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Black Panther

Such Potential...lost
I did not watch this when it first came out as I was behind in my Marvel flix and needed to catch up. One day me and my wife decided to take the long road through all the Marvel movies starting with "Captain America: The First Avenger" and based on timelines on various fan sites trudged through them one by one... then came Black Panther. When it ended my wife and I dutifully watched the end credits to catch the "hints" to whats coming up. When it was all over silence fell in the lounge room. Neither one of us said anything. I then muttered "did that seem a bit political to you?"...that opened the flood gates. When a new evil King took over and others were left with the decision to follow or defy...of course the cool ones opposed that King. The Marvel "resistance" was we go again. There is no other way to put it, but Marvel went Spike Lee on this one and that made it so hard to follow in some scenes and easy to predict in others. Of course factional oppressed forces join to overthrow/defeat the evil King and his evil agenda...Marvels version of the "25th Amendment". In the end the it may have been possible to save the Evil King but he chose death to honor slaves the died sailing to their new Plantation we have come to know as America. A bold statement on its own but it gets lost in the myriad of subliminal and overt political statements spattered throughout the whole movie. We watched this movie because we wanted to be entertained...and that did not happen. Being a fairly switched on minority that has chosen to map out my own destiny in life... hearing the words "Great, another white boy for us to fix"...left me shaking my head. Such potential lost...

Killer Joe

Don't let User Reviews spoil it for you...
Don't read any reviews that try to subtly walk you through the movie...if compelled, watch first then read them. Killer Joe is that roller coaster ride you ponder when you are older and should know scares you and you decide WTF I am on it so I am going to keep my eyes open and get the full experience. There are some very rough scenes and the scary part about this ride is that you will find yourself chuckling a bit more than you think you should. The other side of this movie is that you will ask yourself, "do people like this really exist and do they really do these things?" - Yes and Yes. It would be the type of "situation" you hear or read about in the news but you never get the details and certainly not the play by play leading up to crime/incident. My suggestion is to...take the ride but only if you intend to stay on.

Jim: The James Foley Story

A true account that lingers in your head
This is a documentary that lingered in my head for much so, that I want to watch it again with my wife. Not wanting to spoil anything, the story does not detail so much of the gory side of this story, but it concentrates more on what seemed to go on in his head through those closest to him. James Foley was a rare breed as far as journalists go... he did not let danger get in the way of his reporting, but at the same time, he did not have a death wish. Once he was captured the world got to know who James Foley was, how he did what he did and what a good natured person he was. Do yourself a favor and watch this... I am fairly sure it will linger in your mind... in a good way.

Clinton Cash

Don't let people convince you its old news...
I have to admit I was excited and scared to watch this. Normally movies don't affect me as much as documentaries so if you are a doco freak then get your snacks lined up, feed the cat, sit relax and take it all in. To some people, I would venture to guess the younger viewers, some of what is talked about will sound surprising but you will reserve judgement and research the issue/s later then formulate your opinion on that particular point or issue. Some of us actually remember some of these events back in the days that social media did not really exist and internet was just cranking up. Most of the news was still going through main stream media and at that time we had no clue the CNNs. FOXs. MSNBCs were biased and owned by one party of the other. We trusted MSM back then. So when we get to review events now, that back then we were led to believe was "America coming to the rescue", it tends to leave me hollow, angry and disgusted. I've lived overseas in Europe and Australia and many times I have had to defend America from what I thought were envious foreigners. I always thought they were jealous...but now I wonder if I was one of those blind Americans that used to think we always came to the rescue to help. I know in my heart that's what I wanted to believe. I refuse to believe the Clintons are the model of what Americans are all about. I choose to believe that they are the ugly side of America so I can still love my homeland and not feel guilty. Watch this, but make sure you take it all in. Whether you support the Clintons or not, you should see this. This political family take corruption and power to a whole new level.


Not your typical war movie
When one watches this movie you need to keep in mind that not all war movies are the same and the focus of the movie depends on who made the movie, how it was made and who is watching it? Make sense...of course not but in a nutshell keep an open mind. Is it about war? Yes some of it is. It is about bonding and camaraderie? Yes of course, it highlights strained relationships in very stressful and violent situations. I enjoyed the movie and being ex military in the 3rd Armour Division you do tend to pick things out BUT I could do that in just about any military movie I have seen especially from WWII to date. Without being too specific I spotted armor and infantry tactical strategies which confused me a bit but other than that I did enjoy this movie. War is ugly and this movie does not miss that point.

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