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A masterpiece.
There is no other movie like this one. It's truly a masterpiece of it's time. You really see through Korv Brunovich's eyes. Maks Bajs does an outstanding job with this performance. Once again proving to the world what a great actor he is. The Idealist is right up there with Lawrence of Arabia, Doctor Zhivago and Parenthood. It makes you think and wonder.. what if? With an amazing cast like this, The Idealist will surely come to be a movie that people will remember for a long time. This movie had me glued to the seat the whole time. It's breathtaking! I even wept at the end.

I can't wait to buy the DVD!

The Breakfast Club

Outstanding and timeless.
This movie includes one of my favorite songs (Don't you -Simple minds) and my absolute all time high favorite actor, Judd Nelson.

The first time I can remember seeing this movie was when I was about 14 years old. It had me astonished from the very start. The first 15 minutes or so I was wondering if they would ever get their asses out of that school and go hit the streets, doing some rebellious stuff and living as this was their last day on earth. Clearly I had no idea. I soon forgot all about that and instead I was completely blown away with these young actors amazing performances. They had me glued to the screen, almost in cramp, devouring every move and word they expressed. Never once did I doubt them or in any way was I reminded that this was just a flick, not real people sitting in front of me. They were real! Of course they were. They are! Especially Bender and Alison cause I was able to identify myself by them. I was as weird, rebellious and left out as they were. In a lot of ways, I still am.

Still to this day (I'm almost 22 now) this is my absolute favorite movie. Sorry to say, they don't make movies like this one any more. Containing everything essential about life, growing up and being a little different (as I think we all are) this is The One Movie that I'm gonna take with me where ever I go. This is my bible.

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