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Girl, Interrupted

Susanna wasn't insane
Susanna may have been depressed but wasn't insane. She was "under achieving" in the view of society based on her peers which probably led to condition.

Young Angenlina Jolie made the movie, excellent performance/character

Gone Girl

Disappointing ending/flaws
Would never happen; could easily build a case to prove to she faked the story.

In addition, they would never wheel someone out of the hospital covered in blood...

A Quiet Place

I enjoyed the days as a timeline jumping around to show the different stages however how did they not include a day one or earlier days? Lack of information/scenes about the early period is disappointing

Stranger Things

Entertaining but too many flaws
I enjoy the 80s setting/characters however too many major flaws in story that hurts overall quality of the series.

First issue is in season one when the sheriff investigates the "dead body of will". He cuts it open to find it is a stuffed doll but they still bury the stuffed body the following day. A giant cut down the chest with stuffing coming out would clearly raise some questions.

However what is more troubling is the fact that after Will is found, nobody in the entire city wonders..."If Will is alive, who is the kid we buried? Who faked his death?" This event would unravel the government cover ups/secrets but the viewer is suppose to overlook this.

Next, in season two the sheriff investigates the poison pumpkin/farm fields and gets trapped in the underground tunnels. After being rescued, no authorities were brought out to investigate despite the clear physical evidence they now have to prove their story about the other world.

Also in the second season, the creatures attack the main lab and kill countless workers & securities officers because they were essentially immune to bullets. But when the sheriff is protecting 11 while closing the gate, all he needs is one shot per creature. Additionally, how do all those dead bodies not bring anymore attention to the real developing problem? Season ends with the government blaming a chemical spill for Barba's death. Ok that may be sufficient for her but what about the cause of death for the others?

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