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Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn

Where did you come from?!
Okay, I consider myself a pretty good Halo fan. I have played through all of the games numerous times, and read every Halo book that has been released. I was walking through Walmart's electronics department about a month ago, and I see a Halo movie. What? A Halo movie? Let me take a closer look. Oh great, its a live action Halo movie that I have never heard of, this is going to be terrible.......but its only $14 on BluRay so what the heck. Then I get home (with the kids at daycare) and start watching it on my 42" TV. OH MY GOD. The movie is brimming with great character development, and morality themes regarding the human rebellions before the covenant attack. The main characters (which are cadets at a UNSC Military Acadamy) are all new faces, except the lead female who is the girl from Narnia. They all do a great job convincing me that they are the children of the highest echelon of the UNSC elite, who are trying to make their parents proud. Some people claim that them movie is a little slow at first, or that it parallels Starship Troopers. I do not agree with those claims. The movie thoroughly develops and introduces the characters, so when the covenant (and Master Chief) arrive, you are vested in them, and don't want them to die. By the way, the Covenant were done fantastically, and Master Chief is NOT CGI, but instead the most realistic and amazing armor outfit every constructed. Bottome line, if you like anything about Halo, or if you plan on playing Halo 4, see this movie. Thank you 343 studios for coming out of left field and blowing me away with this movie. I just wish I could have seen it in the theater!!!

The Burrowers

Very Surprised by this little film.
I watched this movie on Comcast on Demand when it was in the free movie section. I had seen the cover in a retail store, and paid no attention to it, as it looked cheesy. Boy was I wrong. Both the Director, and the Director of Photography took unique looks at shooting this movie. I have to assume that their budget was low, but even so, they made a thoroughly entertaining movie. The imagery of the Dakota territories during this period seemed accurate to me, and I found that the character development was pretty good for a horror movie. The movie's ending was very good, and probably the most realistic they could have pulled off for a horror movie set in the west. I am a fan of Lost, and enjoyed seeing two reoccuring characters from Lost play integral roles in this movie. WIth all the recycled garbage that has been coming into theaters recently (almost always a remake of an original movie, or a grossly overdone retelling of a classic fairytale), it was refreshing to see some original concepts here. My hat is off the the production crew, filmmakers and cast of this film. Spend $5 at Walmart, and buy this film. You will not be disappointed.

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