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We Are Marshall

Excellent Movie
This is the movie that motivated my nephew to choose Marshall as his school out of seven other choices including the University of Pennsylvania and Princeton. He made so many friends and the school spirit is so strong. It motivates people. My nephew is in his senior year and has so many great memories.

I just saw the movie this year and I can understand now why my nephew chose Marshall University. It was so moving. From beginning to end, I was back in 1970. The acting was so outstanding I felt like I was part of the community.

If anything, you must see it at least once. I highly recommend it.

The Advocate's Devil

Camera Angles???
This movie seemed good given the actors. It's the camera angles I couldn't take. Like they were trying to tell a story through the angles instead of letting the actors tell the story. Obviously the director didn't have enough confidence in the actors and the script and therefore had the cameramen go to extremes to film this movie. It's horrible. The filming itself is amateurish just because of this. I'm sorry but it's too much for my liking. The camera extremes really take away from the heart of the movie. Then there is the shakiness of the filming. My grandson could have been holding the camera. There are closeups, pull-aways, etc. Like I said, this really takes away from the heart of the movie. If you are confident of the story line and the actors, you do not need to have all these other special features. They really just ruin the film. To anyone who reads this review, think about that if you ever decide to make a movie or a television show.

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