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Beautiful Western
Bale shines in this movie. Yes it's long but I think its the perfect length. Am emotional and enjoyable journey


Typical boring movie that tries to be scary and fails.
I do not understand what the hype is over this film? I found it very boring and it's nowhere near as scary as made out. The presence has no fear factor about it and quite a few horror cliches are in the movie.

Sorry but nothing special here.

Get Out

Am I missing something here?
I am kinda confused about the high ratings for this turd of a movie. This has a lame storyline and bad acting. Probably one of the worst horror flicks I have seen.

Safe House: Episode #2.4
Episode 4, Season 2

Truly dreadful finale
Nowhere near on par with series 1. This finale is truly dreadful with a pathetic ending.


Great series
Excellent series, great storyline and acting. Highly recommend watching this.

The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia

What a waste of time
All I can say about this movie is what a complete and utter load of rubbish!

This contains all of the haunted clichés and I cannot believe I wasted 90 mins of my life watching it.

Apparently I'm supposed to write 10 lines as a minimum to submit this review?

What can you say in 10 lines about this movie without repeating the word "Rubbish" a 1000 times!

Far too many non-scary ghost scenes, poor acting and a very cliché plot.

Wait for it to appear on the TV before you watch it.

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