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great series but terrible music
great series but the music is just as terrible.. irrelevant times, irrelevant music. there is a high speed car chase on the screen and the piece of music they have selected is "song 2" by blur, which is more of a positive song, but the car chase is not that positive, and moreover bad guys succeed to get away.

i haven't been able to check who has been dealing with all these music, but if i'm not mistaken, jj abrams has made the title music and this may indicate us that he has been dealing with the other pieces of music too..

and "song 2" isn't the only example. there are many many examples, almost on every episode. if this had been something worst, i mean alias, i could accept that but it's a huge success and you have to find suitable and relevant music wherever necessary. you can't just put a piece of music jut because it's slow or fast.

i began watching the series a couple of months ago, i mean at the beginning of the 2006 summer. first i thought: "the times are changing and in this 5 years, both my taste of music and the choices for the series have changed" but after thinking further, i saw that it didn't have to do with the time. the songs don't change in means of their mood, they may get old, but they will still have the same mood and certain things will go on being the same, i mean, love is sweet, car chase is thrilling, a new baby is lovely, death is painful, fights are breathtaking, war is cold.

and i remember "lost", it didn't have this kind of irrelevant music.. i guess jj abrams had its lesson with "alias" and made a better work with "lost".


it's not just about the cars
to be honest, this is one of those movies you just come across on TV and watch it just to kill some time.

at least, it was that way for me during the first couple of minutes but then i realized it was more about the man behind the cars.

enzo ferrari is one of the most powerful figures for racing and one doesn't become as powerful for no reason and this movie is all about him.

people who want to see lots of cars and technical stuff shouldn't watch this movie but there is the struggle of a man trying to create a company that will eventually become a legend.


A movie that touches you
no movie will ever reach where eskiya stands for turkey. perhaps it's the only movie to be the best movie ever of its native country without a single discussion.

i'm not exaggerating, i'm not overrating. it really is a great movie that touches your heart. sener sen, being the best actor of turkey, can make you cry and he gets a huge help from the great composer erkan ogur. for the closing scene, erkan ogur is playing his own invention: fretless guitar. best film music ever in turkey? must be so.

i won't say things like "if this movie had been taken in Hollywood, it would have been great. if only they had more budget and more famous Hollywood stars had been acting..." because this movie is great as it is! take one frame out and there goes the magic out! it's a complete movie with absolutely no mistakes or something missing.

my only wish would be to have really really English subtitles to make this movie enjoyable for many many others. it's probably one of the most difficult movie translations of all times but there are really really few words to express those said at the end of the movie.

or everybody should learn Turkish and try to understand the part on their own.

Dnevnoy dozor

a truly new movie
i have never seen a movie like this. i don't mean this is the best but with all the differences it has from Hollywood, this movie is giving a new experience..

i mean one really needs to see it. yes, lord of the rings was a great trilogy but in a way that doesn't bring something quite new. but after night watch, day watch is also showing us something we haven't seen before.

it's quite interesting that you listen to a language that you don't know and then find it quite nice-sounding.. this has been the case for me with day watch, in fact, night watch also helped a little bit.

the main problem is that we don't have these movies in theaters in turkey (at least i didn't come across) or as original DVD's. if a friend of mine who is Russian wouldn't have given me the illegal divx copy of the movie, i would never get to know this great movie..

by the way, i just can't wait to see dusk watch.

Pamuk Prenses 2

great movie
this is a school project with a great cast! erkan can takes the movie to a whole new level. his great acting as a mafia boss reminded me of his another movie: "gemide" given that this is a short movie and tells a lot, editing must have been a big issue. so the resemblance with Tarantino is something we should pretend not to see..

other than the plot itself, movie has many real amusing elements like the origins of the tales that have been told by mothers to babies.

one thing that bothers me is the subtitles in English. they were embedded to the copy i watched and in my humble opinion, they have to be modified, better written again.

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