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Tantalus Theatre

This is Kelsie's finest work ever!
This is my all time favorite Kelsie Chambers' video, and it's finally been re-released as a DVD. Kelsie looks fabulous in this video, and I love seeing her playing a private eye who gets tied up a lot. Great shots of all of Kelsie's best attributes. First there's a wonderful scene of her rolling around on the floor while bound and gagged, and she's wearing a fetching suit and heels while doing so. She's also in danger because there is a ticking time bomb nearby. Then there's another scene of her doing the same thing, and in both scenes her skirt rides way up her delectable thighs. Next she she gets tied to a chair, and her skirt and jacket have been removed, leaving her helpless in her unbuttoned blouse and stockings. A gun is pointed at her, and it's hooked up to a nearby door, which again puts her in imminent danger. Kelsie wears sheer, thigh high stockings in this videos, which shows off her fabulous legs to wonderful effect.

The Soldier

Well, I enjoyed it!
I saw this movie late one night on HBO about 20 years ago. At that time, I found it riveting, because that was when the Cold War was still going on, and the premise seemed reasonable enough.

Nowadays, it comes off as a really silly piece of right-wing propaganda, along the lines of "Rambo" and "Red Dawn." Oh well, it was a reflection of the times, i.e. Reagan's defense build-up, "Evil Empire" speech, etc.

However, I still have fond memories of this movie, because it's still highly enjoyable, in its own silly way. That ski chase scene was way cool, especially when the Soldier spun around in mid air and sprayed the bad guys. Even James Bond never pulled that one off.

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