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The Valley of Light

beautifully acted and presented
At the beginning of the movie, the music makes me full of energy.When Noah gets off the bus, he feels he was born again because of being a part of war.I am sure anybody who has watched this film would wish war should never happen in a country because nobody's soul and body can be saved.When Noah was recalling memories of war and felt sad about it, it was hard for me to watch this part of film because it made me too fearful. I appreciate Eleanor(Mol) and the town people who accepted and welcome Noah with open arms and invited him to their activities and homes. I could not imagine how people were so kind and sensible there before watching this movie. Noah was feeling too responsible for his brother and wanting to get him some leniency from the law. It was very important for Noah to know something about his parents from Mr.Hood.I think the director chose the right actor and actress for the job since they played their roles naturally and attractively . I hope more movies like this would be made in future for all ages because they can be suitable for teenagers as positive entertainment.

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