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Horí, má panenko

unfortunately this one really disappointed me
What the hell did i just watched, i don't believe that this film is made by "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and "Amadeus" Director Milos Forman, i just can't believe it.

Kis Uykusu

Now is the winter of our discontent
A solid movie for people who like thinking about themselves, not much to dislike. But I can't say I was wowed by it maybe because it's the first film of Nuri Bilge Ceylan i See.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

R.I.P Robert Forster
I've Seen so Many Bad Reviews about "El Camino" Everyone thought it would be better or equal to Breaking Bad; but the thing is you can't surpass perfection. Breaking Bad is undoubtedly the best TV series of all time in My Opinion. so just because it isn't better than Breaking Bad doesn't mean it sucks. for me I loved this movie, and i loved every second of it i didn't feel the time at all, and I'm so glad to have a proper send-off for on of my favorite characters of all time.


Joaquin Phoenix Was Genius
I'm Going to start with this : One of the Top 10 best acting performances I've ever seen, Joaquin Phoenix Was Genius. The Movie is Dark, unsettling, physically painful but in a good way. haunting score, Great Soundtrack, Incredible directing and screenplay, the only problem I had with this film is the ending a small problem really, i felt that it needed something more. Anyway this film will be talked about for years to come, i highly recommend it.

Miller's Crossing

I had a wonderful time with this one
This one explored a lot of themes regarding loyalty, agenda and the shifting tides of power. It had me gripped from the first few heated exchanges.

Definitely rewatchable and an underrated one of the brothers!


Every word in this movie is perfect
Alfred Hitchcock's classic is one of horrors most iconic movies with Bernard Herrmann's equally iconic score ...Anthony Perkins is the troubled motel owner and Janet Leigh is the secretary on the run. Psycho is often imitated, parodied, referenced and rarely bettered.

Anatomy of a Murder

Anatomy Of A Murder is absolutely brilliant.
One of my favourite actors (James Stewart) in one of my favourite film genres, the courtroom drama. Anatomy Of A Murder is a must see film by anyone interested in law and it's practice. Apparently, it's the most accurate depiction of a trial on film.

The Truman Show

Jim Carrey's best work
One of the great movies that kept me glued to my screen the entire time. Artistic, quirky, and dramatic, this is easily one of the most original ideas in the film industry.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

This movie makes my heart flutter
Wow astonishing that in the 33 years since ferris bueller came out we still haven't been able to make a movie with as great a one-two punch as the emotionally moving museum scene followed by the sexiness and pure joy that is the danke schoen/twist and shout parade scene...

Cría cuervos

An absolutely mesmerizing drama from Carlos Saura
A criminally overlooked classic of Spanish cinema, You should see this movie no matter what, i'm not gonna say much The other reviewers got it right.

The Naked City

A new Style
A very realistic and engaging crime film with elements of Noir but certainly not the traditional style of the genre that i like,but anyway i recommend it for any Film Noir Fan to give it a shot.

In a Lonely Place

"I was born when she kissed me. I died when she left me. I lived a few weeks while she loved me."

Powerful, emotionally real and devastating, with one of Bogart's most complex roles he ever played and maybe his Greatest Performance. One of the best Noirs i've seen 'til Date, i Highly Recommend it.

Una giornata particolare

if anything, fascism is anti-me
Great performances, Great photography, Great Tale About Love And Humanity, A Special Movie.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

"Our lives are defined by opportunities; even the ones we miss."
Yes it is kinda long but it has a beautiful cinematography and it's one of brad's best performances. the end had me Very Sad.

Good Will Hunting

This is what movies are supposed to look like and sound like and feel like. they're supposed to make you think and cry at random things and feel like you wanna get out there and do something and god this movie is so beautiful and perfect

Crna macka, beli macor

A two hour big smile.
This was only the second time I watched a Kusturica film - and yet I cannot imagine a world without his movies! It's like finding the answer to an important question. Filled with such warmth and love of life! Great acting and writing.


Oh, yah?
I forgot how much I loved Fargo. It might even be my favourite Coen brothers film. Everything about it is just perfect.

The Killing Fields

Hello comrade, I'm with the leftist guerrillas and I'm here to help
Nothing is certain in war besides death and chaos. The Killing Fields may convey this better than any other war film.

After the Wedding

Another Hollywood Remake No one Asked for, God help us.

Yi yi

Beautiful masterpiece.
Absolutely perfect in every sense of the word. I went into this film with huge expectations and it still blew them out of the water. I don't know what my all-time favorite final scene is, but this is definitely a contender.

Der Himmel über Berlin

"Why am I me, and why not you?"
Some movies transcend movies. I keep coming back to this one because it is good for the soul.

Le trou

Poor Gaspard
Le Trou is one of those foreign films that is very accessible and entertaining but also tackles many themes such as friendship, trust, betrayal, and affliction. A film that everyone can enjoy.

Le salaire de la peur

One of those films that lies beyond description.
Damn this was suspenseful. It goes above and beyond its premise in every possible way. I was skeptical that it wouldn't be as engaging or suspenseful as people say it is, but it really lived up to my expectations.

Toy Story 4

All The toys you know and love are finally back.
An incredible reflection on relationships, growing apart, and moving on. Toy Story 4 serves as another fantastic entry into the series which wrecks your emotions once again.

Malcolm in the Middle: Kitty's Back
Episode 5, Season 6

One of the worst Episodes of the show
I'm going to skip talking about the stupid script of the episode, but what really bothered me about this episode was the terrible editing, i mean really so many rookie mistakes, seriously the guy who edited this episode need to be hanged.

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