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The Passionate Strangers

It has an interesting cast of characters and several sub plots that add value to the film.
I was in this film. It was made on location in Luzon in the Philippines and had a versatile cast of characters, both American and Filipno. There is a master plot and several sub-plots that all are stories in their own right. It has several actors from the Philippines that have gone on to be huge stars in their own right. I was a nobody in the film from a speaking standpoint although I did appear in several scenes. It was impressive to watch two distinctly different cultures work together on a full scale film. The work ethic and methods of doing things vastly differ but this film finished on schedule and within budget and was first shown at the National theater in Manila and then went on to get a standing ovation in the foreign film category at Caans and it won the Berlin Film Critic Award for that year. I would like to know where to get a print copy of the film so if anyone can help with a source I would be delighted to hear from you. I am not an actress by trade, in fact, I work for the Air Force and was in the PI at the time this film was made and joined this cast in my off duty time. Thank you. Very Respectfully Maggie Bonner

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