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Garbage from Below The Sea!
I hate it when movies have characters who have some type of very specialized job (such as an astronaut) but they cast young actors and give them dialogue that is not what people in those professions would say. In this case, some idiot gave the underwater drills to some millennial looking people who are woke enough to realize and say out loud: "We took too the sea is taking us back." LMAO - what? These would be professional drill operators they wouldn't see the world this way. Anyhow, the plot sucks, movie sucks, characters suck - deep sea trash.

The Reagans

Wow - Ronald and Nancy Reagan were horrible people
It's honestly unbelievable how awful the Reagans were to poor families while they spent money on themselves. It's also unbelievable how they gutted the same economic policies that had kept both their families alive from 1933 onward. They literally made up a bunch of lies about how poor people were rigging the welfare system and used those lies to run zillions in cash to their friends and the corporations.

The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues

Holy God this was BALLS!
Nothing about the movie is good. Not even bad in a good way. Just terrible. Stupid monster. Dumbs script. Bad acting. Gracious. This film is just awful.


Mind Bending Time Travel Noir Thriller
This is the first movie I saw in a movie theater in seven months. I loved it. Nolan's best film since Inception. It is about a guy who tries to stop the world from being destroyed by a time bending device. This film has battles where characters move forward and backwards in time at the same time. The cast is great. The action is awesome. The plot is very hard to follow. This is a nearly three hour long movie but I was never once bored. It's not a film with a lot of deep character development but it never pretends that it is. It's just a super unique crazy bold cinematic experience.

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

I don't like
I am a big fan of Sacha and I think he is on the right side of history but this movie is lazy compared to the genius of the original. The jokes aren't funny. The fake interviews aren't shocking. Maybe it's just that nothing is new under the sun in the age of social media - or maybe it's just because the film is flat, lazy, and stupid. The daughter character is a disaster. The stuff dealing with the Republicans is worth watching however.

The Amaranth

Slow and Dull
There are things in this film I liked a lot - at the beginning. But the film never really builds to a climax. It is long and slow and you have to pay close attention. It sorta lost my interest and honestly I have no idea what was going on towards the end. I just remember this made me feel depressed. :(

Gretel & Hansel

Beware the Gingerbread House
I saw ads for this film on FB and I read a lot of the negative posts about the names of the characters being swapped. While this film did have a handful of woke tropes (such as at the hunter is black in a white Euro landscape and Gretel seems to be gender neutral) none of that takes away from the story and in fact in this film it works quite well. (Again, none of these woke ideas are bad it's just the execution of how they are done.) This movie had great cinematography, the actress who plays The Witch is fantastic. Solid film.

Ready or Not

Here I come - to write a review!
This movie was a pretty cool big manor with a family that had dark secrets film. There was a family that played this game of hide and seek with this lady who wanted to marry into the family and if they caught her they were going to kill her. There are some cool sets, lights, decent enough acting. The film was well made. I wasn't crazy about all of the camp in the film but that is my personal choice. It was an ok film.

The Vast of Night

Good production value kinda hard to follow
There were moments in this film I liked a lot - mostly where they got the atmosphere right. There was one scene where the camera sort of follows the ground around the town and it goes into a high school gym and out and into the shack where the radio station is - for example. There was some effective experimental stuff with dialogue and dark screen. I wonder if this was a stage play someone chose to film?

The Boys: What I Know
Episode 8, Season 2

The actor who plays Homelander is great but...
Everyone in the writers room should praise Anthony Starr for saving this season. While S2 had moments - overall it lost the plot. Butcher is a secondary character in his own show. Hughie is useless. Stormfront I guess can shoot people with lightening but conveniently the lightening strikes cause damage and sometimes they don't? People swing in to save the day when the plot needs them? Why make a satire about toxic superheroes and then fall into superhero cliches? Go back to the formula of the comic or cancel the show.

Dark Encounter

A horrendous movie from beyond the beyond...
WTH was this? It started off pretty bad and then it actually got good for a minute and then it was a real clunker. Besides having one of the stupidest final 20 minutes of any film I've ever seen - (cause when we watch an alien attacks movie we want to watch whatever that was) - it had prob the worst line of dialogue I've ever seen in a movie. Guy looks at a kid and goes: "What do you know about family? You couldn't rase a loaf of bread." - WTH? Lmao- this movie was TRASH.

The Hole in the Ground

Good Monster Movie
I am very picky about monster movies and I liked this one a lot. It's about a mother and her kid who move into the country and one day the kid sneaks off into the woods and when he returns he may or may not be her son. It's got good creepy atmosphere. Well made. Well acted. Cool monsters. Def worth it if you like an intelligent monster movie.


Def don't buy a home in this neighborhood
This was a weird movie about a family that goes to a strange suburb and get stuck in some bizarre circle of life baby mama drama horror show. They sort of live there for a long time and raise some kid who may or may not be human. The filmmaking is pretty good and I was genuinely creeped out by the sinister elements of the film. It's not perfect - a little too art house at times - but whatever. It passed the time and it didn't suck. What more can you ask for?


Go Broke?
There are some dangerous ideas thrown around in this show. How to radicalize people into thinking against their best interest: Teach them that the enemy is everywhere under the surface of everything. Teach them to always combat this enemy that exists everywhere - and send them out into the world to make irrational illogical decisions that actually strengthen their enemy and turn more people against one another. It's how Vietnam was fought and why the war never ended. Don't go woke.


Decent Werewolf Movie
This film was ok - it was about a group of people on a train who get stuck and attacked by werewolves. It has a nice creepy script and some cool monsters. It's not great - but nothing about it sucks. There isn't any moment in the movie where I wish I was watching something else. A very passable monster movie that falls short of being memorable but a decent enough horror film. I would watch other movies from this creative team.

Bone Tomahawk

Sheriff Kurt Russel v Cannibal Demons
This is a very decent Western Horror movie. The first half of the film is a fairy textbook well made Western with a sheriff, his deputy, a gunslinger, and an injured man on a mission to rescue a woman who has been kidnapped by cannibal savages in the hills. The third act of the movie they meet the cannibals and all hell breaks loose. There are a few moments in the third act I think the script made some weak choices but overall the film is extremely well made. Well worth your time.


Garbage first draft of a screenplay
Someone must have typed this movie in like - a week? A day? It starts off as a decent enough thriller about a man with a past whose ex-wife asks him to murder her abusive husband...and then out of nowhere some strange plot shows up where the guy is maybe going crazy or possibly he is not even part of this mystery he is in a computer program...or something? I have no clue. Neither will you. And it doesn't matter. Cause this film was TRASH. (Ps - it is true that in noir sometimes the plot doesn't have to always make sense but this was GARBAGE.)

The Guest

More movies should be like this!
An 80's inspired thriller horror comedy about an ex-navy seal who shows up to a family's home and claims he was enlisted with their dead son in the same unit. The family is charmed by him and he is allowed to live with them. He fills the void of the dead brother by looking after the little brother and sister and helping the father and mother - unfortunately what he does to help them is commit murder and other crimes. The girl catches wind that he is up to no good and call the military to report him - and that is when the fun starts. The Guest is funny, smart, self-aware, violent, and heartfelt.

The Devil All the Time

There is no God
I liked this movie a lot more than some films I see in theaters - including several films nominated for Oscars. I liked the cinematography and the violence and the darkness and the moody atmosphere. The cast I felt was mostly decent. The narration of this movie bothered me a lot and I think the film would have been a lot stronger without it. I almost wish the film had taken more time to develop the characters instead of used the narrator to push the plot forward. However - it's a decent crime drama and it's super trippy that the Marvel and DC cinematic actors are in it.

47 Meters Down: Uncaged

I wish the sharks killed them all
One of those movies that seems to have been made for the audience to just want the sharks to kill everyone. Annoying human beings do stupid stuff and get attacked by sharks. The humans spend the whole movie yelling and screaming and acting like whiney spoiled brats using high pitch shrieks that drive the audience crazy. The sharks should have killed them all. This is a disgrace of a film.

The Jesus Rolls

Nobody messed with The Jesus
This film is a remake of a French movie that is written and directed by John Turturro. He reprises his role as the iconic Jesus from The Big Lebowski! If you are a fan of the Big Lebowski one day you can laugh with your friends and say: "Hey did you know Turturro reprised the role in this strange ass film?' The film itself is about friendship, love, travel, life and death. We learn Jesus has a dark side to him but he also has a big heart. A bowling scene happens in the film. Chris Walken has a cameo. Answers the question about why Jesus was on the sex predator list. I liked this strange film.

My Octopus Teacher

I'm not crying - you're crying!
Beautiful documentary about a man who spends a year of his life filming an octopus that lives near his home by the sea in South Africa. He learns about her behavior and becomes surprised just how intelligent she is. He watches her hunt, escape danger, regrow her limbs, and they even bond with one another and sort of become "friends." This documentary helps the audience have an appreciation for marine biology and shows how human beings and other animals share this world. Good stuff.


Solid Character Study of Al Capone's Final Years
A character study about a ruthless gangster at the end of his life who is haunted by phantoms from his past brought on by mental illness. The people close to him try to help but he seeks something far beyond his reach: A treasure. But where is this treasure? Tom Hardy really does great work as Al Capone. Humanizes him and makes him terrifying and vulnerable all at once. This is a film for people who love art, well written story, good acting, and character study. It's got some flaws but I recommend it.

The Boys

Homelander Steals The Show
A good look at a "dark" Justice League scenario. What if Superman was a psychopath? What if Aquaman sexually assaulted women - and fish? What if Wonder Woman was an enabler? Etc. The show is funny, violent, heartfelt, and at times even scary. It does fall into the same traps many streaming shows have. Too many one dimensional characters and too much dialogue instead of characters with depth and a tight script. However the villainous Homelander is just fantastic. Every second he is on screen the story shines. Def enough going on with The Boys that I eagerly look forward to S2.

Breaking Bad: Felina
Episode 16, Season 5

The Long Epilogue Goodnight
The end of Breaking Bad is excellent. However - one could argue that the true end to Breaking Bad was three episodes earlier when Hank arrested Walt. That was the climax of Breaking Bad. What followed was an epilogue that ran three episodes and ends here. Much like how a Pink Floyd album has a great song, but then in the final few minutes the song slows and not that memorable. The writing does take a bit of a dip in the epilogue. There are a few times plot convenience rears its ugly head. However in general - solid end.

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