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Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

This is it, Co..smoker
This is the last time you've fooled me. You're done. Actually, you were done ten years ago, I just loved you too much to see it. Grow up, stop smoking, stop crying, and for God's sake, Stop.


Atrocious cancelling
Better than Blackadder, Hale Pace, and a number of other classics. I don't understand humans enymore:-(


Lazy, PC, buddy cop family drama, with a touch of stink
Pros: The orginal idea of mass immigration from the past, and casting. Cons: There's nothing interesting here but the original idea, and cast.

Nicolai Broch, and Krista Kosonen is gonna have to carry this lighthearted shallow production into the hearts and minds of many teen girls to ensure it's survival, I think. So since I'm a grown man, I'm gonna watch another episode of Carnival Row instead. Good luck though:-)


Artificial unintelligence, with teen angst
Obviously, this wasn't made for me, or any critical thinking individual over sixteen. 1. AI, so stupid they don't pack an extra battery for a long trip. This is not some on/off stupidity as a plot device, it's constant. 2. Humans, so stupid and emo that they through the course of the show, actually end up betraying EVERY other character, just on emotional whims. This IS the plot device. 3. None of the characters remembers three episodes back, neither does the writers, and based on the score of this abysmal show, neither does the audience. Stay clear, there nothing SCI to be found here.


No subverted expectations here
By that I mean I expected it to be good, and it was. It's a genre action movie executed to perfection, so don't be surprised by the lack of teenage angst, or Shakespearean dialog. Think, the first time you saw a Schwartzenegger movie, if he could act.

The Orville

Brilliant, it is not
  • but only because I wanna save that word for Einstein and Newton.
For anyone that loved Star Trek for its anti glomery, societal philosophy questioning and wonderous style, this is it. I'm actually giddy everytime a new episode comes in. The smart part is the slightly silly tone, that actually gives them allowance to make all the mistakes that would make a pure drama fail. Brill....!!

Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King

A good measurement for comedy, is if you write it down and it's still funny to read, and a good measurement for a comic, is if they can just tell you their boring life story and get a laugh out of you. Now he might be a comic by definition, but this was not comedy. This was just a very animated boy, telling mundane stories we have all heard a hundred times before, and I just couldn't be bothered, sorry. I don't know what the audience had been smoking that night, but I suspect that if they'd spent ten minutes with Dana Carvey before they went in, they'd chased Hasan out with pitchforks for blasphemy. If you gave this drivel TEN stars, what in god's name are you gonne give Denis Leary 'No cure for cancer', or Bill Hicks 'Sane man'? You are left without integrity.

Ocean's Eight

Here's why it doesn't work:
In order for a heist movie to work, the audience has to want the heist to be successful. This is easily acheived by making us like, love, or be endeared by the protagonistic heisters. Or really hate a potential antagonist. Preferebly both. Easy peasy, right? Well, the first action made by the main protagonist in this movie, is to con some makeup from a cashier, whilst being mean to her. Now, I don't really like mean and grumpy people who steals makeup, so guess what, she's now in the minus column. That's bad writing. I stayed for the rest of the character introductions, but they were all either completely blank, or in the minus column also.

I understod then, that the movie was not gonna work for me, so I turned it off and thew it in the bin. Glad I didn't pay for that sjoit.


A dive like I've never seen before
From one of the best sci-fi television series I've ever seen in season 1, to a messy philosophical mumbo jumbo turd, that will not entertain anyone who's not a 14 year old boy.

I like philosophical challenges, like some of Star Treks early years or TNG, but this is not challenging, interesting, provoking, or even a bit entertaining. I don't think they expected this one to make it to season two, and it shows.

Frankly, it's crap. A well casted, brilliantly executed, amazingly looking piece of crap. I will not waste my time on the third season, and if you're reading this before watching season two, spare yourself. Walk away.

Tomb Raider

See Disney? It's possible...
Powerful female character without being a Mary Sue. Building upon old canon without destroying the old. Making fantastical scenes without leaving the realm of physics.

Vikander is the perfect Lara, skinny but muscular, pretty without makeup, and most importantly, she's actually believable in her atheletics. All the other characters are well casted. Direction is more than decent for an action/suspense flick. Story is as superficial as it should be(TR is not supposed to be Hamlet)

It just works, and I think its perfect as a first introduction to a long series. I take away one star, because Lara didn't puke after her first kill, and there was not enough snot and drool when she removed her stomach splinter. Don't be afraid to ugly up Vikander, she can take it.

Future World

Soulless display of uninspired stink
Hour and a half completely devoid of content. Like a porn parody without porn. Looks terrible. Sounds terrible. I felt nothing, NOTHING, I'm not kidding, I was not even annoyed. Waste of talent, waste of money, waste of space, and ultimately, a complete waste of my time. Milla Jovovich, James Franco, Lucy Liu, Carmen Argenziano,they should all be ashamed of themselves.

The President Show

I think I've seen all the comedians do Donald-tiny-hands, both domestic and abroad. Some of them are excellent in portraying the mannerisms and the voice, some of them are funny.

Anthony Atamanuik however, is down right channeling him. His soul(or lack thereof) depending on if you are a fan or not is laid bare for all to see. The suggested psychological conclusions that they are quite humorously presenting for us is simply dead on.

I'm impressed, amused, and of course.. scared.

CNN's Believer

Reza: "I am a scholar"
That is literally how every episode begins. You could put that single statement on Reza's headstone, and there would never be any doubt as to who was lying there.

He have had many opportunities to be a good journalist over the years, but it seems he always end up being his own agent instead of an agent of truth.

His face is in almost every shoot, and in those few instances it is not, his voice is.

This is not anything else than Reza selling us Reza.

I'm not buying.

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

For the new people
This is a program made for (and rightly so) children, and should be rated as such. Production: Excellent. Neil Tyson is so comfortable in front of the camera, it's almost embarrassing. He should have been a rock star or something.

Anyway, if you do not remember anything from science class, or just want your children away from the brain destroying reality shows. This is the one. I was definitely not bored, and I'm 41.

I would even go so far as to say this should be implemented in elementary school. Especially in the country where it was made, as "Evolution" seams to be a controversy there. Perhaps the main reason this was made, is because there is Americans who believe humans rode the dinosaurs. THAT's tragic.

Edit. Not just for children. A theory is fact, Tyson? Really?

Newton rules!

Dirty Wars

Yet another conformation
Testimony after testimony, document after document, who now in the world still believes in this once great nation.

Jeremy Scahill, Bill Maher, Michael Moore, and every American citizen who knows the truth about their government, should be ashamed of themselves. They have the power to lead their country in the next revolution, yet they sit on their asses making movies and comedy. Somebody, sometime is going to take down the powers that be in the US, and when that happens, I'm joining.

This is obviously a movie that makes you feel something, or confirms the feelings you already have, towards this world terrorizing band of merchants

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

A work only of duty
Sadly, we see this more and more often: An okay premise, pi..ed away. The movie is from start to end a mishmash of good acted moments, piled together like all your favorite spices, and then blended together in a porridge that is just not good for anything.

The overall storyline is usable for a 1st act, maybe..

It baffles me, when amazing actors like Woody, says yes to something like this. They have contracts of course, but they are not slaves.

I could have watched three episodes of Star Trek instead of this, and remained a richer person.

Stay away, wait for the final act and then FF this turd.

Assassin's Creed III

cut-scene, walk two feet, cut-scene
What a complete waste of time. I actually could't play this game for more than two hours at a time, fearing my heart would give in from my frustration:-) Every aspect of this game i worse than even AC1. Let aside the battles at sea which was new and great. The buttons, the story, game play, graphics, characters, conversations, cut-scenes, I could go on and on, they all suck! Do not buy this game, and spare yourselves from a lot of pain. Connor is the most annoying, whinnying, uninteresting character in gaming history, and Alex Hutchinson name is now burned in to my brain, and i will forever shun from anything he puts his name on.

Under the Dome

A whole town with an IQ under 100
If you are writing a science fiction in our age(set in the present time), you have to consult with an actual scientist about the science. Or me, or any kid above 14 years who understands the basics of energy, biology, the human brain, or chemistry. Please! nobody in the whole town(with a hospital) knows how to make insulin, or at least extract it from animals? And if you have an impenetrable energy field in front of you, maybe you should avoid touching it, if you have a peacemaker. Hihi! Nobody in real life is this stupid, or at least he would't be the elected sheriff. Knowledge about the human animal: If your son is a psychopath, you will probably not be to eager to let him run around with a gun and a badge:-) So if you are bothered by such things, or was one of the people who early saw that "LOST" was never gonna tie up all the mysterious "happenings", and got out of it. STAY CLEAR!

The Speed of Thought

Great concept squandered away
Awful casting. When are directors gonna realize that Nick Stahl is not leading man material. I'm sorry if you ever read this nick, but your face looks like you are a very pale, sick, and overgrown little boy. A very wise woman said to me that "If you do not like the book after twenty pages, don't read it". In movies it is even easier, as you'll almost immediately feel that you are in skilled hands, or not. Don't waste your time on this less than adequate experiment, where everything except the idea, is a bad one. And another thing. You do not need ten lines. To warn other friendly humans. To stay away. We should just be able to write: Warning, Nick in leading role! Warning, looks like a dream sequence from an 80's movie. Warning, a writer who takes him/herself and life, way to seriously.

Sexy Evil Genius

Bad title
Sexy is subjective, so I'll leave it up to you, although I have never found her anyway near sexy. So with good written dialog, I was waiting for an evil genius something..

What a waste! Is this what passes for a film these days, was this really necessary to bring out to the masses. I'm sensing some friends doing a favor for another here, or just that Seth wanted to meet Trachtenberg. Who can blame him.

So the dialog, camera, directing, and everything tec, was impeccable. Story,casting sucked big time. If you're gonna have genius in the title, ask a genius, or even just a smart person to help you write next time.

The Walking Dead

This show is addicting, but not by way of giving you quality stuff I'm sorry to say. Mr. Gump said it so brilliantly bluntly: "Stupid is, as stupid does" How can a constantly huffing, moaning, and snarling zombie sneak up on people? Suddenly biting a healthy man with both ears working. Ahhh! When half the people watching your show is annoyed, it's just a crappy show(good comic though)

And the chance that among a group of twenty, there is not ONE cool/composed/balanced human being, that could keep these other a..holes in line, or at least feeding them good/intelligent information, is just insulting to the human race.

The creator of TWD said that without the characters doing stupid things, there would't be a show. That tells 50% of you out there, all you need to know:-)

So why am I watching it? I loved when the character Lori got killed.

The Pink Panther 2

I always wonder why, when humans hurt themselves for money

I know that you are funny Steve, and I know that you know what's funny. Having made one of these abominations before, I really thought you would have the good sense to stay clear of any more attempts of making this into something funny. You, Swart, Reno, and whoever wrote this thing, are not a good combination. You should absolve from any future projects together.

At some point in making a movie you will get a feeling of it's quality I would think, and in this instance you should have pulled the plug, counted your losses, and kept your honor.

Selling honor for money, when you have money, doesn't make sense sir.

Sucker Punch

A visual masterpiece, good statement, I enjoyed it immensely. Zack Snyder probably have made one for the ages for all film fans. Wery seldom I feel so excited about a film that I after it, go online to check what other people felt about it. Once upon a time in America, Valhalla rising, In Bruges, Seven psychopaths, Fitzcarraldo, comes to mind. What this guy does, Peter Jackson only DREAMS of doing:-) Spielberg is not fitted to polish Snyders shoes! Hehe! Be kind to people that hates this movie, they do not know what they have done/seen. Emily Browning is as always stunning. If in doubt about her, watch "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events" If you like this movie, watch Watchmen.

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