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Tiny Pretty Things

This show sucks my ass.
Literally the worst thing I've ever seen. Horrible acting. Terrible writing. Stupid unlikeable characters. Total ass. To make matters worse, it has one of those lame lead actors who is cold and talks to everyone like they are stupid - but this show is stupid. Very stupid. I would rather jump off a cliff than watch another minute.

The Batman

A Good Batman story
The Batman felt like it was made by people who cared about the mythology. It was nice to see a noir detective story and also a younger inexperienced Batman who was still finding his way. Catwoman, Penguin, Riddler were all respectably handled. All on all a good Batman story. It is little too long and I didn't care for the lighting of the film - but it's def worth seeing on the big screen.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Absolute trash
Just a dumb violent stupid movie with lots of incoherent story choices. The amount of times someone pointed a gun at Leatherface and didn't shoot him in the head was staggering. The whole sense of what made the Leatherface mythology is gone in this abysmal Netflix trash ass film. Def the worst Leatherface movie.


Mediocre and Predictable
As soon as the old guy from Dances with Wolves showed up and looked at the dead body in the woods, I knew he was going to tel the protagonists "My people call this creature The Wendigo." Sure enough, one hour later, that is exactly what happened. And that is all she wrote for this predictable bore fest of a horror film. Some decent moments but overall a bit of a disappointment. What was the guy from Fargo S2 doing in this? :(

Nightmare Alley

Incredibly boring and stupid
This is a movie that seems interesting at first, and then goes nowhere fast. The pace is slow, the plot is dull, and the entire film is just lame. What makes it worse is that it is watchable because of the competent filmmaking, and so that makes the dead weight of this film all the worse. But nothing is as bad as Bradley Cooper's terrible performance. Completely flat, lifeless, and unable to hold the film together. A total waste.


This was a strange show with unlikeable characters and really poor storytelling. I admit the final episodes few minutes had some interesting thoughts behind it - but the four hours that proceeded it were hard to follow, not funny or tragic but really just kinda sad and tedious. It's a huge waste of the two leads who should have been excellent. Just seems this story could have been told a lot better.

A Ghost Story

Very well done, excellent ghost story
This is a movie about a man who dies and comes back as a ghost (represented by the Halloween bedsheet-look, which is very effective) and has to experience the loss of time and anguish as his loved one moves on. But more than that, he experiences an existential like between the future, past, and present, that makes him see how precious and important the time he had alive was and also the pattern of how life changes, evolves, and grows. Beautiful film.


John Cena is good - rest of show is just ok
Peacemaker is a not a very funny show and it does have a a super annoying cast of co-stars, but the main hero John Cena really does do some great work to hold the show together. It's kinda stupid a group of women who are hired killers for the Government would also have corn-ball feminist ideas of teenage girls, instead of being ruthless and seeing past that stuff - but whatever. Worth it for Cena and The Eagle.

The Last Duel

This movie was ok - well made.
The Last Duel is a movie that tells the story of an alleged rape from three different POV's. The husband of the victim. The accused. And the victim. Each one remembers the story differently - but in the end the film kind of veers away from this and states that one of their stories is the official story. The sets, costumes, and fights in this movie are well really well done. The acting is kinda cheesy. But this is by no means a bad film - worth the watch.


It get's old after awhile
Dumb movie with a stupid plot. Bad acting. Horrible writing. Everything about this film is just plan trash AF. The worst part is the beginning, middle, and end. Hated it from the moment it started all the way up until the end. Wish I had done something, anything, else. Go away, M Night Shama - GO AWAY! You don't know how to end a movie. Your plots always fall apart. Your style is getting...old.

The Dry

Excellent mystery drama
This is a good mystery drama about a detective who goes back home to solve a crime and ends up getting sucked into an old crime that haunts his past. Great cast, well written, with a good twist end I did not see coming. Highly recommended. It's never too late to go back and try to set the record straight.

The Book of Boba Fett

Judge the book by it's cover
EDIT: Boba Fett, as a character, had less than fifteen minutes screen time and only four lines in the original trilogy - yet he became one of the most important characters in cinematic mythology. Largely because he was mysterious so the audience's imagination could fill in the blanks. This show takes him away from what made him a cool character, and turns him into something he is not - and nobody wanted him to be. BUT - the show is not done yet. And it does have great battles and a cool aftermath of Jabba's Palace in Jedi lore, and overall is a very decent live action Star Wars story. Recommended.


Eh...not bad. Weird. Meant well.
I thought this was an action movie about a dude who went on a rampage to get his pig. It's not. It's a drama about a man who lives in the woods who goes back into his past to find his missing pig. The more he looks for his big the more the audience learns about him. TBH I didn't really understand this film but it was well made, well intentioned, and had a lot of good Portland actors and BG's. But this is also a very boring movie - and honestly when it was all done I just didn't care.


How the hell did Bale not get the Oscar for this movie?
This film is a biopic of Dick Cheney, with a bit more of an emphasis on his early years as opposed to what exactly went down when he was VP (I mean, President). Bale is utterly transformative as Cheney in this film - makes Daniel Day Lewis' Lincoln look like a high school performance. Seriously, a freaking masterclass in acting. It looks just like Dick Cheney is on screen. It's just uncanny. How the hell did he not get the Oscar for this?

Don't Look Up

Brilliant Dark Comedy
This movie is about a group of scientists who discover a comet is going to hit Earth. When it hits, all life will be destroyed. Problem is, they have to share their voice with the world and they encounter the destructive side of humankind, which stems from our own pettiness and selfishness and arrogance. It's tragic and hilarious and one of the more important films about humankind ever made. Definitely recommended.

The Matrix Resurrections

Take the blue pill
The only credit I will give this movie is that at least it doesn't do to Neo what Disney did to Luke in the Star Wars sequels. Other than that, the film is a dud. The costumes are weak. The sets are bad. The fights are boring. The new Agent Smith and Neil Patrick Harris are forgettable. It's not as bad as X-Men Three: The Last Stand, or Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, or the Star Wars prequels or sequels, but it's forgettable.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Excellent Legacy to the Spider-Man franchise
Spider-Man: No Way Home does something really remarkable: It brings back the cast from the last 20 years of Spider-Man movies. Doc Ock. Green Goblin. Electro. Lizard. Sandman. It really honors the previous films and it even does something completely new and unexpected. It's hilarious, action packed, heartfelt, and a truly great time at the movies. 10 out of 10.


Decent low budget flick
I had a date with a Korean stripper and we watched this film and made out on my couch. She loved it and I got some action. I like this movie - it will always have a special place in my heart. Also, it is a decent use of a very low budget to make a movie. :)

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Decent return to the Ghostbusters Universe
Ghostbusters Afterlife was OK. Egon's granddaughter held the film together and was a very unusual protagonist. I wish they had done more with the older cast but it was cool that the old team had a rematch against Gozer the Gozerian.


Decent Candyman reboot/sequel
I thought this film would suck - and it does not suck. It's got some really good elements to it. It's not the noir masterpiece that the original is, but it includes elements of the original film to spin a new Candyman mythos. It was kind of cool to see the character of Candyman back and what they did with the story was actually pretty interesting. Its def with a midnight watch.

Ojing-eo geim

Excellent series
This is a show that asks us a simple question - is mankind inherently good or inherently evil? The answers the show comes up with may surprise you. I loved all nine episodes - it was funny, tragic, violent, and suspenseful. There was some gore in this show - but it wasn't done without catharsis. The acting in this show is just tremendous, especially the lead actor. And the writing is excellent. One of the most important binge shows of our time.


I'd love a sequel!
I saw this on a plane - and I thought the first half was just amazing. But the second half the film kind of loses itself because the stakes fall apart. The villains are sort of taken out a little too easily - I would have liked to have seen the heroes work a little harder against some tougher opposition. But I still recommend this film, and I hope they make a sequel. TBH - I'd watch like 4-5 sequels to this.

Dune: Part One

It's ok - not bad don't love it
Dune has remarkable visuals and does a solid job of telling the book page by page (with some exceptions.). That, in and of itself, is a huge accomplishment. However, my big gripe with this film was the worms. They were very underwhelming. My second grips is that the acting kinda sucks (except Baron Harkonnen - who needed more screen time.). This film needed some more Shakespearean actors - less flat Hollywood performances. So...I don't love Dune but I don't hate it - and I'd watch a sequel.

Halloween Kills

Decent addition to the Halloween franchise
I heard this movie sucked, and parts of it in the middle did - but lots of Halloween movies have sucky parts. The beginning to his film is excellent, and the ending was also quite good. The middle had some moments that I don't feel worked - but mostly it was because the movie made Michael Meyers the anti-hero and the townspeople were more the villains. Nothing wrong with that in slasher genre - but that just is what it is. I recommend this film if you like the Halloween movies.

No Time to Die

Thank you, Daniel Craig!
Daniel Craig is EXCELLENT as James Bond in this film. Excellent. He holds the whole film together when other elements fall short. There are so any subtle things he does throughout the course of this film that show he had mastery of the character - from the classic cliches to the newer more dramatic cinematic character arcs. The action scenes are amazing, the run time is epic, and the conclusion may leave some disappointed but I felt it was a worthy finale to his run on the iconic character.

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