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Way touchy for a documentary style...Massive Soundtrack
Individual icon biographies always has this notorious reputation of being loosy and not focused. This one is definitely not.

Having a brand as "Ferrari" in your hands might oppress your mind on cars instead of the soul. Carlo Carlei did a great job on what to emphasize, with a great act by Sergio Castellitto.

As I can understand, this movie was based on a personal confession which doesn't involve Enzo Ferrari. I believe Piero Ferrari (his son) did his best of being honest while helping the writing credits, maybe too honest. But you can easily get the spirit of the challenge and the suffer for creating a glorious legend.

A must see.

------Might Contain Spoiler--------------

I personally understood that the journalist character was the alter ego of Mr. Ferrari's after i checked the cast list on IMDb. They could have done a better job on that.

------Might Contain Spoiler--------------

One last thing to say is about the soundtrack of the movie. I wish there were some information about the scores and the composers. Great Job.

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