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The Promise

Director shows great promise with this short
BEWARE! SPOILER: "The Promise" is a short that deals with a theme ALL of us have face or will face - the loss of a parent. A young boy names Patrick makes a promise with his ailing father. The father promises he'll get better, giving the boy hope that his father - his favorite playmate - will once again rise from his bedridden state and be his son's hero. Meanwhile, in an effort to make his reality a little better, Patrick plays with imaginary friends in the rolling hills of the Irish countryside. While in the woods, he meets Maggie, a young girl who proves to be the catalyst that helps heal Patrick's broken heart after the loss of his father.

This short film packs a lot of emotion in 20 minutes. The acting of the young boy Nicholas Schneider is top notch. As the main character, the director had to make sure this role was sympathetic or the movie might not work. Well, it works tremendously. I wonder what that young man is up to. One thing that puzzles me and I have to wonder about is who gave this movie a 1? I mean, what kind of Monkey do you have to be to not like this sweet independent flick? Feels like someone who lost out to "The Promise" at a some film festival or some other peon with an axe to grind. We as the IMDb community will never know since they fail to write exactly what brought them to that rating.

Oh well, the movie is great. I'm not sure where to pick it up, but it was on the San Francisco's arts & entertainment channel. Perhaps it's in your town too.

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