan, I realize he is losing his movies choices. I believe every leading actor like Aamir, Amitabh, Rajesh Khanna, Dilip Kumar like legends may interfere with the director. They may cooperate with the direction, with the screenplay. "This could be better". But here, Shah Rukh Khan may not do this, he actually follows, I think, what the director saying, he does not add or cut or modify anything while shooting. Thus these two mistakes falling him downwards- wrong movie, go for the wrong direction. Now come to the movie, where I never find any life. Every actor is doing just the story as, just the director as, just the on-going. Pathetic is everything is poor by the way. The characters remind me movie Joker, Tees Maar Khan by Akshay, movie Himmatwala by Ajay, Movie Hamshakals by Saif. All characters of these movies are pathetic. Why Anushka is odd kind of disable? How she is fine in some moments and disable in some moments, just like pretending. Why Zeeshan has the worst kind of wrong wigs several times? Why his eyes are such odd? Why Katrina's eyes only are such odd makeup every time? Why and how she looks vulgar, unethical, unrealistic unnecessarily? How going to the USA and staying there so easily? How they romance in a public astronaut place? How anyone can wave stars like that? How man how? I can't count the uncountable remarks here. Thus all the characters except Shahrukh, are looking some jokers. Anushka, Zeeshan is full-time joker made by the worst director. Katrina is just passable. Abhay, Madhavan did very well. Those 90's heartthrobs were unnecessary totally wasted. Anushka tries her best, but bad direction ruins her. Katrina did well but bad direction ruined her also. Shah Rukh Khan proves he is the best in acting, a real professional actor. But he has to be more good in choosing two things, story, and character. A bad director can be the limelight because of a good actor. However, not an off-topic, those movies which are produced by Shah Rukh himself or his wife Gauri, become bad in earning and story both. So stop making movies in your own money. As if you are doing your own movie for yourself, not for the fans you have in this world. Please Shah Rukh, let us see again the Shah Rukh Khan we are raised watching from the '90s.


Could have been good, but it is worse
The start is promising, good and solid. Everything is good until the climax. Start as a solid one and falls apart towards the very end. As if, the director was in a hurry to complete the movie that's why the entire movie is good but the last 15-20 minutes It can be called a good thriller. Vinod Khanna and Amzad khan did their best. Both are no more. Tribute.


Full of Anushka
This movie deserve rating 8, not but for Anushka's acting. The story was good whereas the continuous events tried to make it solid. But weak script and some unbearable plot holes made it dull to watch till the end. Some illogical movements of the lead frustrate me. It could have been far better if handled with care. Many nonsense consequences lead to a confusion how everything is happening? How Anushka knows.. how a fake eye moves... how she know the right switch of light, how love you too is meaningful to her... she know anyone is coming from far away, but how she don't know she is returning again from nearer... how cartoon network only plays to every tv... many hows.... I think didn't reveal any spoiler, tried to make fair. By the way, Anushka tries her best. Direction was not so bad. Editing was unignorable, bad. The islamic story, shown in this movie is totally illogical and fictional. Which has no elements with facts. Unbearable.


Yeshwant: From start to end, Nana Patekar
Could have been better. Only Nana makes this movie as almost great. Many holes and unnecessary elements in the plot make it almost unbearable whereas Nana saves the deal. Story leads to another turn. Several incidents confused me to find the exact story towards the climax. Though the climax is a thing that can be shown in the middle of the movie as a natural scene. Nana acts like he is the best for this role. Though he seems too serious, sometimes dull. Yeshwant a movie full of Nana Patekar, nothing else.


Musical and atmospheric. Full of gloom. A nostalgic experience.
One of my favorite movies. Because of Music. Unforgettable music. Background score make the atmosphere engaging. Madness of the pair to each other is just unforgettable. Despite the ending, it's a near perfect movie. Both the leading actors worked well. And other crews also. It remains with me still.


As usual Govinda, and he nailed it
It's a full of comedy. Where govinda and Johnny Lever paired. Kader Khan made the comedy more hilarious. And remember, for laughing on comedies, brain should not use. Music is also worth. Govinda and Johnny are best, you will admit after watching this movie.

Biwi Ho To Aisi

Rekha tries her best, but failed for the weak plot
This could have been a little better. My expectation was high, this could be a reason I didn't like this movie. Mostly I watch for Kader Khan. Salman as a villain for the first and last time until 2019.

Iru Mugan

Erywhere is Vikram, being his die-hard fan, I didn't like this direction. One of the crappiest movies I have ever seen for a long time. Many nonsense and unnecessary events make this dull.


Could have been better if there was a different ending
I didn't like the movie. Every movie should have a motive to run. Thus the ending would fix them. But here is this movie everything happens too slowly, and when the movie ended I was surprised thinking as an unfinished one. All the crews acted well. The direction is so so. But the script was incomplete I think.

Karan Arjun

Salman won for acting, SRK won for romance and good music
Here Salman perform very well. Other than his all other movies. Shahrukh can not show his skill due to the script. His role was minor than Salman. Thus Salman got more emphasize, and he make it worth. Shahrukh has a good song here, good romance with Kajol. Though rebirth is not a thing a believe but the revenge motive I liked in this movie. Overall a good one.


Akshay's over-excitement on Prity ruins the seriousness
It could have been far better if it doesn't follow typical bollywood old fashioned excitement on the girl the hero loves. If there is no love between the two protagonists, it could be near great. It deserve 4, but additional 3 comes for Asutosh Rana, the brilliance.

Yaamirukka Bayamey

Full of comedy with no sense of horror and without at least a story
In very much brief, this movie has no story, not a bad story, not a worst story, but there is no story here just it is. Horror? Illogical, nonsense horror sequences. It can be call as a comedy movie. Full of comedy. Krishna Sekhar is good. I like his acting skill, he is good in his every movies. By the way, now the ratings are- Story 0/10, Horror 4/10, Comedy 8/10. Average 4/10.

The Mummy

Casting and Direction ruin the name "The Mummy"
Tom Cruise is not the only one favorite here, 'the title' is itself a strong one. But bad direction misguides Tom Cruise, that's why I am not satisfied even from his acting. But he tried his best. Tom Cruise should emphasize on the other section as he is more experienced than the director, as I don't like the direction of this movie. Russell Crowe is great in this movie. Only he deserve appreciation for his acting. On the other hand, the main villain character, an important one though, is totally crap. She is not fit this heavy roll. I disliked this point very much. The other castings are also fade. However some illogical as well as confused events made the popular title a reluctant one to the fans of this franchise. The theme is enjoyable but direction, silly casting and Tom Cruise himself can not make the enjoyable movie a great one. Thus it is now only an enjoyable one, one time watch movie. My rating 5/10.


Extremely Overrated by the Rajni Fans. Nothing Else.
This is Bollywood Top Movies List of 250. Where this type of average movie, made for money, paid by the huge fans of the protagonist. Trust on Top Bollywood movies has vanished. This movie has only 1 thing noticeable, Rajnikant. A great hero in Indian cinema history. Mostly by his huge number of fans. In real this movie can't deserve a place in top list. This type of movies are called Masala Movie in India. Which is made only for money, profit. Nothing else. So if you give seal of an epic movie to this type of movie which is made for money, it's your fault, not the movie itself. Only blind people and deaf fans can see this movie as an epic. Otherwise a garbage. Only Baasha is everywhere, in songs, in background score, in dialogues. A man hiding his past but more young in his present then past. What a.... Okay let me realistic, watch this movie if you are a fan of Rajni, a fan of typical south Asian movies. If you think it as a deserved top movie list, you will be fooled after watching this.

Lust Stories

Tried to glorify women whereas the LUST of women revealed
This world is made for women, this world is made to glorify the women, this world is made to care the Lust of women. This movie tried so hard to show women is the victim of LUST but revealed their own LUST. Story 1. The teacher is a slave of her own uncontrollable LUST. Grade 3.0. Story 2. The maid is the victim of LUST by her employer. Result meaningless. Grade 1.0. Story 4. A women has affair with her husband's friend and everyone know everything. Acting so good. Grade 3.5. Story 4. Women has nothing but LUST, in front of anywhere, in anywhere, in anytime. Laugh a lot although. Grade 2.5. Overall 5. Avoidable. 18+. Fun.

Black Panther

Overrated Panther vs Black Marvel
In Rotten Tomatoes it is listed on the top of Marvel movies! Trust on RT has been vanished. Even on IMDB. It was showing 8.5+ rating from the beginning of the release. My expectation toward this movie was never high as I knew this poor-cast movie/seeing the trailers, can't be a great but just an enjoyable one. It is not actually enjoyable but predictable, rather, most avoidable movie of Marvel history. I and my wife and younger family searching for the villain, who would be a great powerful one. Our search remains, and we could't find any villain here. Yes a villain is shown with below average acting and a cheap body building figure with dumb hair style. Sorry.. All the rating above 5 are paid, unreal. It deserve below 5 but I rate this as 5 because I actually don't hated the movie, I hate this high rates on the market.


Holes are Trapped in This Movie
I see, the ratings are good, reviews are positive in IMDb. Though expectation does not try to touch sky as the Director, Actor are not so popular. But I expect a good one and recommend to some of my friends. Afterward, I regret, why do I invited/recommended them to watch this movie. Now I can suppose the positive reviews are all fake. The trapped man can be released from the trapped situation easily as the youngest child suggesting some smarter idea then the Director showing us. Many of ideas are available for anyone general. But the Director though may the audience are fool that what ideas I would show them the audience will swallow. Bad Idea! Rajkummar Rao can't shine by his poor performance. Kai Po Che was best indeed. However, a small rubber stretch into taller until 1h 45m but failed to grab an audience till the end.


Something is Missing
1st half is promising while then the plot is being weak. The ending is happened unexpectedly as if it can be widen more more like rubber band. Mystery shattered after the 2nd half begins. Courtroom sequences are not organized. The courtroom treats are not behaving professional, only comedy. Courtroom comedies are only comic scenes of the movie. Akshay Kumar is the heart of the movie, while other are trying to 'cast only' or 'just the shooting complete'. The background scores and songs are boring, in fact unnecessary. the rating 7 is only for the acting of Akshay. Directing 5, Plot 6, Story 8, Acting 6, Camera 6, Overall 7 - Out of 10.

Funny Games

Don't believe the positive RVS, they fooled me
A movie, I am sitting to watch, time goes, I am wandering what is the objective? Why they don't do this, why they don't do that, why they are not doing something. Illogical, very very illogical. The positive reviews are totally fake I understood whenever I finished the movie. Actually I open my mouth like "O" after watching the finishing, ending. What a climax! Is there any climax happen in the movie? Time waste. My two hours time waste, better to have see through beyond the opened window for two hours. Three members family comes to enjoy their vacation in a rural and serene place. Two innocent boys come to them, then occupy them, then no one defense themselves, no one try to escape after getting time and hole, no one call any police, but just mourn and mourn and feel and see, and take part in games with the two psychopaths. And the ending, WOW what a hollowness ending. If anyone whats to make sequel, the sequels will never be ended.

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