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Beautiful Dreamer

Poignant and left me teary-eyed
I found this movie in the DVD store and it intrigued me. The reason is, I have been planning a novel relative to this movie's premise/theme. While I was upset to find it, I thought I'd watch it. I'm glad I did. While it is thankfully, very different to what I had in mind, it was very sweet, brought tears to my eyes, I felt my gut wrenching with the angst of it, and it swept me up into the picture.

The start of it left something to be desired however. While it does depict the two growing up together, and then very quickly moves onto their romantic relationship, I didn't feel like the writers/director had allowed us to feel for the characters, because they didn't establish their roles enough. So when Claire goes looking for him, I forgot what he looked like basically, while trying to keep my eye out for him, knowing that he could pop out of the blue anywhere. As the whole idea of it was close to my heart though, I could feel it more than perhaps your average viewer would.

The use of the flashbacks were very effective, and though some of the shots were a little awkward, the basic cinematography was good. The ending was a little weird, and I wish it had explained more how Jo got from where he was, to that point. I don't think they put that point across enough. and medically I don't think he would be able to make that length of recovery fast enough. Though it didn't exactly say how much time had passed.

So anyway if you're a gushy romantic like me, who likes war stories (the romantic ones), I'd say you'd like it and it's worth a watch. Just commit Jo's face to your memory so you won't forget him. You'll see him soon enough.


Way better than Hayley Mills!
This just showed on television tonight and I can't contain my joy and happiness for it. Last year mum bought the Hayley Mills version on DVD which I had used to like as a young girl but kind of stopped watching because my older sisters said it was 'so stupid and babyish.' So last year I renewed my love for Pollyanna and then I found the book in our library and read it and loved it again and again. I actually was reading it today on the bus (a different library's copy).

And yesterday mum was telling me that she saw an ad for Pollyanna that's a different version and I was so excited. I had a little pet peeve with the Hayley Mill's Pollyanna because it completely strayed from the book, though the essence of gladness is still there. I started watching it tonight and pulled out the book from my bag and read along during those enormously long commercial breaks, and well I've only seen this and the other version of Pollyanna, I'm so glad to find it so in tune with the book completely!

Amanda Burton is such a good actress and she would've been a good silent film actress with such a stunning ability to convey emotion with looks. I do think Jane Wyman did a very good job as Aunt Polly too!

Pollyanna (Georgiana Terry) was so much how I imagined from the book, except for some occurrences of storming out of the room which I thought was a bit out of character for the happy girl, and was so adorable how could Aunt Polly and everybody help but love her.

Dr. Chilton (not Chiltern) was much how I pictured him as well and had a very nice look about him.

It was all so faithful to the book, I am very very glad about that, and now I don't know how I could ever watch the other version again, though I probably will until I own this one on DVD. Yes. I shed tears at the end. It was wonderful! I'd like to think that Elanor H. Porter would be very pleased because as a Pollyanna lover I am!

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