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He Never Died

Finally "Jack" has been brought to life on the screen.
I have been waiting simply ages for a film dealing with this character. The theory has been kicking around that he was the first of his kind for quite some time. While Henry is not known for his acting ability it works to his advantage here. They could have had Jack portrayed as a highly sophisticated with exquisitely refined manners, dress and intelligence. Or as someone terribly weary with the knowledge of all they have been through and all the changes to get to this point. I have to say I was not disappointed. It is a simple story. And frankly it should/would be. Anything grandiose would have been trite and overkill. For someone who doesn't care you need something simple to "get" them. Loved the film.

Gone Girl

I can not believe people like this ~~~~~contains spoilers~~~~~~
Please do not waste your time or money on this nonsense. Oh boy where do I start. OK for me the worst thing is when she gets back and tells everyone that Neil Patrick Harris "kidnapped" her (Rosamund). He did this by bludgeoning her and she lost a large amount of blood which he cleaned up. Then he takes her diary to her husbands fathers house to burn!!!!! (how does he even know of this location)?????? But he makes such a p!$$ poor attempt to burn it which would take 5 min to do properly as opposed to the 30+ to clean the blood. and no one questions this even once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one even looks for any wounds or asks about her wellbeing and she is not treated for any wounds. Oh and the hospital sends her home covered I mean a copious amount blood. No flipping way, the hospital would clean her looking for wounds especially with this much blood.I could go on and on but just read the other truthful reviews they will point out most of the other glaring mistakes and downright intelligence insulting nonsense. I really wish IMDb would have a 0 or negative review number as this does not even rank a 1. I give this -5 for utter bull$h1*.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Please someone take the camera away from Lucas and Spielberg PUHLEEEESE!!!
Quick and to the point. Just like Star Wars Episode 1-2-3 this was pure unadulterated rape. Rape of the character. Rape of the franchise and mind-rape of anyone who watched it. Please listen to me and all the others who gave this an honest review. This film is so bad it makes you want to poke out your own eyes and stick knitting needles in your ears. I can not think of any reason for a review above a 3. I am in a complete state of shock that anyone gave this a rating of 10. they must be paid internet shills. do not believe them.!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!! !!!!!!! SAVE YOURSELF AND YOUR LOVED ONES DO NOT WATCH THIS MESS.

Metallica Through the Never

I am 43 and was a fan of Metallica from the start.
For me Metallica was finished on 09-26-1986 When Cliff played his last gig. However I did like the Garage days $5.98 EP. Having said that the concert is polished even though I did not know several songs at all as the last L.P. I bought was Master of Puppets and the last item I ever bought was Cliff 'em All DVD. By no means is this the worst film I have ever seen. For a concert film it is quite good. And as it is as the other Doyle put it its a nice trippy surreal experience. And for me I needed it to make the vapid and jejune music of most songs since Cliff died and James'heart broke tolerable. I would never pay for it in the cinema I watched it at a friends but IMAX 3D would have been superb. All in all it is worth a look even if like me you have not liked them since Master of Puppets. I may even buy it in 3D if its in the Used bin (which I'm sure it will be) at F.Y.E. when I'm in the USA. The direction on the "film" is nice and the cut away's are well placed and well done. And as far as Dave "republican shill" Mustane being the poster who hated itNaww he is too busy counting money and kissing government @$$ to care about this piece of film.

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