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The Haunting of Hill House

Didn't understand why this show has good reviews here
I hardly write a review, but reviewing this show is kind of irresistible for me. When I watched first episode, it was so damn boring, I thought its ok, may be following episodes are good. Now my boredom got increased episode by episode. Scenes are here and there. Sometimes story is running in past, and sometimes in present which drives you crazy. It runs very slow. No entertainment at all. 2-3 scenes might scare you that too when you are actively watching it, but so damn slow pace of this show will not let you watch it actively. Every episode is unnecessarily 1 hour long. Series is unnecessarily lengthy. It could have got finished in 5 episodes. If you are a psychological horror fan, this series is not recommended at all. Seems like there are paid reviews or something like that not sure, but this show doesn't deserve more than 1 rating. This is just a piece of crap.

Parchhayee: Ghost Stories by Ruskin Bond

This show is insulting Ruskin Bond
Pathetic display of good stories. Zee5 should stop producing more episodes. I wonder how bad a direction can be, when actors are good.

The Sholay Girl

Nicely Created biopic of first bollywood stunt lady
This is a very nicely created and directed. You will get to know about Reshma Pathan, first stunt lady of our bollywood who did stunt scenes for various bollywood actresses including Hema Malini's scene in legendary movie Sholay. Acting is superb by tbe actors present in this movie. I recommend it to readers of my review to watch it.

The Final Call

Hats off to direction and acting, an absolute thriller
Before I start, one thing i tell you, Arjun Rampal is one of the most Underrated actors. The kind of acting skills he has shown in this TV series was a treat to watch. Sakshi Tanvar did a great job. This will give you an excellent thrilling experience such that it keeps you engaged at every single moment. I ensure that you will become fan of Arjun Rampal (If not already) after watching this. Zee5 is really producing some good shows which are beyond the expectations. Once again, cheers to the direction. Eagerly waiting for season 2. Already watched season 1 two times.

Kahaani 2

Could have been better !!
It was a good movie but could have been better as title of my review suggests. I was keen to watch this movie as Kahaani 1 was an amazing thriller and still better than this one.

First half of the movie was so brilliant that it will make you stick to your seats and you will think that end of movie will be having some interesting twist. But movie becomes directionless as time passes.

If I talk about acting, it is brilliant work done by Arjun Rampal and Vidya Balan.

I would have rated it 10/10 if pace and brilliance of movie would have been the same as it was in first half.

But still its a good thriller.

My ratings: 7/10 Recommendation: positive.


Finally, Bollywood did a perfect Hollywood this time.. !!!!
First of all, hats off to Neeraj Pandey for raising the standard of Bollywood. Throughout, i never felt that i was watching a bollywood movie. Its one of the epic thriller made in Bollywood. Every scene of movie is executed in an efficient manner and once again Akshay Kumar's acting won millions of hearts and also i would like to add about Anupam Kher's will remind you of Neeraj Pandey's last movie "Special 26".

Here 'BABY' refers to a mission started by some agents including Akshay kumar in order to grasp some powerful terrorists and one among them was Bilal Khan (Kay Kay Menon).

I would recommend this film to each and everyone as it is one of the best movies of Indian Cinema which are made against terrorists.

My rating 9/10.

Singham Returns

Replica of earlier Version i.e Singham (2011) Movie...but a one time watch
Talking about story: Bajirao Singham (Ajay Devgn) is still the strict, disciplined cop who believes in changing the society more than punishing. He has his own norms of functioning but it is expected of him that he tones down. Afterall, the supercop is now posted in Mumbai. He is given the responsibility of providing protection to Guruji, a political stalwart who dies under his custody.

Soon after, his head constable is found with crores of rupees in a van, dead! Singham traces all of this to the alliance party who weren't satisfied with the main party's agenda of supporting youth power in politics. He wants to take them to task. But it isn't that easy for him to disband the men in power. After the death of the stalwart in custody, Singham resigns.

Bruised and down on morale, will Singham rise to avenge? Does he defeat the men in power and how is what the film's story traces.

What's Bad in Movie: Nothing new and one thing is that the people who have watched its prequel i.e Singham (2011)movie, they can predict most of the actions and dialogues on their own. Same kind of unity of Police officers is depicted in the movie as in its prequel.

Watch or not? : well!!! the movie is strictly for Fans only...otherwise you will find nothing!!!!

Any one under 12 years of age can watch...there is no romance in the sexual explicit vulgar dialogues...besides this, the use of Guns and Revolvers is there throughout the movie as it is based on Crime....

Darr @ the Mall

Beginning was perfect, but after that No Darr at all.
The movie begins in excellent manner. And once again No Doubt Jimmy Shergil acted brilliantly once again. The story of movie is Good having a suspense or mystery about the actor Jimmy Shergil that reveals up at the end. That suspense or mystery creates a good taste in the story line of the movie. So these are the good things about the movie. But as the time passes there is no effectiveness in the movie. There is no horror,no entertainment,no good acting except Jimmy.This movie is waste of time actually. As I told earlier that story is good but direction of the movie is not so good. It is not directed well. I watched the movie just because Jimmy was acting excellent in each and every scene of the movie otherwise there is nothing to watch in it. Paranormal activities in the mall are not shown well. No such type of horror is created. Ghostly appearances are not shown well. As we see mostly in Hollywood horror movies that end of the movie is not so good. There is no end of evil at the end of most of the movies and many Bollywood movies follow this trend. But end of this movie was nice. So in all, beginning was good, story is good, end is good, but acting(Except jimmy) and direction will make you feel that you have completely wasted your time in seeing such diverted movie.

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