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Resident Evil

Condom commercial?
Or a story what happens when you don't raise your kids right? I don't know but Resident evil it is not, not in any way shape or form. How fkn hard can it be to stick to the lore? It's not hard at all! One would think they've learned that by now, but noooo.. some arrogant douchebag thought he could do it better.. again, and again it's huge flop that no one likes.

In Search of Tomorrow

Right in the childhood!
5 hours of unadulterated nostalgia, if you are born in the 70's and early 80's this is for you, pure and simple.

I can't tell how many shivers and goosebumps i got or the amount of paper tissues used to wipe the tears from that youthful excitement and pure joy these movies gave me. All the dreams and fantasies they helped me create and escape to.

Nothing i've ever seen on screen have made me this nostalgic and emotional, you owe it to your younger self to watch this movie.

Jurassic World Dominion

So i came in not expecting anything really, started off a little dull but ramped up really fast! Well made, fast paced, over the top action scenes. The slower scenes where they mostly talk are like a mini skirt: short enough to retain interest, long enough to cover the subject. I must say that i'm surprised how much i liked it, will def rewatch in 4KHDR... oh, and i might have a small crush on Kayla.. yumyum.


The story in and off itself isn't much to write home about, quite generic. What's keeping me interested is the 'mooners' and their way of life and culture, almost feels like sci-fi hippies without the drugs.. it's all very.. fascinating.. it's the only way i can explain it but one thing is clear, i'd leave earth and go live there in a heartbeat if i could.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds: A Quality of Mercy
Episode 10, Season 1

One of if not the single best episode of star trek i've seen, and i've seen pretty much everything with star trek. Goosebumps! Chills! Excitement!.. just.. WOW!

Shoot 'Em Up

How ya doin doc?
I love this movie, everything is over the top and it never apologizes for being what it is, it's dumb fun! Just like Crank and Guns Akimbo. Just sit back with a BIG bowl of popcorn, throw your feet up and get ready for 1,5h of dumb fun and metal music!

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Marvel is dead!
Watched about 45 minutes then decided washing my dishes was a better way to spend my time.

Marvel truly is dead! Everything after End Game is just milking the dead cow , that's started to decompose.

The Man Who Fell to Earth

Started strong.
First episode got be hooked but by ep4 it had derailed in to something else and every bit of interest i had was gone, what happened? Well the main character that was the forefront got pushed all the way to the back of the bus and is only there for comedic relief.. too bad. It's Kurtzman so it was expected tbh.


Marvel is dead.
Another failure from Marvel that don't hold up. It's slow and boring, and couldn't keep me interested and the characters are forgettable and generic. The best thing about this movie is the end credits. Marvel truly is dead.


Gave up.
Typical Michael Bay movie but it has all the action and nothing else so i gave up after about 1,5h.

At least there wasn't any over the top woke BS we see in every other movie and tv shows now days except a "stong independent whaman" casted in one of the roles, at least not from my viewpoint and the 1,5h.

Star Trek: Picard

Kurtzman needs to be stopped!
Before he ruins more beloved tv-shows! He's totally clueless to what Star Trek is and he's just making it worse every episode. What drives these deranged people in to letting people like him create such utter garbage? It has to stop!

Night Hunter

it's ok, i guess.
A bit too slow paced but it have it's moments and some good twists and turns. As psychological thrillers go? This one could have been great if it had other actors and a better director but it's ok, i guess.

The Contractor

From Star Trek and Wonder Woman, to this?? Why would Chris ever want to do a B-movie like this? To relive his Jack Ryan role? Yes he's a good actor but even that didn't save this cliché riden snorefest of a movie. There is absolutely nothing original or new about it.. just boring predictable and generic.


What a joke!
I love video games and seeing them become tv-shows and movies is awesome! I was never a Halo fan but i gave this a shot anyway and wow! What a joke! The CGI is horrible and the story is the oldest one in the book: Stand up against impossible odds and save someone. Halo deserves so much more thought and care than this garbage!

Spider-Man: No Way Home

How did they manage it?
The ninjas, cutting all those onions! If you have seen all the previous spider man movies then you know what i'm talking about.. if not, then go watch them!

This movie celebrates them, and make then justice and it all comes together like perfectly coordinated dance that leaves you wanting more.

The King's Man

Writers lack interest and it shows.
The trash burns bright in yet another dumpsterfire from Hollywood! Boring slow and generic, this movie lacks both the humor and charm the first two movies have in abundance, even the action scenes are boring and poorly made where they can't even get the villan interesting. I gave up after Conrad get's shot in a scene that makes no sense at all that shows the writers had no interest at all in making a good movie.


Makes no sense
So the celestials are basically gods and Eternals are programmable robots.. so why make them overweight, deaf and children? It makes no sense.

Planets are eggs, witch celestials are born from.. why would the eternals ever be made aware of this? It makes no sense.

Celestials store and learn from the eternals memories, still makes mistakes and create something flawed after millions of planets and maybe billions of years? Makes no sense.

This movie makes no sense, it's just a confusing convoluting dumpsterfire that's 1h too long.

Superman & Lois: What Lies Beneath
Episode 1, Season 2

Where is Superman?
Middle aged Lois acting exactly like a spoiled bratty teenager, and using the emergency thing.. because she's what? Jealous of her sons happiness?

"You are the alpha you set the tone"? Wtf? No she's met someone else and too spineless to tell the truth to Jordan and i'm pretty damn sure the one she met is a girl and she's now the LGBT token character.

Andersson is set up to be the typical white-man-bad in this season, because loving ones country and wanting it to be secure is what? That's right.. BAD!

Superman, what this show is supposed to be about, where is he? He's doing the same this he's always done, and getting pissed on for doing so.

Only reason this EP didn't get a 1 was because of how they set up this seasons "supervillain" Other than that it's just filled with cringe and skippable scenes without meaning, a typical highschool teen drama show filled with boring narratives.


Another fail.
Marvel studios made really good movies once upon a time, they made a lot of money and could quite easily continue in that fashion but instead they make garbage like this?

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Worthy of the name!
I laughed, i got goosebumps and really felt to my core that this movie is hands down worthy of the name Ghostbusters! It has everything for us that loves the original movies and for the newer younger audience that might not know of or ever seen them.

Not a 10, but an extremely strong and solid 9.

The Matrix Resurrections

There is no spoon.
I have no idea what this movie is supposed to be, and i don't think the writers does either, what i know for sure is this movie won't give you anything but questions and leave you confused. It's just an unnecessary movie.

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City

16 minutes in and they have already destroyed everything about Albert Wesker, Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine, a total rewrite of core characters and ofc diversity bingo and race changes.

The movie itself is slow and boring, predictable and cliché and the CGI and special effects belong in the 80's along with the long and boring speeches and interactions with the different characters.

A total and complete failure and disaster of a movie that will piss off true fan of RE everywhere, even if you have no standards and don't know what Resident Evil is you will now enjoy this movie, at all.


Hit and a miss.
Yellowstone is one of my favorite tv-shows hands down and Mayor of Kingstown is a beast of a show, both made by Taylor Sheridan so i had high hopes for 1883 but it's just so mind numbingly boring that i rather do the dishes and clean the toilet with a toothbrush so couldn't bare to watch more than half or first episode.

Forgettable generic boring characters except Sam Elliot that's flawless as usual but he alone was not enough to keep me interested.

The Witcher

Another Netflix failure.
Fascinates me why this show is called 'The Witcher' when there is little to no story about witchers and monsters and the stories and lore behind it! Instead we get just another Netflix failure focusing on all the wrong things and casting the wrong people with terrible writing that plays more like a generic drama show.

FU Netflix.

Red Notice

Nothing special.
Just a run of the mill heist movie, nothing original or special about it, The one liners and puns get's really old really fast. It's a forgettable drop in the ocean among theif/heist/set-up movies.

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