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Ride the Thunder

Ride the Thunder
The movie showed the determination of the certain Vietnamese who lost their country to a communist dictatorship and relocated to the U.S. to become exemplary citizens. Most have realized and taken advantage of the "American Dream." It was sad to hear the lies of Jane Fonda and John Kerry and I have always thought that they should have been prosecuted under the Sedition Act. The movie shows John O'Neill debating John Kerry and refuting all of Kerry's lies that he told to our Armed Services Committee concerning the way our servicemen treated Vietnamese citizens. Kerry lied to promote his political career in the state of Massachusetts and it worked. The basic theme of the movie was to show how the Vietnamese in America rose to "Ride the Thunder" with the help of the U.S. and that they will be forever grateful to the American people for supporting them. You wish that whites, blacks and browns who were born in the U.S. shared the same feelings as the Vietnamese regarding opportunities for those who are qualified.

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