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Another must-see on the list.
The film was beyond great, it was well balanced, it clearly said that yeah..fossil fuels had brought us here but they are like an addiction, it's great at the beginning but it kills you at the end. Also I really liked that the film highlighted the idea that education is so important to this topic, that if you educated yourself and others you can realize so much more, you become more self-aware of the environment and others, you don't remain a self-centered egoistic human.

How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can't Change

A must see even for the ones who have lost their hope.
I've saw Josh's "GasLand" and it was really inspiring, this one however had something more. It showed me, at least, that giving up to despair it's not an option. Yes, the situation is's catastrophic's how you want to say it,but it's not an excuse to stop doing something, you have so manny people who are fighting for their land...for their forests ...for their HOMES, and didn't stop and some actually won, why would you stop when they fought such a hard battle and you are staying and watching it from your comfortable sofa ? This films gives impulse to keep going, keep the fight on, for a better world, for a better future.


A must see.
I see people here commenting that the movie was lame...that it is propaganda...that somehow ,somebody, profits from the tragedy....just please tell me how in the world you can profit from a tragedy by actually showing to the people that the system is wrong..the system is rigged by corrupt politicians and that was the cost. Some people really lack common sense . As far for the film it is a masterpiece from my point of view. It shows you just how corrupt our romanian medical system is and how it kills it's patients from the beginning and how, yet again,a good part of the blame is on the damn politicians. It is also another reason why it is so important to go and to vote in the upcoming elections .

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