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The Walking Dead: World Beyond

My first review, it really is that bad.
I'm an avid zombie lover, books, movies or series, no matter I'll be there! But this? I really wish it was possible to give a 0.

If you've ever watched a horror movie, and gone "No, don't go there, stop!". Then you've gotten the awful yet satisfying, "I told you so!" feeling a good may times.

In this series, apparently written by a zombie, you don't even get that, danger? Nah, the power of youth and writers block to the rescue!

TWD and F:TWD has had a few, let's say less than amazing episodes, AS of the time of writing, I'm two episodes in, and the best minute of this show won't even come close to the worst in any of those. Skip it!

Happy Feet

-My movie of the year-
We've all seen Pixar's movies and the visual quality of those also there's Disney's earlier works containing wonderful music.

Happy Feet isn't just able to keep up with movies made by pre-mentioned but I've found that on more than one occasion it's even surpassed them.

If you're bored this movie is for you. If you're spending time with the one you love, this movie is for you. However if you're having the time of your life and can not possibly think of anything more entertaining to do, then you're already watching it.

Together with friends this was a really nice movie, because there are many humorous scenes in it.

Don't take my word for it, just watch it and make sure you've got a nice TV as well as a great sound system.

Devil's Den

Terrible clichés all the way
There's not much to say about this movie, if you like B "horror" movies, still keep away from this one. I've never seen so many terrible actors in one single movie before and it disturbed me quite heavily in the way they abused good old folk lore.

As pre-mentioned, there is not a whole lot to say about this movie. Don't for a second believe the high average of 7 which it currently has. During the first 20minutes I was inclined to give it an 8 or a 7 just because it was terrible in a... good way.

Sadly it's really easy to predict everything plot/character vise in this movie. Some of the effects weren't terrible, but not at all good, the monsters quite frankly looked like...****.

The Perfect Neighbor

Not the best movie I've ever seen
I must say that when I picked the box up the cover and the description of the movie almost made me feel a bit uncomfortable, because it seemed to be able to give me quite a fright. Now the only thing which made me feel uncomfortable was how bad the actors were. Perry King who played William Costigan was the one who I found to make the best of this movie and his part wasn't big enough to lift it up a lot. Maybe from a two to a three but no more than that. Barbara Niven who played the main character Donna Germaine was quite a disappointment, the character was well written and did somethings which a person in that state might actually do if this had been for real. Barabara Niven who was very... good at overplaying the part where she was "The Perfect Neighbor" should probably not be offered similar roles. The day I watched this I had, had a good night's sleep but after the movie was to an end I was almost about to have another one and this was in the middle of the day mind you. Usually after watching a movie of this class I'd recommend it as a sleeping pill, but since the story is quite disturbing (it really was a nice thought) and the acting is so terrible, you might, if you are in that mood laugh until you cry. I'd recommend this movie for someone who has a nice boy or girl over and doesn't want to focus all of their energy on a movie to rent this one. That might actually have been it's purpose.

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