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The King of Queens

Need help IDing episode
I need help identifying an episode of King of Queens. It begins with a scene where Doug is talking to Carrie on the phone, and he suggests that they agree to stop ending every conversation with "I love you." However, it's hard to do and he ends up calling her back, only to close with "I love you." It's a very clever moment and one I think says a lot about relationships that have lasted a long time.

I THINK (but I'm sure) that's it's the same episode where Doug gets some local construction guys to whistle and throw lurid comments at Carrie to perk her spirits up.

I saw this episode recently, but it was probably a repeat. Don't know what network I saw it on. Can anyone tell me the title and season of this episode?

The First Traveling Saleslady

Bob Hope cameo?
Was that Bob Hope I glimpsed as an Indian whom Ginger Rogers encounters out in front of the hotel when she arrives in the West? I didn't get a good look, but could swear it was him mugging. This is an easy film to relax and enjoy, if you don't expect too much. Carol Channing is a hoot, especially when she is singing. (I think she improved some by the time she did Hello, Dolly.) Clint Eastwood has come a long way since this performance. And I don't think I've ever seen James Arness in anything outside of Gunsmoke. The movie is full of strained jokes and unlikely coincidences, all contrived to make the best of an obviously limp script and a cast of stars. Watch it if you have a couple of hours to kill.

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