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When a Stranger Calls

An under rated thriller
I'm a big fan of horror films, and I find that the section of films that have villains based on non-supernatural beings, ie the normal human not ghosts, have trouble at being genuinely horrifying. I had almost given up hope till I saw this film. Yes, it is based on an old urban myth, phone ringing, it's a killer etc, still doesn't take away what is good from this film.

What I think is best about this film, is the intensity of the suspense. The only person we see on screen for a good portion of the film is the babysitter, which is an amazing experience, as we see things from her perspective and not the killers, giving more suspense as we the audience have no clue where this person is, or who he is. This is not done in other films I have seen, which takes away the effect, seeing the killings and some of the actions of the killer, making it like we are observing the action, not almost being a part of it.

There is however this some what irritating back story of the babysitters love life with her ex boyfriend, which is possibly not necessary. That and some of the acting brings a mark down for this film.

Besides that, I think that this style of filming horrors and thrillers is the way forward for the genre, directed away from the numerous clichés we have seen before.


A light-hearted Drama
I had seen advertisements on TV for this show, and I thought this was going to be another Only Fools and Horses, Auf Widersein Pet, genre of show, and for the comedy side of it, you can see it. But, the comedic parts are done with such realism and subtle execution it seem's wonderfully natural. The first episode dropped us with a few bombshells, and I'm enticed to come watch next week's show. There is some brilliant acting in this programme by some of UK's better TV actors from varying genre's of strong drama and comedy.

I hope this show continues for a while yet, it has great potential to become a classic.

Kill Bill: Vol. 2

Above all else, don't take this too seriously
OK, one thing people really don't get about KB1&2 is that it's not meant to be taken seriously. One woman who wrote on this film complained about how blood spurting out is not realistic. This is because these films are more of a tribute to the old Kung Fu films, camera styles, gore, costumes, etc. Scene's are pinched from odd films and recreated. This is Tarintino's homage to those films, don't see this as some highly original film, because it's been done before, in more ways than one.

This film is good, if you're knowledgeable (SP) enough to appreciate it.

TNA Wrestling: Bound for Glory

My first TNA show....WWE's in trouble
This was my first ever TNA show, and I was impressed beyond belief. The quality of athletes and matches on show made this single show more spectacular than a lot of the match in WWE over the past 6 years. There were things in this show alone that I'd not seen in......................well ever. Some stuff the human body should not take, such as Jeff Hardy flying off the top of the stage through Abyss through a table. A mix of hardcore, high flying, technical extra, TOTAL NON-STOP ACTION!

I'm not going into great detail, but i recommend you guys try and see any TNA show you can, because the lines will be toooo long once WWE is put out of business.

Man Stroke Woman

One of the top UK comedies from 2005
What makes Man Stroke Woman stand out from other sketch shows has lasting appeal. It has elements of a wacky Monty python style, but a realism to it. The fact is has no canned laughter makes it better than other sketch shows such as Little Britain. Like pretty much all sketch shows though, it does have some repetitive jokes, but there are a number of twists and unexpected wordings, that it keep the humour to it. Only thing that is repeated is a Punch-line.

Example of which is the couple where the woman is wearing something quite strange, like a scarf which is part floating in the air, a handbag which foams, and a lingerie outfit that has body hair on it. Each time seems more strange, but the husbands reaction keeps the laughs, whereas the same punchline 'You can never say i look nice can you?' kind of dampens it.

Desite the presence of some bland traditional sketch show traits, it can still pack in more laughs than others.


Jerry Springer: The Opera

A masterpiece of contemporary satire
Based on the famous chat show, Jerry Springer: The Opera is one of the most seediest, dirty, disgusting piece of musical satire....and I loved it. This show deals with some various offending themes, main of which is how the media exploits peoples hardships for ratings, exactly what the jerry Springer show does. In this clever story, Jerry starts his show as normal, in which partners expose secrets to each other, but as the show comes to a close, Jerry is shot, and has a near death experience. He is accompanied by a dream of his security guard Steve, and he see's his guests from the show, and religious icons such as the devil, Jesus, Adam and eve, virgin Mary and God himself. Here Jerry learns his lesson, and realises his own fault and the nature of good & evil......sounds quite far-fetched, but it's opera, that's what its all about.

it's funny to note that at the final scene before the finale, they compare Jerry to god, with people coming to him to help with their problems. Funny eh? The music is very catchy, some funny yet crude lines such as Poop your F***ing pants, I used to be a lap dancing, pre-operative transsexual, etc. The choreography is jazzy, and pin-point timing. Costumes are very elaborate, and in some cases...revealing. Some notable one's include Adam & Eves, near nakedness, Satan's Striking red jacket and suit, and the various American styling clothing for the ensemble. The set is a shocking resemblance to the show itself, and the transformation into hell is absolutely spectacular, with fires and explosions.

David Soul plays jerry SPringer well in his desperate attempt to escape from his nightmare. The various guests, such as montel (the man who likes to S*it his pants) are a very strong group who fit their character look and attitude perfectly. My hats off goes to David Bedella who plays the Warm Up Guy/Satan to a T. His singing, dancing, and his all round presence make him the suitable man to stand alongside Soul as the two main actors.

The overwhelming sound of the show, the deep meanings, the visual feast, THE SWEARING, THE VILE, DISGUSTING FILTH.....My god what a great show.

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