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12 Feet Deep

Alternate Title
Trapped Sisters is the "also known as" title for this movie on The Lifetime Movie Channel. Based on a true story.


It's like watching a Ghostfacers ep. of Supernatural!
I gave this a decent rating because aside from the obvi GhostFacers (trademark of Supernatural) documentarians, Tort, after crunching down his last cheese puff, held a camera over the med examiner's report... Dude. There's a camera magically shooting the both of you anyway! Why not just jump cut to the whole, CLEAR, "report"? Guys! Is it because you wanted to try to show that you had not altered this document? Because that was just a bad call on the director standpoint it was just funny. And it's unfortunate because I really do want to know more about this town. If you haven't seen a ghost Pacers episode of supernatural you need to watch one because that is exactly who you are. I'm not insulting you at all. There is room for this and I gave you a nice nine stars because I appreciate the Kitch but I also appreciate the background interviews. I honestly didn't know about them. Throwing in the dementia test for the older sound recordist was brilliant. Good job guys. Keep it silly but keep it smart too!

The Boarder

I only watched because I love Jenna Kanell
I like Lifetime movies so, so, much. Jenna Kanell is one of my cult favorite actresses so I was happily surprised to see her working the cafe and playing the best friend. I wish she was listed in the synopsis; even on here. The acting was good. I really disliked the direction and director choices on this movie- then I saw it was a male director and it made sense why the first love scene kinda made me squirm. I totally felt the made-by-a-bruh-for-bruh's. Not at all the demographic of this genre. Being that I really adore great Lifetime movies, I expect and welcome some camp and spoon-fed, obvious plot-twists. When done right it's charming and enjoyable. But less than one minute into the opening of the movie the ridiculous continuity problems ie a dead body facing straight up in one shot, and with it's head cocked extremely to the right in the following shot, symbolic red paint drips onto what looks like concrete then immediately to a white tarp... come on director dude. The one thing a good Lifetime movie has is respect for it's style. I work in this business. I'm positive the editor/s wanted to fix the foibles and just insulting continuity problems but the director, who is responsible for this, just locked edit and sent this as finished. This director doesn't understand the cult genre and seems to assume he can just be sloppy and throw in such poor direction as well.

The acting was great though. Kudos to the actors. I feel for you all, having to take such bad direction. Now I understand why Jenna Kanell doesn't have her name in the billing. It was probably her choice.

Minecraft: Story Mode - A Telltale Games Series

Parents Beware
Okay, no. So there is no secret that Minecraft story mode has its large share of violence, killing, falling to ones own death and animals that help characters. That alone should not be rated for seven year olds. My 16 year old just asked how Ruben's perilous and emotionally gut-wrenching death, which, as if it's not enough of a profound loss for the viewer, then coldly vanished into a piece of dead meat in the form of a pork chop is considered "OK" for a Y7 rating. We are typically horror fans in this family but when my 16 year old is so moved to go goes out of his way to ask how we can report this to the Motion Picture Association because he doesn't want his own future children to watch such harrowing scenes. Parents: Just because it is titled Minecraft does not mean it's at all appropriate for your seven year olds.

Fatal Friend Request

Honestly, kill off the one black guy in the first 12 mins
Nope. Actually turned it off because it embarrassed me as a person in the field. I know this is on the Lifetime MovieChannel which is full of great oldies and newer life-based stories like The Archer, but this was so wrong. I am a huge fan of Sarah Lind and I'm sure she's embarrassed of the end product (perhaps that is why this movie has two titles- "Recipe For Danger" is the other title. I was really pleased to see this was written by a woman and directed by a woman; but you, writer, lost me at the very poor decision twelve minutes in to kill off the one black man. He didn't have a quarter of screen time but he was a well-cast, and believable Godfather to an otherwise very poorly acted, anti-chemistry family that honestly, nauseated me. I don't understand how the writer and director decided to white-wash the film while following the most overused and boring opening and arch. The other actors did what they were directed to do. Bree Williamson, in my opinion, has no place playing this role. It makes no sense. She has far too much of a plastic surgery face and would've been better suited to be an extra. I feel for the other actors and the cute girl. The daughter is the only other realistic actress in this video. Yes I said video. Why? In this climate of our country, we need to stop making terrible choices. And to the executive producer/s other than (Madam Bree) Sarah was a score but please never settle for this dreck of a video to waste her talent, production value, and your R.O.I.. To the little girl: You we're very, very, good and when you grow up, you can do whatever you dream! I hope you grow up and write a screenplay that makes you happy. If you do, I'm sure it will be even more loved than this video!

Menu for Murder

What I really love about this
This is one of those great movies that have a super cast, it's very dated to the nineties, the writing is that unique blend of intentional bad writing, cheesy in a good way, scripted to spoon-feed the audience a nice unemotional (which is what I prefer in this genre) story and plot-twists of catty PTA Moms. This is one of the oldies but goodies one finds on the good old Lifetime Channel. I very much enjoyed getting lost in this flick.

Penny Dreadful

Excellent interpretation of all the many Penny Dreadfulls of old.
Eva Green is outstanding and mesmerizing. I wish this Penny Dreadful didn't have to end. Stellar performances, cinematography and design. Of course who doesn't love Josh Harnett? And hello Patti LuPone!!! Also, the casting and personalities were tremendous!

Hart of Dixie

This is my idealistic escape. I Love it so much!
I don't care what any other critic has to say, I fell in love with this show for many reasons. Times are and we're hard and tragic. Bluebell is the town I truly wished existed. The casting was fantastic. (I agree Linley and Joel were detractors-especially having seen that guy on Dexter. That was a bad choice. So was Linley.) I've been rewatching the episodes as a form of escape since it ended. Yeah the musical end was campy and funny but unfortunately they knew they had only 10 episodes to wrap. I still escape to the sweet imagery and plot points and humor. COME BACK TO TV!!!!! We need a beautiful escape like Bluebell! A reunion at least.

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