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Gedo senki

If I want to call myself a Ghibli fan, then I have to be honest. This movie was disappointing.
When I first heard of this film I didn't know what to expect. I was shocked to find out that there was a Ghibli movie dubbed bad by people. At first I thought there must have been some bias hatred against the movie, but then I remembered that this is a Ghibli picture. Unlike most animation studios, Ghibli usually gets some of the most fair and honest reviews from people and critics alike. So I thought to myself what makes this movie so bad. That's when I came up with the idea to go watch it and see for myself. Dear god were my expectations destroyed.

This isn't just a bad film; this is a legit disgrace to the studio's name. Now don't get me wrong, I won't judge a film by its company's reputation. That's just unfair. I understand that tales from earthsea is the directorial debut of Gorō Miyazaki, but that doesn't mean I'm going to excuse all the crap that this flick pulled like a ton of other people have. I also should note that I haven't read the book this is based off of so I'm only going to talk about the film itself. However from what I keep hearing the movie didn't do a good job in respecting the source material.

I think the best place to start the review is at the intro. The first 7 minutes are utterly atrocious for what they are. This is mainly due to how the animation is presented. Now before I go on ranting and raving I would like to say that the animation quality is not bad, far from it. It's amazing that the animation looks and feels as well as it does. The animators aren't to blame here the director is. The amount of ambiguousness and rushed pacing makes the intro come off as totally pretentious. It appears that Gorō tried to handle a scene that was beyond his current abilities at the time. Overall that's how the directing of this movie is. There are too many moments that try to feel bigger than they actually are. Thankfully not every scene is this way. At the 23 minute mark there's an impressive sword fight; it's brilliantly choreographed and utilizes the animation better than any other scene in the film. After watching the scene I had suspended my disbelief for the second time on the movie. Never before have I done that with any film. That's when I came up with the theory that Miyazaki must be holding back the good animation for later moments in the movie. That's a common mistake for first time directors. Unfortunately as the movie went on I soon found out that I was dead wrong about this as well. I respect all of the effort the animators put in, but even with all of their hard work the reality is that a good chunk of their effort is wasted to due to lots of the animation being barely utilized.

The story was beyond confusing. It had a good amount of plot holes and unexplained story elements. Why are dragons significant? What does mean to have a true name? Why does the girl Therru near the end of the movie turn into a f@#king dragon?! What's with the magic sword deus ex machina? Why does Therru show romantic feelings towards a boy she spent a good amount of the movie hating on? I thought Ghibli was against that stereotype. This movie raises way too many questions than needed and never tries to explain them or any of the interesting mythology of the world around it. It was hard to care about any of the characters because of how absurdly written they were. The only people I liked were Sparrowhawk; the badass wizard, his old friend Tenar, and the highly intimidating yet soft spoken antagonistic wizard Cob. However near the end of the film they ruin all of these characters. They turn the courageous Sparrowhawk into a weak old man. They drained Tenar of all her spunk and passion. But worst of all they turned cob into a pathetic freak of nature. And no I don't think it adds to his character in any way. Gorō decided to make the 3 best characters worthless so I would have no choice but to focus on Arren and Therru during the finale. I don't think a film should force me to focus on people I don't have a connection towards. Instead they should've written their characters interestingly.

The music and sound effects are phenomenal, but ultimately aren't too effective in their use. In some scenes the music really adds some life, but in many others it needlessly shows up. The voice work is mediocre at best. Some actors put up some effort while others barely try. But considering what they had to work with I don't blame all of the actors on their performances. How is it in Japanese? To be honest I don't care to watch this movie a third time to find out. Watching it twice to see if there was any re-watch ability was challenging enough.

What I'm about to say is going to sound overly harsh, but I promised myself I was going to be blunt in this review. Tales from earthsea the movie is a complete joke. It's one of the worst movies I've ever watched to completion. Don't waste your precious time on it like I and many others did. Do yourself a favor and go watch Howl's moving castle, a good Ghibli adaptation of a book. Animation 6/10 Story 3.6/10 Pacing 4/10 Music and sound effects 6/10 Characters 4/10 Re-watch ability 4/10 Voice acting 5/10 FINAL SCORE 4.7/10 The movie's budget was 22 million dollars

Little Nemo

An utter embarrassment to surrealism.
If you like this movie good for you, but I honestly hate this movie with a passion! When I first had the idea of watching this movie, I thought it was going to simply be a decent piece of entertainment. Little did I know that I was going to hate this film so much, that my blood would boil to the point of being considered lava. Before I continue on, I would like to note that I will be reviewing this film by the facts. I will hold off my opinion, until after the review.

Story & Pacing- Little Nemo is the type of film where the adventure is the story and the story is the adventure. It's amazing how they took this really fun concept and botched it up. What adventure film has padding of all things in it? A lot of what happens in this 90 minute movie is more pointless than an unsharpened pencil. Some of the scenes start out whimsical, but soon the whimsy over stays its welcome. There are too many scenes where I feel as though I should end up learning something about the main characters, but instead I'm just watching characters do random things that don't add up to anything. If this movie wants to have creatively weird, funny, and random scenes for the heck of it, I'm completely alright with that. That's the movie I wanted to see. But in order to do that the scenes actually have to be entertaining all the way through. Since a majority of the scenes don't, they come off as useless filler. There's no excuse for that. Now let's talk about how this movie is supposed to be half fantasy and surrealism. The creators almost got rid of the surrealism entirely. There's only one point in the movie where the use the genre and it is the BEST SCENE IN THE MOVIE! No exaggeration. Lastly this movie pacing is pretty bad. It cuts to black so many times at unnecessary moments. Watching Little nemo honestly felt like watching a culmination of Saturday morning cartoons. Story score 3-5/10 Pacing 4/10

Characters and Voice acting- There virtually are no characters in this film. I was never invested, nor did I learn anything about our so called main characters. These guys don't even deserve to be called tools, because, you know tools actually have a use. (I'm going to exclude Bonbon. You'll see later why.) Even our main protagonist Nemo is bland. He's an empty shell. I can only define him by his actions, and that's not a good thing. This boy can come off as rude, unlikable, boring, bratty, or even sexist at one point. The voice acting in the movie is weird to say the least. I understand that dubbing back then in the 1990s wasn't the best, but man are these voices mediocre. Some voices are okay, like Flip, Bonbon, and the king. But the other voice actor barely put up a fight. There can be some jarring inconsistencies too. Most noticeable is Princess Camille's on and off British accent. I wish I were joking. Characters score- 3- 5/10 VO score 4-6/10

Animation and Music- The music and sound effects are actually pretty good by themselves. Unfortunately the movie undermines them, making both the music and sound effects criminally underutilized, except for a couple of songs in the film. The animation is the most interesting part of the movie to me. The animation is nice and creative at small moments. I liked the style they were going for. A mixture of anime texture, combined with the shapes and designs from a comic strip. However there are two giant problems with it, first being the large amount of inconsistencies. You don't even have to nitpick to find them; they're always being blasted at you. Not seeing people have shadows on them when there should be is weird. Seeing Nemo's hair changes colors three times in the moves is glaring. The second problem would when the film's animation quality drops at random. I'm astonished how many times it happens. These problems are honestly embarrassing and unprofessional. Animation Score 6.9/10 Music and sound effects score 6/10

Re-watch ability- Watched it a second time still didn't like it at all. I watched it a third time and I was less annoyed by it, but it still never grew on me. You're probably going to have mixed feeling on whether you want to come back to it. I watched this movie 3 times all because I just wanted to find other things to like about it. Unfortunately my search came up empty. Score- 3-5/10

Final Score- 7 years of work and 35 million dollars went into this movie. When I look at that, I don't think of what could've been. I think about the 2007 movie Nocturna, which had a budget over 4 times less than this one, and a production history of 10 years. I rest my case. FINAL SCORE- A score range of a 3 to a 5.5.

My opinion – I really don't like this movie. My main problem with it is that it doesn't know what it wants to be. I did like somethings in the movie. I LOVED the scene where the house was flooding, because they were using surrealism. I liked the character Bonbon. The voice actor did Him or Her justice. His or hers design was always consistent. Bonbon's purpose in the story was clear. He or she at least had a reason to be there. The intro song is great! But even with all that, I still hate this film. In a way I feel bad for little nemo, it's a dated film. And with each installment in the surreal genre of animation it gets worse by comparison. My personal score is a 3/10.

Mia et le Migou

A very, very fascinating animated film to review.
I'm a very big fan of the surreal genre in animation. So when I first heard how mixed the reception for this film was, worldwide, after watching its mesmerizing trailer, I first came to the conclusion that film critics were unfairly judging it, all because it wasn't anything like you would see from Studio Ghibli. I've seen too many surreal animated films unfairly judged this way, all because they just wanted to do their own thing. But to my surprise after watching this film once, I was shocked how dead wrong I was. This is made worse if you have ever watched my neighbor Totoro. Not to knock Mia and the Migoo down or anything like that, it's just that both films carry very similar ideas, but Totoro executed them far better, gaining the movie large amounts of critical reception. Mia and the Migoo had the potential to be one of, if not the greatest animated environmental film of all time, but failed due to its mediocre pacing and its general wrong sense of direction and focus.

Story and Pacing- The idea of the story itself isn't bad. On paper it's actually pretty good. But there are problems. For a film that is 1 hour 30 minutes, it has WAY too much going on in the plot. The film barely wants to put focus on the scenes that are about the story, and instead focuses too much on the comedy aspect. Because of all that the movie's pacing is really broken. When a scene does focus on the story it never feels warranted. By themselves these scenes are good, but when in context to the story it just doesn't work that well. With all of this accounted for, it becomes really hard to understand the movie's environmental and core themes. Story 4-3/10, Pacing 3/10.

Characters and Voice acting- The characters in the movie aren't too well defined. Mia is our main protagonist yet the film barely focuses on her. I barely cared about her, even when she was in danger. Same goes for virtually every other main character. Each of them barely has their own personality. What I am about to say isn't an opinion by the way, this is a legit fact. They put more attention on side characters we will never see again than on the main characters. I get the point that they were trying to give those people a lasting impression, but they tried way too hard. I did like how they handled the main antagonist at first. The film makers really humanized him at the beginning, and never made him pure evil. He was just a regular man, doing what a real business man would do. He made serious sacrifices. But thanks to the film's pacing and story structure, even he became a slave to the film's mediocre directing. By the end I had really mixed feelings towards his characterization. He's a good guy by the end, but the moments he acted a bit crazy seemed pretty justified by how the Migoo acted. The character Migoo is a hard one to understand. I personally hated him, or them? His or their actions feel completely randomized and never seem to make sense at all. Voice acting in the movie isn't bad in the slightest, but it's nothing special either. I've only been able to hear the English dub, so I can't give my opinion on the original French. Characters 4-3/10, Voice acting 6/10. #Animation and Sound track- The animation is no doubt the best part of this film. It uses an art style only unique to this film. The colorfully painted characters, animals and backgrounds are pretty nice. And while the frame rate isn't too solid, I would say the sacrifice was worth it, but only for the most part. The animation isn't totally perfect, or flawless. Since the environments are always saturated in bright colors, a sense on contrast isn't always there. Especially in places where there should be some. The film barely utilizes the animation which is a real shame, considering that over 2 years of work went into it alone. This is all because the animation is detrimented by the characters, the story, and the overall pacing. The cinematography isn't that great either. The sound track it's sort of okay. To be honest I barely noticed that the film had a sound track. Only one song stuck out, and it was at the end of the film. The use of real world sounds is pretty well implemented. Animation 7.8/10, and Sound track 6/10. #Re-watch ability 5-3/10. You're likely not going to come back to this film anytime soon. Sorry if I sound like a jerk, but it's hard not to be so blunt. I've watched the movie twice now, and unfortunately my feelings have remained the same. You're better off watching my neighbor Totoro if you want to see some of these ideas pushed to maximum potential.

Watching this film was an experience that I won't forget any day, or any time soon into the future. I think Mia and the Migoo should be view as a case study of how not to make a surreal animated film. If you look up the movie's history you'll be surprised to find out that a lot of love and passion went into the product. The director/ creator sounds like a really creative and nice guy. He knew his project was limited in many areas, but he still made the film anyway. One hand he has my respect for sticking with his ideas in the end. On the other hand though I wish he would have realized that he didn't have the budget or time to bring out its full potential. I am happy to say that Jacques-Remy Girerd has gotten better over the years as a director. I can see why some people would say this is a good film, but that's more about personal preference. FINAL SCORE 5.1-4.6/10

The Book of Life

The most accurate review of The Book of Life - PART 1
Okay I'll just go out and say it" This is currently the best example of how to make an animated film specifically directed at kids". All people who want to pursue a career in entertaining kids with films should take notes from The Book of Life. I definitely wouldn't call this a masterpiece of animation by any stretch, but for what it is; this film has earned a substantial amount of my respect.

The Commendations

It is best start off the review with what makes the film really good. When I first saw the trailer the only thing that hooked me to this film was the animation. I am a humongous fan of art style in animation. My mouth drools at the sight of unusual animation that is outside its genre box. The film is not just beautiful and lovingly well crafted, but it also utilizes a genre of animation that is barely seen around the world. The book of life is made up of what I like to call craftsmanship animation. This type of animation takes something from the real world and applies onto the cast of main characters, and the world the plot will take place in, no matter the genre of animation the film uses. It is rarely done because of how hard it is to do. Another thing that this film does well at is how demanding it is. Most films that are directed at kids normally don't know what they want to be from beginning to end. The story itself is just a means to an end. The book of Life is an animated film that just wants you to have fun with it. The film right off the bat is telling the audience that it wants us to watch it in a specific way so that we can get the maximum entertainment out of it and enjoy the film. It's not trying to teach any cliché morals and it really keeps up with the theme of Day of the dead, speaking of clichés. I love how the film uses pop culture references. It just makes fun of them, and it's clear that they chose specific references to make fun off, so thankfully they didn't choose any ones that are meant to be downright annoying. Dare I say the Harlem shake? The jokes they tell in the film work 7 out of 10 times. The story itself is nothing truly new, but the themes of Death, Life, and family feel new because most kid films are afraid to show children what reality has in store for them, even at their young ages. I'm happy the film wants to break out of the norm, and they thankfully don't make it too obvious. The cast of characters are also great.

The Criticisms

While I enjoy praising this, it unfortunately is flawed in many places. The best place to begin would have to be the intro, which is the most criticized scene in the whole film. A bus holding a small group of detention kids takes them to a museum. The moment the kids get off the bus you have more than enough reason to be worried that the film might turn out bad. For the most part anytime the kids appear on screen they are pretty annoying. I understand that they are in the film to allow the fantasy elements to go wild when needed, but it doesn't mean they have to be the type of kids that nobody likes, nor do they have to be perfect role models. Earlier I praised the book of life's animation immensely, but I can't give it a perfect 10 score for two reasons. The film rarely does anything remarkable with it until the near end, that and they applied the wooden puppet style to the humans which just feels unfitting. The humans are interesting to look at, but to a certain degree. Another problem that I found in the film was that there was WAY too much contrivance. Because of this it makes the film come off as too demanding, which it is not if you pay close enough attention. It also hampers the replay value. Many viewers love to have the option of going back and looking into a film as deeply or as shallow as they want to. Because of the large amount contrivance, that doesn't happen. The next thing to talk about is the story's pacing and execution. Specific scenes feel too short and don't allow the audience to get the full experience. A perfect example would be when we're shown the land of the remembered. I forgot to mention this but another problem with the animation is that the book of life doesn't allow you to explore the worlds they have created to the fullest. Once again the example would be the land of the remembered. I like the characters for the most part, but the film doesn't do justice to certain characters, especially those integral to the plot. Not all of the pop culture references work. The final criticism goes to the movie's songs. Only two of them fit well with the story they are trying to tell.

My opinions

I thought the film was pretty good, and I consider it one of the greatest animated films of all time for what an example it is. As I said before this film isn't a masterpiece, but not all greatest animated films have to be masterpieces. They just have fit a certain criteria. They must be able to stand the test of time, have something that makes their film stand out above the rest, and lastly they must define what an animated film is. Definition- Make an entertaining film and use said animation to your advantage.

This review will be continued in part 2

Snezhnaya koroleva

Well this is an interesting film to talk about.
Okay I will be blunt in this review. Like many Americans who saw the trailer for this film I judged it too quickly solely by its appearance in animation. Living in America I'm engulfed mainly by CGI animation. Any time I want to see an animated film it's nothing but CGI. I'm not saying that I don't like CGI, I just hate knowing that everyone's jumping the band wagon. The only time I see non-CGI animation is when I usually watch a foreign animated film. I don't know what's with foreign countries in making CGI animated films. They usually turn out creepy, abysmal, or just plain weird. Granted making CGI is costly, but like every animated film ever, it's the amount of effort you put into that counts. Usually if a 100% percent effort of work is put into animated film, then the film's budget won't be too expensive. Enough talk, here's my review.

The animation- Like i said before, I live in America and if there is one flaw to our CGI animated films is that they usually cost more than they should. While most of what we make in CGI is beautiful and amazing in both an artistic point and a technical one, certain films shouldn't cost so much. Some examples are The Nut job, Chicken Little, Mr. Peabody & Sherman, and many others. This film had a budget $7 million.I was shocked to learn that such good animation came from $7 million! The animation isn't perfect 10 praise worthy, but pretty it's impressive on an economic stand point. The character designs aren't equal enough, and there many moments of slowed down scenes that aren't required, or help the animation look better. However it's the art direction that made me fall in love with it. It's a mixture of fairy tale drawn designs, and a certain amount of CGI texture that makes the characters look painted. Unfortunately not all of the characters could receive the same amount of treatment. Some of them look like the laziest things in all of animation, but at least they kept the backgrounds equally impressive. I should note that the cinematography in this film is masterful! Up there with some of the best from studio Ghibli and Disney's Tangled. I'll be brutally here if this was done in 2D animation then this film would have looked beyond gorgeous! But for a CGI animated foreign film it's really impressive! Score 7.9/10

The story- The story is based off the fairy tale with the same name. The film does justice to the source material, and adds parts of its own that make it even better. The origin story for the films villain the ice queen is something I didn't expect and is a welcomed addition. Gerda and Kai being siblings instead of friends helps the story because people won't think that they're in love with each other like most animated fairy tales films do. But even with all of these improvements the film fails hardcore in storytelling because of the god awful pacing! No joke, no exaggeration this film has some of the worst pacing in all of animation. The film barely ever likes to take brakes. Every story element in the film is rushed, never allowing the audience to take in what happened. This especially apparent in the films jokes. The movies jokes are pretty good if you can catch them in time. The characters are never allowed to show why we should root for them, or be interested to watch them on the screen, all except for a troll named Orm. He's the only character the movie allows to show development. It made wonder why he isn't the protagonist. I can't even get into the interesting mythology that the movie has created, it doesn't give me the time I need. Score 2/10

Verdict- Honestly if it wasn't for the good looking visuals I would have quit watching the film 22 minutes in. This film could have been perfect 10 material, but it ended up being mediocre. Score 5.5/10 Now I don't regret watching this film, in fact it has altered my perception on CGI animation forever. It showed me the quality still reigns over quantity, even in an era in America where CGI has taken over animation. I actually recommend you watch this film if your an American. Normally I never would tell people to watch a film that I gave a score below a 6, but if you truly want to understand what I'm talking about take the dare and watch the film for yourself.

The Tom and Jerry Show

What was once a shining beacon of hope for some creativity turned out to be another misguided attempt at a great cartoon.
The moment I heard of The Tom and Jerry Show, I honestly thought that there was finally going to be a creative team working on Tom and Jerry. I honestly thought that team would put in care, and effort. I though that team would give us back the tom and Jerry cartoons all animation fans used to worship. BOY did I get my hopes way to high up! Look I can understand that it's not wise to live in nostalgia, but with the crappy cartoons people put on television these days it's hard not to think back then of the good old days of animation. It's unfortunate that this ended up being another piece of crap.

I' will be blunt. The animation is crap! This is really annoying because Tom and Jerry was always known for having low budget animation in their shorts. But the reason why it's annoying is because Tom and Jerry used their low budget animation to its full potential. This show doesn't try at all. I've seen better uses of flash animation in other shows.

The comedy in the show is insulting. They make every joke obvious as hell. Isn't the point of a comedy to be surprising with the jokes? You know, make sure no one sees them coming. The slapstick is just bad, and it becomes atrocious when you compare to its older cartoon predecessors. Tom and Jerry Tales did even better than this show at slapstick. The Funny thing is that Tom and Jerry Tales is known for having a lot acquired taste jokes!

In the end this isn't a bad cartoon. In fact it was almost a decently good show if it weren't for one particular criticism. THE POTENTIAL CRITICISM! This is a BAD criticism, especially for anything animated! This critique explains that the show knows it can do better, but to make things worse it shoves it in your face all the time! It's in every episode! THREE episodes particularly stand out in my mind. Episode 17(Domestic Kingdom), and Episode 22(Pipeline; and No Brain, No Gain). I had an immense amount of hope for this show to honor Hanna-Barbera for their legacy on the animation industry, but all we got an insult! An Insult, and a sad excuse for good cartoon comedy.

Ernest et Célestine

No Joke this is one of the greatest animated films of all time.
What happens when you mixes unique water color visuals, a coherent plot, good voice acting both in English dub and in the original French, and have a an entertaining story representing powerful themes. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you Ernest & Celestine. Original title (Ernest et Célestine)

Before I begin I would like to note that I did a lot of things just to find out there was a DVD release.Sorry to keep you waiting let's begin.

The best place to start this review is the story. The story line of the film is that a mouse and a bear become friends in a society where mice live underground and despise bears, and bear live above ground and treat mice like humans do. Okay, I know that the story sounds pretty silly. But it's not. In fact it very well done. The way they represent that hatred and fear between mice and bears is funny, serious, and the prejudice is tamed enough for children to watch. The key word is enough. This film is not afraid to hold back on a few parts. Besides I'm an American. Where I come from we have tons of sillier, and worse sounding film plots that usually get terrible reviews in the end. The way that Ernest the bear and Celestine the mouse meet and become friends in the end shows us the world they live in and is also very understandable keeping up with the films continuity. The ending itself is very unique and respectful. The film Ernest and Celestine is based on a book with the same title made by Belgian author Gabrielle Vincent. The ending isn't anticlimactic or anything, but it does beg the question of why the film makers couldn't continue afterwards. It's because they wanted to respect the now dead author's way of making the books.

Visually this film looks not shorter than the word outstanding. I believe this is the first 2D animated film to be done in water color, and a bit of Computer animation. Ernest & Celestine's graphics are beautifully well painted. This is one of the few films in history where you can pause the film any time and it will look like a portrait. Anybody who has a DVD like I do can take pictures of the film in HD and make our own portraits of them. However there's one thing that can be criticized. The visuals are not always used that to their maximum potential. What I mean by that is that there are not a few scenes in the film where the visuals are used to open the world were looking at on screen with ease. That may sound like an opinion but if you watch the film you'll see. I should note that if you want to enjoy this film looks to the fullest, I recommended that you by the DVD. If you plan on watching this online and can't find it in High Definition then some of the visuals in the film will come off blurry. Depending on how much you like the film clearly will help you decide if you want to but the DVD.

Lastly the Voice acting is supremely good. I know by now some people might think I'm just over praising this film now, but really these voice overs are amazing. Gkids the translators deserve a big applause for translating this into English voices. Every voice in the film fits perfectly.

Overall Ernest & Celestine is a delight. I'm happy to say waiting for this film was worth it. It's also nice to revisit this film. The best way to describe its re-watch ability is like this. You're being told a story at night time. The characters are your milk, and the visuals are you cookies. By Facts this film deserves a score of 9.5. The majority of people who will watch the film will definitely like it and come back for more. The score for the majority is an 8.7. And here are the other scores. Animation 9.6/10, Story 9.5/10, Characters 10/10, and Pacing 9/10.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Sweet and Sour Squid/The Googly Artiste
Episode 6, Season 8

No doubt in my mind, this is one of the most insulting episodes in the series.
Oh god do I hate this episode. I think I should get this out of the way first. If you're a real artist and you've found this review do not, I repeat do not watch this crap, or else you'll feel like your brain got lobotomized. If you have already watched this episode I pity you.

Oh Jesus where do I begin, I guess I'll just start off with the good things in the episode. Well I wouldn't call them good, but decent enough. SpongeBob is close to his original personality, and half the jokes in this episode are decent or tolerable. The bad: An insulting ending, a terrible episode for Patrick's retarded personality. I'm serious he's actions are beyond stupidity and aren't funny at all. It's another Squidward torture porn, and the citizens of bikini bottom act more stupid than the usually do nowadays. Oh goodie this is going to be a fun episode The episode- The episode starts off with Squidward being egoistical about his artwork of his face on an already famous piece a waiting to be judged by an annoying fish critic. Before he comes Squidward hears and sees SpongeBob and Patrick making crafts. Squidward and SpongeBob have an actually entertaining conversation, and the filler during it is actually short enough. During the talk SpongeBob reveals to Squidward that he's good at basket weaving. Patrick tries to basket weave with a hammer and yes it's mildly entertaining. His basket brakes and then starfish starts to feel sad that he's not as good of an artist, or crafts maker like Squidward, and SpongeBob. Seeing that he's sad SpongeBob wants to help him discover what type of art he can do. They start with putting googly eyes on a rock. So within the first three minutes we have a good set up, likable enough characters, and surprisingly okay comedy during SpongeBob's crappy era. But after that all it goes downhill extremely fast. I'm talking light speed here people. When the critic shows up Patrick is done making his rock, and I swear to god on this a four year old could do better. The critic decides to judge both Squidward's and SpongeBob's work and says they're lame. However when he sees Patrick's rock glued with I believe 16 or 17 eyes the critic is instantly in love with it. The critic decides to act like a d0ouchbag and takes away Squidward's beret and thinking that an artist of Patrick's caliber deserves it, and then he just leaves. Mistake #1 Patrick is not a real artist. There's a difference between making art and an artistic accident if you will call it. One was made with a purpose, and the other wasn't. Patrick's work is soon noticed by a by fish that looks like he's on drugs. He says he has a strong interest in artwork, and says he wants to see what Patrick has. Patrick makes another googly eyed rock, and the fish buys it for 50 D@LLORS! 50! I think I should mention this now, this episode's comedy has the potential to be great if not fantastic. I'm not trying to say that because this is SpongeBob the comedy will be Bull crap. Because of how they are portraying the comedy makes this Bull crap. People from all over are coming to buy his crap work, at some point he runs out of rocks and heads to the Krusty Krab for a lunch break. He annoys Squidward at work by taking forever to order a meal. Instead of a burger, he orders for artistic advice. Who knew a restaurant could sell that for 25 bucks. So the squid and Patrick go to a table, and SpongeBob serves Patrick a burger that he technically didn't order. Squidward tells him just to focus on his burger, and then he goes back to work. Apparently that inspired Patrick to create a googly eyed Krabby patty. Out of a ketchup bottle the critic fish from before returns and says that this is the next big thing. Now everybody in the restaurant wants on. Really!?! Near the end of the episode Patrick buys Krabby patties for 3 dollars, and put eyes on them to sell them for 50. Mr.Krabs gets angry saying that he's not getting any profit from it, even though he technically is. At the end Mr.Krabs is now illegally selling the patties to Patrick for 50 bucks, and forces Squidward to help Patrick put googly eyes on them. In the end Patrick says that one day Squidward could be as good as he is. Should I even continue this episode is bull. The plot is an insult to both artist and actual mentally retarded people. I know it's weird for me to nitpick something this short, but as an actual self-taught artist this episode ticked me off to the point of disgust. score 2.5/10

The Nut Job

I watched this so I could review it
Quick fact: You've gotta be nuts to watch this! The sad fact is, that pun I said is funnier the the whole film itself.

My review/ Wow just wow! You know what? No! Not just wow! There are several words to describe this atrocity. Too many even for a dictionary of bad words in every language! Let's start off with the story.It's about a purple squirrel thief named Surly who planned to steal nuts from a vending cart with his best friend buddy the rat. But their plan is ruined by one of the most annoying love interests in animation history, Andie the Orange squirrel. She is trying her best to find food for everyone in the park. Thanks to Andie being a burden, she caused Surly to accidentally make the cart ram into the park where they live. The nut cart bashed into the tree causing a massive explosion, and in the end destroyed all of their food for the winter. Everybody in the park blames Surly because of his infamous record. Dumb decision #1: We are only 13 minutes in the film. The audience barely knows the main protagonist, and his past. So nobody knows if we should either feel sorry for him, or scowl at him. The park's leader "Raccoon" votes to banish Surly from the park forever. Unanimously Surly was kicked out. Dumb decision #2 What about Andie's punishment. She caused 95 percent of that problem, and she is so post to be the honest type character. She ended up voting surly out instead of taking responsibility! Dumb decision #3 They tried to have a powerful emotional moment when surly was leaving. We are nearly 15 minute's in, that's way to early for sad scenes in a kid's film. That's one of this film's major problems, the pacing of the plot is so awful! After surly is banished he has discovered an entire building stuffed with nuts. The owner's of that building are planning onto rob the bank right next to them, by replacing the bags of cash, with bags of nuts. Surly gets the idea of taking all the nuts for himself with his loyal rat friend at his side. Dumb decision #4 While Surly is coming up with his plan, the sound track opa-gundamstyle plays?! What is a modern day song doing in a film set in the 1950s!? Eventually Andie stumbles on to surly's plan and tells him that the park will probably take him back if they steal the nuts together 50, 50 each. Surly sort of agrees on their deal. Dumb decision #5 If you haven't caught on yet, this film's should have been simple plot is actually complex, confusing, and very convoluted. There are way too many stories being told. We have a squirrel who's trying to find a life for himself. An orange squirrel who is having a tough time choosing the love of her park over her true affection towards Surly. And then there's the bank robbers. The boss apparently is trying to start a new life but also wants one last score. Second that's not all of the main characters who have stories. In total there's eight. A kid's film should have the maximum of four! At the final act of the film during the bank heist, the Raccoon is literally trying to murder Surly, because if the park animals see him as a hero, the raccoon will lose his leadership. I would have said that was a good plot twist if it wasn't for the fact that the film revealed his true intentions basically half in the movie! At the end of the film the bank robbers are arrested; the park animals obtain their winter supply, the raccoon and surly fall from a waterfall, and surly appears to be the only one who survived. Yeah!! Andie and buddy find him, when he wakes up Andie reveals her affections for him through a hug, and says that he can return to the park, but he refuses because through this whole thing he has learned that he can't stop being who he is on the inside, a thief. So now he will only still food for the park without anyone knowing, so everybody doesn't look up to him as hero, even though he has the potential to be one. Out of all the stories I have ever heard for a kids film THIS should have been the simplest plot in history, but no! The Nut job wants to confuse families and tick of people. The Nut Job is a ridiculous sad excuse for a kid's film. Any parent that takes their child to see this is clearly punishing them for doing something extremely naughty! Calling this a piece of nonsense would be an insult to every cuss word ever born. The Nut job is very colorful and is probably the best looking animation I've ever seen ...... if this was for straight to DVD. The animation is extremely low in quality. 2001's spirited away, one of the most creative and well received animated films of all time had a budget of 19 million. The Nut job's is 42.8 million. The film's sound track is wasted because the characters and story don't have good enough pacing. In the end the nut job had potential to be a descent direct to DVD kids film, but the writers, director and creator all failed to realize that.This movie is so messed up it has risen the bar on America's crappy animated films. Now review wise there possibly worse films such as "Chicken little, or Mars needs moms." But I truly do believe that there's no stupid kids film can and will tick off a kid more than this piece of crap. Story 0/10, Animation 2/10, Setting, 1/10 Characters 2/10, Humor 2/10, Moral 0/10, Anger!9.9/10. Over all score 1.3/10

If you want fully want to understand this review, take the dare and watch the film for yourself.

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Trust me. DON'T give it a chance!
Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated is a show that i really recommend that every body avoids. I have watched all 52 episodes, and I must say this is a disgrace to the Scooby-Doo series, the dog, and Hanna Barbra.

First off, I think i should talk about the only good things in the show. The Fantastic graphics. This show graphics are on par of a really good TV made cartoon movie. The Gang Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, and Scooby have never looked their best until this show. Even though, compared to their other images that look a bit more human like on the older shows and movies. This show just has a better way of showing more emotion, color, and expression. And it just looks incredibly gorgeous. The music also deserves some special praise. The orchestra matches every scene in the cartoon. But even with knock-out graphics, and a haunting orchestra. This is all over weighed by the show's story characters, characteristics, theme, and Ending.

The show's story is beyond laughable. First off the show's story has a mature theme meant for late teens involving one of the most well known kid and adult cartoons, Scooby-Doo. It's that funny. The story is about the gang being manipulated by an evil alien entity wanting to rule the universe kill puppies and Et cetera. For several thousand years this entity has manipulated and destroyed friendships of mystery solving gangs to be set free. Scooby-Doo is a cartoon that is never meant to have a serious story. And if this show was for the new generation, then there not going to get much out of it, because to get the most out of the show, you would have to watch all the old scooby doo cartoons. and I mean all of them. Including the movies. One of the noticeable differences in the show, is that Fred and Daphne Finally date, and try to get engaged. W.T.M.F.K. ( Way to much for kids.) Even Velma and shaggy went out, and it failed hardcore. Scooby even got a girlfriend. At the end of the show the gang destroyed the evil entity and created a different time line of pure peace with no mysteries. The Gang was devastated, until they got a letter from a college full of mysteries. They quickly decided to leave their families. Scooby even left his girlfriend Nova. Let's hope that dog finds a nice golden retriever. This really is a terrible cartoon. I can't stress this enough. I just want to mention this to parents, that Dahpne in three episodes wears a sexy night gown, a sexy purple bikini, and as if you could guess, a sexy heavy metal rock band outfit, with the world's smallest mini skirt. Yeah, that's right. I give this piece of crap a 2.8/10. Whoever created this show should be ashamed.


If you want to know the truth about this movie i recommend you read my review.
Pixar's Brave ranks as one of their most graphically impressive movies. It also has Pixar's first Disney princess. But did this movie live up to the hype it created. Just before you read this review. I just want to let you know that everything i'm about to say is accurately correct.

Brave is decent to good movie. It doesn't have the most inspiring Disney princess. But is has a bold one. The Main character is a princess named Merida. Since she was a little kid. She has been very different from her mother. One day the Queen told a 16 yr. old Merida that she was to be married by one three boys who would win an archery contest. At the contest she embarrassed her entire clan, and mainly her mother. Merida ran away and came back with a whole lot of trouble. In the end she was able to fix it all. First off, this movies story really wasn't that impressive. Mainly because of the movies trailers and commercials. Which were the things that royally screwed this movie. Throughout the trailers and commercials, there were several different themes of what this movie could have been about. There were themes women's rights, being brave, and War. The movie showed all the themes in scenes that were 1 to 2 minutes. One thing that should be noted, is that Brave is a Disney princess movie. One thing Disney takes with all seriousness are Disney princesses. Merida is the first Disney princess that isn't based on a fairy tale. Merida compared to the other princesses doesn't show her theme so well. Merida's theme is being Brave, but she doesn't show it that that much through out the movie. Other than the just talking about Merida, There are other characters. Her Queen Mom, King Dad, three little troublesome brothers and the villain, Mor'du. These are the only characters you're going to want to pay attention to. All the other characters are in the movie just to move the story and have a few laughs. Brave's graphics are jaw dropping. Everything the characters do is realistic. Even though the characters, not counting the royal family, have oddly shaped bodies. I'll say this with no regrets. Walt Disney would be proud of Pixar's efforts on the graphics. In the End, Pixar's Brave didn't live up to the hype it created. I'm not saying that it should be only watched once. I would love to watch is movie again and again. It was just the first Disney princess movie that wasn't made for everyone. I give Brave a 6.6/10.

I just want to mention that if it weren't for Wreck-it-Ralph being the first good video game movie. I bet my SOUL, that it would have won the Oscar for best animation instead of Brave. And if you think i'm just a fan boy of Wreck-it-Ralph, Go to Wikipedia and look up the nominees for best animation 2012 Oscars.

Fish Hooks

Disney's worst TV cartoon yet.
I just want to mention that this show ranks above Jonas and Wizards of waverly place in Disney's top 5 worst shows made.

Fish Hooks ranks as Disney Channel's worst cartoon yet. First off, a cartoon about tween fishes sounds like an idea pitched by an immature 12 year old.Disney hit rock bottom so hard, it's as if they hit a diamond this time. The three main characters of the show Bea, Milo, Oscar suck. I Assure you they really do suck. What makes them suck is that they make fun of people in the real world. Bea makes fun of all girly girls with her obnoxious heys, and her never ending crave of wanting to be the prettiest fish. Milo makes fun of all extreme sports people,fans, and daredevils. His on going obsession of wanting to do extreme and dangerous things that some times could be considered a sport going way too far, is beyond stupidity, and insulting. Speaking about stupidity, it is mind boggling to know how dumb he can get on the show. It's as if he's related to Patrick Star from Sponge Bob Square pants. And lastly, Oscar. He makes fun of all types of nerds. School nerds, Math nerds, you name it. His love of video games, and how he act around girls is down right creepy, and strange. Other than Bea, Milo, and Oscar. There are other characters who are annoying, and insulting. There is an octopus named Joctopus that makes all jocks look like empty headed bullies. Enough talking about the characters. Now it's time to talk about the Bull$h!+ artwork. This show literally looks like it was drawn by a dozen 5 year old kids with crayons. I wouldn't even consider fish hooks a cartoon. Since only the character look like toons, and everything else literally looks like scrape paper. And I mean everything. the backgrounds, and other animals that aren't fish and don't got to school. Fish Hooks is a beyond terrible show, that will rot a little kid's mind. It's bad enough that tween garbage has taken over TV, but this show just further increases it. I Give it a 1/10. Disney you disappoint me once again.

The Garfield Show

You either like it, or don't like it. Its your choice.
In this review I'm only talking about the facts. That should explain to you why it got a 6 instead of a 1 or a 2 compared to other reviewers.

The Garfield Show isn't a good cartoon, but shouldn't be watched as a last resort if their is nothing good on the TV. The first thing that should be said about the show is that it has very well done graphics. These are what Garfield characters should look like in 3D animation. The characters act like how they should, and have pretty good voices. Thank goodness. There is only one true problem with the show. A majority of their episode have poor stories. 35% of their plots are good. The rest are mediocre. There is this one episode where Garfield saved the Earth from alien Lasagnas. Yeah that's some story. One thing the Garfield show does perfectly, is breaking the forth wall. Even though it's way over used, It's good to know that it's never done badly. The Garfield Show is a cartoon that could have done better. In the end it stayed decent.

Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension

If you're still a fan of Phineas and Ferb, I recommend you don't watch this movie. It's a insult
Before you read this review and, or my opinion, it's very recommended that you must watch the first 20 episodes of Phineas and Ferb. If you have, then you'll understand what i'm saying. If you haven't, then you'll be confused. On all my reviews I like to be fair to all review readers. This review was made in 2013.

Phineas and Ferb isn't the best cartoon, but it's good. And didn't deserve to have this bad movie. When this show came out in 2007, it was originally the best cartoon of this generation. Over the years the show gotten quite dull. Dull as in they do the same things in 97% of all their episodes. When Disney first spoiled that there was going to be a Phineas and Ferb Movie, I was like '' finally." and after that i said to myself'' This movie gonna be crappy.'' Disney was making a big fuss about this cartoon having a movie. Lots of random channels were showing commercials of this. In the end Disney hit rock bottom hard. It took three months for everyone to forget this movie. The plot of this movie is that Phineas and Ferb help Dr.D fix a machine that send them to another dimension where the tri-state area is ruled by an actual Evil Dr.D. Having no choice Perry the platypus had revile that he was a spy to save Phineas and Ferb. Phineas was Furious at Perry for not revealing that he was spy, and thats where Disney made their first mistake. Phineas is a happy go lucky kid. Never once has he been mad. Even with his annoying sister that always tries to bust him. His role in the movie totally broke his character. Phineas is a kid who never takes everything seriously. The story of the movie really breaks how the entire series goes. Lots of characters shouldn't have been added or shouldn't have had their own story lines. The main example is Candace. Why the hell did they give her plot line. Since this is a Phineas and Ferb movie. You can tell that their will be songs. These songs suck. I assure you that no little kid would want to listen to them twice. Other then the plot, charters, characteristics, and songs. The one thing that really got me were the graphics. The animation is smooth, but for every Disney film that is based on a cartoon. The graphics are normally jaw dropping. Not counting proud family. The only thing they did graphically was that they added shading. In the end, Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension didn't live up to the hype it created. No wonder this film reminds me of Pixar's Brave.

This part you're reading is one my opinions of the movie, that doesn't have anything to do with the review, I just feel like sharing them to people who might care. The on thing that pi$$ed me off the most about the movie was a certain scene that I saw coming over a 1000 miles away. It was the scene where Isabella finally kissed Phineas. First off, I'm proud of Disney for not mentioning it, but because of how the movie was going to end, everyone saw this coming, and if your a true blue fan of Phineas and Ferb, I'm pretty sure you saw this coming before you knew how it was going to end. Second, couldn't Disney have done this during the falling resolution of the movie. It could have been done under :07 seconds, and in the end everyone will have their memories erased. I Hope Disney won't make stupid movie out Gravity Falls.

George of the Jungle

Give it a chance ,and STOP playing the generation blame game.
George of the Jungle is a good cartoon that should stop being compared to it's older cartoon. George of the jungle has been said to be a show for the whole family. Who ever said that is wrong. The show is pointed towards kids the age of 3 to 12, unless you have grown up with the cartoon and still watch it online. I still do and i'm fifteen. Now in this review i'm not going to say that George of the jungle is the best cartoon ever made, but it's NOT below terrible and worse then the older George of the jungle cartoon. I'm sorry that I yelled in my last sentence, but that is to express emotion toward people who say this cartoon is bad because it's not the George they grew up with. George of the jungle (2007) is a cartoon that never has one boring moment. The show is Quite rich with comedy, and what I mean by rich comedy is that it makes jokes about what is going on the world year 2007. A special thing to note about George of the jungle is that it's the first short lived cartoon with only two season to be shown on Cartoonnetwork for over two years. I know that may not sound so special, but it really is something. There are new characters so the variety of comedy can expand. George of the jungle is cartoon that is not meant to be compared to it's older cartoon, but it's here to entertain people ,and it deserves a three episode chance before anyone can truly say it's good or bad. George of the jungle is not a great cartoon nor a decent one. I Give it a 7.8/10. P.S this George of the jungle is in a parallel universe, because this George was raised AND born in the jungle.

Phineas and Ferb

A one hit wonder cartoon
Disney has created one of their best cartoons ever, but because of it's repetitive values, many, many songs, and never tried to change anything ,or anyone. It sadly will not be remembered as a true Disney classic.

Let's start with the characters. Phineas, Ferb,Perry, and Dr. Doofenshmirtz are the only characters after year by year you will want to watch, because of their funny and memorable cartoon charm. Everyone else how ever will not want to be remembered. Candance is Phineas and Ferb's sister who will never shut up about trying to bust them, even on their birthdays. Isabella is the character who has a huge crush one Phineas, and is the girl who won't stop saying whatcha doing. Buford is the friendly bully. He's a special case. He is a character you like ,or don't like.

Now when it comes to comedy this show has some pretty top notch jokes. But when it comes to entertainment, this show's main entertainment are the freaking songs. Phineas and Ferb has a ridiculous amount songs. If you're a person who's heard the first season's song. If you hear them years later, you can tolerate them, or enjoy them. Their songs nowadays are just to waste time.

Phineas and Ferb has done the same themes for many years. Because of that, they can't change one bit, because the show is only recognized for their same values. Phineas and Ferb is a one hit wonder cartoon. I Give it a 7.

P.S this is the short version of my whole review.

Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

An interesting cartoon
Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi is a funny cartoon about two rock stars and their manager traveling the world, playing a concerts and going on wacky adventures. The characters Ami and Yumi are funny and quite mature. Ami is a is a sweet girly girl who's really into guys, and her friend Yumi is a tomboy punk girl. This cartoon is not for everyone. I'm not for sure what ages this show is for , but here's my most accurate guess. Ages 9 to 13. The show is not as well known as SpongeBob, but it should be heard of. One character I for got to talk about is their cheap, and extremely kooky manger Kaz. Kaz does very cheap tricks in the show, such as him making robot clones of Ami and Yumi, to do interviews and things for himself. Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi is a wacky, hilarious, and sort of mature cartoon that deserves a chance. I give it a 7.1/10

Johnny Test

A cartoon that should have never changed generations
Johnny test is a cartoon that should have never changed generations. Originally Johnny test was the stupid cartoon of my generation, was it good? No it wasn't, but it was able to entertain me, because the showed actually made sense.The show was originally on Kids WB. In the year 2008, Cartoon network picked up the two seasons Johnny Test originally had, and in the first 4 weeks they had shown all the episodes and did a marathon on Sunday showing both seasons twice in the same day. Obviously we can all understand why Cartoon network decided on making new episodes for Johnny test. The first episode of the third season was actually good, but when made they more and more episodes, the character Johnny Test became a total CENSORED-hole. He is now an extremely immature,obnoxious,moronic,jerk! He is also self-centered ,and pretty stupid. Johnny Test doesn't even try to make sense anymore. Hers's an example. He's 11 yrs. old and is in middle school, yet he's the dumbest character in the cartoon, and his foolish decisions almost always gets him or the world in danger.

The characters on Johnny test are simply annoying,and dumb. Johnny has genius twin sisters that do experiments on him, and have the same crush on a guy. At first the experiments were okay,but in later episodes the experiments just got to a point where we can all tell that the writers have run out of good ideas. For example, there is an episode where Johnny's sister's made a portable black hole. What sisters create something that nearly destroyed the earth in that episode. Or how about the time they turned themselves into babies to get closer to the guy they have a crush on, and nearly got Johnny into trouble when he was actually doing nothing wrong for once. Not trying to defend Johnny, just pointing out a pretty lame fact. Next is Johnny's dog, Dukey. I think the name explains enough.

The villains of Johnny Test so uncreative. There's a villain who's a chubby rich teenager who's in love with one of Johnny's sisters, and hates johnny because he gets rewarded by his sisters to keep him away. The villains name is Bling,Bling,Boy. Sounds like a wanna be rapper, that Disney created.

Johnny Test is seriously one the worst shows of this generation. I don't know what ticks me off more, this show, or the people who say they love it. I can only hope that this show goes away quickly. I give this cartoon a .9/10.

P.S. A lot of people say that cartoon violence is bad, This cartoon show immaturity, and ways to be rude, to kids of the ages 8 to 12. So for people that dislike Tom and Jerry, may want to reconsider after watching one episode of this generations Johnny Test.

Martha Speaks

Martha Speaks is the Fran drescher of PBS
Just a quick fact about Me before you read my review. I'm 15 yrs. old and i watched this show 4 years ago, and i'm still watching to prove my points, plus i wanted to tell you this so you don't think i'm an adult. Martha Speakes is a show for kids of the age of 8 to 11 yrs. old. This show is very age appropriate. No adult, teenager ,or grown up kid will like how this show explains words. Especially when it said from a certain dogs voice. Martha's voice makes her the Fran Drescher of PBS. Her voice is so annoying it turns off anyone who is above the age of 11. Not all of the characters act like their age. The frame rate of the show is decent, because the charters basically painted paper puppets. And can some explain to me how a dog who ate alphabet soup and got the power to speak, can call the police with her dog paws, and get a ton of petitions signatures to ban 4th of July fireworks. Even though this is a cartoon, it can try to make some sense. I give Martha Speakes a 5.9/10. This review was made in 2012.

Scaredy Squirrel

This show is a masterpiece of terrible comedy
Scardey squirrel ranks as one of the most terrible cartoon ever created. The plots for each episode are ridiculously stupid, even for a cartoon. The animations and character designs are horrible, because the only two detailed things in the show is the pathetic squirrel and his moron of a friend the skunk. I bet you think that this is everything wrong with the show. you thought wrong. The last thing this terrible cartoon did is that it broke one of the most known cartoon rules in any cartoonist life. This rule was made in May 1, 1999, and it still applies today. Never, ever, ever, rip off SpongeBob SquarePants! To prove my point, him and SpongeBob both have a love of a wacky activity. Scardy's is Paddel ball,and SpongeBob's is Jelly fishing. They both have stupid best friends who are the dumbest characters on the show. He loves to go to work all the time, nd works with an employee chicken that straight up hates him. Sounds like a certain complaining cartoon named Squidward Q. Tentacles anyone. The both of them have stupid, and crazy bosses that have their competition right across from them.The only characters from SpongeBob that were spared from being ripped off were Gary the snail, and Sandy Cheeks the squirrel. What ever cartoonist had the idea for this show should be ashamed of him/herself. I give this piece nonsense a 1.1/10. May know on ever follow the foot steps that this cartoon made.For my final and very true rant. This is one the many cartoons since the year 2008 came, that made me stop wanting to be a cartoonist.

Postcards from Buster

This show is PBS's most boring spin-off
Postcards from buster is a spin off cartoon of the very well-known cartoon series Arthur. The show was shown during the time Buster went on a long vacation with his dad. I must say Buster must have been having a good time, but for the viewer I'm for sure wasn't. Postcards from Buster is the most boring cartoon PBS has ever made. The main reason is because the show points to kids of the age of 8 to 12, but the thing is that only adults understand the show. It's just too boring to entertain and educate a kid about the world.

What I'm about to say may sound like an exaggeration, but trust me it's a fact. The first time I watched this show I was forced by my mother, and after I watched it, I told my sister it was the most boring thing I have ever watched. At first she thought I was complaining because I had to watch it, then I told her to watch it with me the next day, and she agreed. Really quick fact, I was only 9 when I saw this and my sister was 15. just wanted to let you know. So the two of us watched the next day, and within the first three minutes, we agreed that this was a horribly boring show. With my sister's help we were able to convince my mother to spare me from watching Postcards from Buster ever again.

Word to the wise, just because there is something on the TV that can entertain and educate a kid doesn't mean it's doing the right job.

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