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Iron Resurrection

Genuine people with a lot of talent and charm
This is one of the best automotive shows on the sir. You can tell that the guy ls actually get along and like one another.

Down home Texas Guys. Honest and respectful

And they really care about outing out quality work- you can see that they know exactly what they are doing.

Keep Up the great work fellas!! ( and Gal).

Ray Donovan

Mickey " D " steals the show.... but others good too
I always knew John Voight was a good actor. Ever since his role in Midnight Cowboy and the in " Deliverance ".

But Geez, in his role as Micky Donavan.... I have a newfound respect for this astoundingly great actor.

I must say, Othersin the cast are stellar as well.... but JOHN Voight shows why he is an academy awarded winner - and 4 tine nominee.

He nails the " Boston " accent perfectly as well.

The storyline is so freakin good . The acting is staggeringly good.

Don't miss this gem If a show!

The Apartment

Lighten up with the " critical " ( not true to life ) reviews, will ya?
Movies are made to be entertaining- not true to life documentaries. Gee, give it a break people! When you disparage the whole premise..... as non believable.... did you ever watch King Kong? Tarzan? Star Wars? E.T. ? ETC.? ETC. ?

All movies are entertainment pieces, that's why we go to see them. To be entertained! Not taught a reality lesson.

The acting was impeccable. It was cute. It was funny. It was sad.


Movies are for people to ESCAPE REALITY- not wallow in it.


Bates Motel

Vera Farmiga. That about says it all.
Bates Motel is a binge worthy, down and dirty, yet artfully crafted masterpiece. Add the talents of Vera Farmiga, Freddie Highmore and Nestor Carbonell and you have the holy grail.

The story line is well thought out- the acting is superb, the texture dark and frightening.

Vera Farmiga is probably the most under rated actor in the business. She is similar to a shape shifter, able to morph into something unique to the part she is playing. I guess that is the definition of " great actor "

She reminds me of that line from a song by Billy Joel, " She has a way about her "

That way is pleasing, both to the eye, and to the soul.

And as for Freddie Highmore, as I watched him develop the character, I began to believe that he really was insane. Great acting.

Nestor Carbonell as Sheriff Romero. Everything you believe a Sheriff should be-a rough, tough, take no prisoners type of guy.

Things he did weren't always on the up and up, or even legal- but you found yourself still rooting for the guy.

Catch this show. You will find yourself thoroughly satisfied.


Dan is the man!
This is by far the best " Motörhead " show on television. Dan Short is a mans man. Not done wus or freak.

He knows what needs to be done and does it! As for his use of profanity- that's how car guys talk in the shop.

It a great show and puts all the others to shame.

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