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Awesome anime, one of the best in recent years
First of all let me warn you though : the first say 1.5 episodes are a bit slow, but then it is taking up speed FAST, so be patient till it does.


It is also a bit confusing how reality changes a few times in the first 1.5 episodes ^^ But as soon as they did teleport the banana everybody should be on board for the ride ^^ Well, that is the latest point at which you start loving it, usually you will start even earlier.


But once you are getting a feel of the land, so to speak, it get's really awesome ! You just need a bit to get into it at first, once you are in, it is one hell of a ride (at least the episodes I have seen so far). What else can I say about it without any spoilers ? It definitely belongs in the top 5 Anime series of the last 5 years. I gave it full 10 stars, and I do that extremely seldom ! Just don't be discouraged cause in the beginning you get the feeling it is all confusing and no fun. Give it 2 episodes,by then you should start loving at, 2.5-3 at the most. I know I had to start it 3 times (3rd time was the charm, I guess), and was discouraged the first 2 times, but then I read one good review after the other, and people there also said it is a slow starter, that I should give it a little time to warm up to it, and BOY am I happy I listened to them and gave it a 3rd chance !!!

Just have fun with a wild&crazy ride

Anger Management

Is he truly winning ???
I am sure many of us (me included) asked ourselves: will Charly Sheen crash and burn or will he give us then talent for comedy we all love him for ? Will he be able to deliver ? I am sure many of us where really worrying, not knowing if he will even be still alive ! I don't think I spoiler anything by saying: WOW DID HE DELIVER. It was Charly giving us the comedy gold we all love him for!!!


he even gave us a few digs at 2 and 1/2 men, and he did it in a way that was not only hilarious and on point+, it was also made in a way that was not as harsh as some people thought it would be.


So all in all he gave us a solid show, that has sadly way less viewers then it deserves. They will also give it in a very unusual way : except for holidays we get one show every week without any breaks. If that was a good idea, and why they did that, remains to be seen. One thing is for sure : the gossip factory had to hire extra workers to deal with that one ^^ Rumors EVERYWHERE !!!

So, have fun with that one : who missed Charly being Charly will get Charly, and lot's of it ;) If the script writers give him good material, he will deliver pure comedy gold, as we are used to getting from him !!! I only hope that cre3ating one show a week every week for the next 9o0 shows or so doesn't drag the quality down. Other then that be ready for Charly being Charly, delivering pure tiger blood ;)


One of the big surprises of the year for me
At first I didn't really know if I should even watch it, since we have seen so many found footage movies already, and he only got 4.8 points here. But then a friend told me I have to watch this, and he was right! I have no idea why this movie got so few points (except perhaps because the end was such a let down), it has deserved more!!! This movie has a very thick atmosphere,especially SPOILER

SPOILER all the parts done in this labyrinth are awesome. During the days you already get an eerie atmosphere, but during the night shots it is simply amazing !!! SPOILER END

Another big plus for me is that at no point I asked myself why the hell are they still filming ??? SPOILER

SPOILER Fernando Barreda Luna found a pretty clever solution for that, they needed the night view of their cameras to see something in the dark. They couldn't use their flashlights or who ever was after them could have easily found them. SPOILER END

I must give it to him, that was a clever idea, and it fitted in really natural. You don't get the feeling OK, he had a clever idea here, no, it is just a part of the plot that I didn't even really realize during the movie. Only after it I suddenly thought "Hey, that was clever, since usually that's exactly the point where found footage films mess up" Usually EVERY found footage film has this weak point that you ask yourself why are they filming this, but he managed to find a good way to explain it, that felt in no way artificial or anything like that.I also really liked how he build up the suspension really slow but steady. Often you think that now something really bad will happen SPOILER

SPOILER for example when the camera observes the dog at night, but nothing big happened,and yet you are left with a really unsettling feeling. SPOILER END

Towards the end the suspension is so tight it is almost unbearable

SPOILER for example when he is sitting on his bed after he fled to his room and barricades himself in. That scene is pure genius, you wait and wait that the axe is coming through that door, and the suspension was already near the limit before already,and then he just sits there. NOTHING happens for well over 2mins, yet this is one of the most unnerving scenes in the whole movie ! That one scene really shows the quality of Fernando Barreda Luna. In those 2 minutes your head is spinning like a roller-coaster, despite the fact nothing happens. This is so hard to do, but he pulls if of like a boss ! RESPECT !!!

Now so far the movie was an absolutely brilliantly done film, but as soon as that door opens he suddenly messes up completely !!! It starts with the first time that he is filming where I thought why the hell is he filming this. So far the filming was always a logical part of the plot, and now this,and it is only downhill from now on ! This sudden introduction of a new character, the crazy axe killer, feels completely artificial, like he had some footage left from another movie and needed a few more minutes of film, so he used what he had lying around ^^

You also get the feeling he had no idea how to end the movie,and suddenly they started shooting and he had to come up with something in a hurry. I mean the introduction of that crazy chick at the end could have been a good idea, if the film would have been at least 20 minutes longer, so he has time to really tell her story, but like this ? You also don't get to see how the 2 older siblings end. etc.etc. it is all just a big mess in the end SPOILER END

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