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Alien Dawn

Looking forward to next week
Both my husband and I enjoyed the show very much. The comic book set up going back and forth with reality really kept it interesting. The characters (teen boys) were cute and believable. Boris was the perfect friend who knows what to do even though he was a bit of a nerd. He is very likable and adorable. I think there was a movie called Alien Dawn done a few years back and this show might be confused with that mediocre movie... I hope not. I don't usually watch Nick Tunes but we saw a preview and decided to check it out. Glad we did! I was a little confused at the beginning of the show but then figured out who the speaker was and then understood what was going on. I loved the geek friends of Boris... they had all the answers. The only thing I wasn't really good with was the music playing during the skateboarding scenes. It reminded me of that Flight of the Bumble Bee music. My husband is a little deaf and had the TV volume up too high so that music got on my nerves. If the volume was down, I probably wouldn't even have noticed that much. We are looking forward to the next episode!

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