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Queen & Slim

Missed the point
IN MY OPINION The premise of this film was great, but it was handled badly. It could have been a decent protest film for BLM but instead it turned into a chase film with hardly any chase. So dissatisfied and disappointed. The director missed the point

Finding Alice

Utter tosh!
Started to watch this after watching the sublime It's a Sin. No spoilers as you can't spoil something that's this bad!! What a complete contrast to It's a sin which is outstanding tv whereas this is crap! Avoid like your life depended on it. Utter tosh!!!

Black Narcissus

No spoilers and not much to say really. In brief it's a very poor adaptation. Watch the black and white original it's way better!!

Between Earth and Sky

No spoilers just don't waste your time it's that simple.

The Social Dilemma

Social Media is bad!!
What could have been said in 45 minutes is dragged out to 1 1/2hrs. Basically the same sentence said over and over again but in a different way. In a nutshell, social media is bad. Which we all know but choose to ignore. All the people in this show are former staff of all the big companies complaining about how the company they helped build are really bad!! While watching this I found myself just looking at Facebook and Instagram, so it's made no difference to me at all.

IMDb Originals: Remembering Chadwick Boseman
Episode 109, Season 3

Great actor
Such shocking news to wake up too. The man was a great actor and could have gone on to be one of the all time greats. RIP Chadwick Boseman

This Country

Absolutely brilliant mock'umentory. The characters are great. We all probably know a Kerry or Kurtan. It's funny and sad in equal measure. I strongly recommend this to anyone.

The Hunt

WTF!! That just happened!!
Ummmmm! I really can't put into words what to say about this film! It's a bizarre mix of bad acting good acting crap script with odd flashes of cleverness. Watch it while drunk, that'd be my best advice!!

When They See Us

Brutal Brilliant
Absolutely outstanding drama. Excellent telling of a true story where 5 boys were convicted of a crime they didn't commit by a department that just wanted a convicted what ever the price to human life. Also proves that 45 was an idiot back then and hasn't really changed one bit!!!

The Lion King

Hakuna meh!!
7 out of 10. The CGI is great the voice over is poor! Some of the actors who must have been paid a fortune for their "skills" are laughing all the way to the bank. Beyoncé and Donald Glover are not the best people for the job. Honestly it was a bit lazy in comparison the the original!

Boy Erased

A harsh film about a brutal practice!!
Going into this I was thinking this was going to be rubbish. But honestly it was a fantastic film. It was thought provoking and at some stages brutal. It beggars belief that the practice of trying to forcefully remove gayness from people by the power of god still goes on in modern day America.

Cleaning Up

What can I say. I'm falling out of love with Sheridan Smith. She's basically the same character in everything she does. She just doesn't have what it takes too carry a major tv show. Cleaning Up should have been better but it's just disappointing.


Oh Dear!!
Ever have one of those films that you just know is not gonna be as good as you want it to be? Well this is one of those movies. From the moment Tom Hardy opens his mouth to the way Venom talks it just doesn't get any better! The only saving grace is the CGI. The rest is just poor! Don't bother unless you're drunk!!

Bohemian Rhapsody

Malek is brilliant!
I've been excited to see this for months. Finally got to see it and I was not disappointed. Malek was outstanding as Freddie. I sang along to all of the songs and cried at a few of the sad bits. I'm rating this 10/10 I don't think you will see a better film about Freddie Mercury any time soon.

The Haunting of Hill House

Could have been better!!
It was like watching a poor adaptation of a Stephen King novel. A couple of good episodes bookended with some slow burners. Not as many jumps a scares as I was expecting. So yeah, it could have been better

This Is Us

You will cry!!!
When me and my wife sat down to watch the first episode, we said let's give it a go, my wife said "if it's crap we'll turn it off!" Well at the end of that one episode we were hooked!! It's quite simply one of the best shows ever. We laugh and we cry (a lot) at the Pearson family. It is just brilliant.


If I was watching this at home I'd have turned off after 1/2hr! Absolute tosh! The only reason I didn't walk out of the cinema was that I'd paid hard earned cash to watch it! There's a button underneath the review section that asks if there are any spoilers in my review....nothing to spoil! The plot was thin, the acting was wooden, and by that I mean Keanu Reeves wouldn't of looked out of place!! My advice, save ya money for a burger at one of the big burger joints. That'll be more satisfying.

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