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Coming 2 America

A welcome return to Zamunda
Thoroughly enjoyed this sequel. There are a bevy of cameos, and all the favourite characters from the original are back. Yes some of green screen scenes are a little laughable, but the essence of humour runs through the movie. Leslie Jones is hilarious, definitely steals scenes.

I'll definitely recommend this for entertainment. I'll definitely be watching again. Well done Eddie

Il a déjà tes yeux

Race. Adoption. Society.
Finally got around to watching the cute French film dealing with interracial adoption. It's a comedy with some parts that pull at the heart strings. Maternal grandmother steals all the scenes, I wish she was in the film even more. Some of the storyline was very over the top but it's lighthearted. Watch and enjoy

Pecados de mi padre

Amazing Documentary
This has to be one of the best documentaries I have ever seen, I believe have ever been made. I stumbled onto it by accident on Netflix and I am so glad that took the time to watch it. The myth of Pablo Escobar is examined and the damning repercussions that he had on his family, and the family of the victims of his violence is made bare before us. The idea to document this all is absolutely amazing, and serves as a stark reminder of how power corrupts and how sometimes you have to stand up for something whatever the cost may be. We have all seen Scarface and marveled at Tony Montana excessive life, but this is the real deal and you get to see the highs and the lows.

Make sure you catch the animation at the start of the documentary which is meant to show you the journey of cocaine from the plant to our streets. Its very well done set against the backdrop of a lush jungle and gunshots.

Two thumbs up for this documentary. And another one for the sons who got together to try and "break bread" and move forward with no hard feelings.

It's Complicated

Nice Movie
I had heard about this film on its release but didn't check it out until it came on TV one early evening, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Meryl is delightfully funny, Alec Baldwin smolders, and Steve Martin is adorable as the underdog. Its a warm gentle movie, and although I found it hard to believe how the characters were functioning salary wise it made for very good entertainment. For a romantic comedy it is definitely one of the better ones, and the opening scene is breathtaking. It's nice to see older relationships under the spotlight, and to see the over 40s being sexy and fun, showing its not all about the young nubile ones in the world.

The funniest scene is the laptop scene it had me howling with laughter, it was very well done. I wish that they had used the little kid Pablo more, but otherwise a very enjoyable film.

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