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Mind of Mencia

Mind of Mencia. Funny show with a lot of truth
I can't understand all the hate I've been hearing towards Carlos Mencia and the show Mind of Mencia. His social criticisms are some of the truest/ funniest things I've ever seen on T.V. Yeah he is very harsh with what he says, but 99% of it is true.

I find that the people who tell me he isn't funny, belong to one of the groups he makes fun of. I'm not a fan of his retardation jokes, since those people can't do anything about who they are, but his jokes on lazy people, racist or dumb people are very funny and as hard as it may sound for some people, very very true.

Hope I'll be able to see his show for years to come

Smack the Pony

A smack against my own head is funnier!
Now, that seemingly all of the family and friends of the members of this "show" have given their positive comments regarding this drivel, I feel that someone else should review the show. I cannot comprehend how anyone could find this show funny. No, not even a family member should like this show. A show that takes everyday situations and leaves them to be everyday situations. If I hand someone a coffee in an elevator and give them a cookie with it nobody would laugh in real life, but the laugh-reel in the background of this show is peeing its pants. Yes, I am from Germany, but please do not base my review on that I cannot understand British humor. Shows such as Ab Fab, Black Adder, 'Allo 'Allo, Keeping Up Appearances and Benny Hill are some of my all-time favorite shows.

I have given this show many chances to make me laugh, but not even the slightest movement of my lips, that could ever resemble a smile, came from these wasted hours.

Caution: Stay clear and enjoy a rerun of Ab Fab instead.

La leggenda del pianista sull'oceano

Beautiful Movie with classic scenes
Leggenda del pianista sull'oceano, La (1998)

Eye candy... pure eye candy

True, this movie does have a few flaws and it is narrated far to often, but nevertheless, this movie is candy for the eyes. Personally i have seen many movies, more than i can recall, but the scene where Tim Roth dances with his piano when the ship runs into a storm is one of the most beautiful, heartwarming scenes to ever grace a film. I liked the film but it is not for everyone but anyone who watches this movie will love the "dancing" scene.

Give it a try, if only for the one scene, i know you will like it

Meet the Fockers

Meet the Fockers is confused about who its target audience is
Meet the Parents was one of the funniest movies to ever grace the screen. The movie had slapstick in it but on a very high level. By that I mean that it was funny, but in a way my grandparents could laugh about it. Some of the humor was very dry but all the jokes delivered. Granted, Meet the Fockers did have some hilarious moments...the dog chasing the cat and the conclusion....the baby's 1st word...Dustion Hoffman...But there were jokes in this movie which were aimed more at making teens laugh than their older target audience. For example the scene where the baby wants 'milk' from the maid, or the 'thing' stiller's parents kept as a memoir...or Owen Wilson playing the flute? OWWWW Those were moments where I wondered if I was watching the sequel to "Meet the Parents" or "Dude where is My Car"

I gave this movie 5 out of 10 stars. The movie got so many stars from me because Dustin Hoffman was great and the baby and the dog were awfully cute the neutered dog....when you leave the cinema you feel very unsatisfied and cheated

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