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Like 3 movies in one and it kind of works
Matt Damon gives a great performance and Tom McCarthy proves The Cobbler was a temporary misfire and brings the same distinct sensibilities to this film as he brought to Spotlight, Timmy Failure and The Visitor (still need to see his other films)

P. S. Mychael Danna's score seems mismatched at times and didn't reflect the accurate tone of the film.

The Green Knight

Slow but spell binding experience
The green knight is definitely a slow movie, but what it lacks in pacing it delivers with stellar performances visceral visuals and distinct directing prowess from David Lowery.


Good movie Return to form for m Night
I enjoyed it

Honestly shocked how low the reviews are

Night directs it well , performances are good solid casting overall

Some awkward writing, but not a detriment to the film.

Black Widow

Scarlet gets sidelined in her own movie also just bizarre acting and clunky writing for her. Felt like she was playing herself not Natasha in a bad way.

Florence and David save the movie and simultaneously steal every scene.

Rachel Weisz was fine but it felt like most of her scenes involved exposition.

Action was fine, but it was hard to tell who was fighting who.

Comedic bit were good. However, one was very unnecessary the other was ill timed.

Overall, the movie is fine, nevertheless the negatives outweigh the positives in my book.


Fun but uneccesarily chaotic
I had fun with this movie.

However it is definitely lower tier fast and furious movie.

I think it's better than 1 2 4 and Hobbs and shaw.

But worse than 3 5 6 7 8.

The main issue is the action. It felt too random and that anything could happen in a bad way.

The emotional crux of the story is there, but a bit contrived.

I also thought Sung Kang and John Cena didn't have much to do and were just set up for the next installments.

Superman and Lois: A Brief Reminiscence In-Between Cataclysmic Events
Episode 11, Season 1

As everyone has stated genius episode. You think it's' a traditional flashback episode that might not further the plot, but nope it's a 2 in 1 traditional flashback episode AND it furthers the plot. Also, I love the acting from everyone, but especially Tyler and Bitsie; they are currently the definitive Superman and Lois!


Jerry Trainor is the main reason to watch
Jerry trainor is as funny as before, Miranda cosgrove and Nathan kress return to their roles with ease. The new additions to the cast will take some time to resonate but so far they seem to fit right in with the rest of the cast. Some jokes land, but some don't, the laugh track is definetely more annoying than the previous iteration.

iCarly: iStart Over
Episode 1, Season 1

Jerry trainor is the main reason to watch
Jerry trainor is as funny as before, Miranda cosgrove and Nathan kress return to their roles with ease. The new additions to the cast will take some time to resonate but so far they seem to fit right in with the rest of the cast. Some jokes land, but some don't, the laugh track is definitely more annoying than the previous iteration.


Good but predictable
Literally what the title says good movie but predictable.

Army of the Dead

Fun but Forgettable
Good action can't compensate for mediocre camerawork,an unnecessary prolonged runtime and wooden acting minus Dave Bautista and the very underrated Hiroyuki Sanada.

Although there's an intriguing universe that is explored in this movie and will be explored in further installments mainly prequels; This franchise is unfortunately dead to me as soon as the credits rolled.

P. S. The Tig Notoro "CGI" did blow me away besides 1 or 2 expository shots it's amazingly seamless overall.

Master of None

Season 3 review
I appreciate the experimental nature of this season both in general and In comparison to the previous two seasons

Nevertheless I thought his season was tedious to a fault in terms of execution and overall story

Naomi Ackie is fantastic and hope her name is considered when it comes to awards season

I've rewatched the first two seasons and realistically will rewatch them again in the future

I doubt I will ever rewatch this season.

Those Who Wish Me Dead

Good but a shadow in comparison to other Taylor Sheridan movies
I enjoyed watching this. There are some similarities between other Taylor Sheridan movies, some tedious flashbacks, and a nonsensical premise

However, the performances are good from the entire cast especially from Finn Little and Medina Senghore whose careers I will definitely pay attention to

Brian Tyler also provides a good score but like Sheridan it reminded me of his other scores rather than standing on its own two feet

I saw this on HBO Max and would have seen this in a theater but only matinee.


GREAT action mediocre story
The action is why you watch the movie, just amazing all around

The story is pretty simple but also a bit convoluted in terms of structure and execution

Overall I was content with the mediocre story but amazed by the top tier action on display

Praying for a sequel all they need to do is improve the story the action is already some of the best in today's movies.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Power Broker
Episode 3, Season 1

Ok episode zemo stole every scene
Step down from episodes 1 and 2 especially in terms of the action scenes

Cool to see Sharon Carter again Altho this may be all we see of her based on trailer footage

Seeing zemo again was great

Looking forward to episode 4 especially after THAT cameo.

Godzilla vs. Kong

Mid tier monster verse movie
I would put this movie above Godzilla(2014) on par with king of the monsters(2019) but definitely below skull island(2017)

The positives: the cinematography, score, and actual fighting are all top tier

The negatives: almost all of the human characters are boring and unnecessary and the pacing is pretty slow for a action blockbuster

Overall mixed bag but leaning towards positive mainly for the epic fight scenes.

Zack Snyder's Justice League

Worthy of the hype but in a good not great way
I thoroughly enjoyed Zack Snyder's justice league infinitely better than the theatrical version but like any movie there are still flaws mainly pacing and an underwhelming score.

Nevertheless, the performances especially from the Justice League themselves deserve praise.

It was great seeing Snyder's unfiltered visuals and style but I do think it would have benefited to have it streamlined.

However, since it is likely that this is Snyder's last entry in the DCEU, it does make sense to put literally everything on full display. And when I say everything I mean everything.


Good coming of age movie
Exactly what you expect in a coming of age film but with the style and substance of asian culture and director Eddie Huang's perspective. Good performances as well from the entire cast. Only issue I had was the ending felt anticlimactic and a very "Hollywood" ending


Not very good
Way too long terrible creative choices and bad pacing writing and directing Tom Holland and the rest of the cast are the only saving graces

Yes Day

Enjoyable short fun film
I enjoyed it it was to the point short and had some laughs I didn't see the trailer only complaint there's a song from like 10 years ago that didn't fit other than that I liked it

Chaos Walking

Not bad but also not good
I was expecting so much worse but it's a competent movie it's also not a good movie but decent acting good score from Marco Beltrami and an interesting premise left me somewhat satisfied


Good message bad execution
I liked the message and themes I didn't like the writing and some of the acting so a mixed bag overall

Raya and the Last Dragon

LOTS of Exposition STUNNING animation
Beautiful animation good voice casting good action but a lot of exposition predictable plot and similarity to other Disney movies

Drishyam 2

Good sequel
Some forced and unnecessary moments, but there is solid acting from Mohanlal and great directing from Jeethu Joseph.

Judas and the Black Messiah

Expectations were matched
When I first saw the Lucas Brothers in 22 Jump Street I told myself these guys would be perfect for a Fred Hampton biopic.

Jokes aside this movie is fantastic. The performances are amazing especially from Daniel Kaluuya, Lakeith Stanfield, and the rest of the cast. Shaka King's direction also showcases himself as a formidable force.

The only nitpick I have is the film doesn't take a firm stance whether it's mainly about Fred Hampton or Bill O' Neal. Obviously, the film discusses both of them in depth, but it's hard to decide who is the main protagonist.

Regardless, the combination of eclectic performances and captivating direction delivers one of the best films in the last few years.

To All the Boys: Always and Forever

Better than the second one no way as good as the first
Better plot than the second, but not as interesting as the first one. Acting and cinematography is good and consistent with the other films.

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