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  • The box of my DVD version boasts that this is the first meeting of two of Hong Kong's great action stars Leung Kar Yan and Hwang Jang Lee. It was a prospect i was very much looking forward to watching. Leung Kar Yan the most famous martial arts star who never trained in Martial arts and Hwang Jang Lee the deadly Korean kicking master who killed a knife fighter in Vietnam in a mere 30 seconds face of as hero and villain respectively. The problem is that it falls into being a rushed, standard hero flick with tacky sfi-fi/magical elements and unnecessary x-rated material. Admittedly there are some great fights, as in most Kung Fu movies of Hong Kong's second martial arts golden age (1970s/early 80s) but the rest in bland and boring. Jang Lee can't compare to the villain he played as Jackie Chan's nemesis in Drunken Master or Snake in the Eagles shadow and Kar Yan plays his bog standard "tough guy master" that everyone who watched a lot of kung fu movies has seen 100 times before. Overall very disappointing if you are a kung fu enthusiast. And if you aren't into kung fu movies, well i don't suppose you would bother picking up this film anyway.