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Mr. Sunshine

wasted actors
I love Mathew Perry and Alice Janey, and I had high hopes for this show after seeing the pilot. Little did I know the pilot was the only watchable episode.

What is wrong? The writing! The Alice Janey and her son characters are horribly written, 1 dimensional, and flat out not believable. The rest of the characters are 1 dimensional characters from script writing 101. The only person watchable on the show is Mathew Perry.

I know these actors are better than this horrible dreck. Hopefully it will be canceled quickly, and Perry will be given something better than this embarrassing dreck.


I Heart Huckabees

we should have had dinner instead!!
I see what they were going for, but they missed horribly. They were going for a nice witty independent type of movie, but it didn't work on any level. The script was bad, the comedy was embarrassing, the direction was awful, and the premise didn't was lousy!!! I normally love these type of movies, and loved this director's previous work, but this should have stayed in the can. One of the worst movies i have seen to date. Even a bad movie has something that can be redeemable, whether or not it's something that you can appreciate it something else. This movie had nothing that could be appreciated in any way. Well on second thought, the seats in the theatre were comfortable, and the movie wasn't crowded! NYC is a difficult place to find quiet solitude, so maybe i'll see the movie again:)

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