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David Spade: Take the Hit

Not the Spade in the movies.
I was a bit disappointed with this stand-up routine. Where I expected an hilarious sarcastic commentary on life from David Spade, what I actually got was a nearly hour-long disjointed and painfully unfunny at times TV special. Some of the segments were just odd. I found the segment about Brad Pitt to just be gross and unfunny. The whole routine felt like lowbrow, college beginner material. You'll sit through five routines of boredom for one routine of hilarity in this snooze-fest. However, I must give him credit for his few good routines, because they were hilarious. If only he could have maintained it through the whole performance.

Stick to his movies. Forget the stand-up.

Michael Jackson: Thriller

Best long-form music video of all time!
The video opens with a scene from a horror movie, in which a man proposes to his girlfriend. He begins to tell her that he is "different." As the full moon rises, he morphs into a werewolf. He then pursues her through the woods, and right before he attacks, we're taken to the inside of the movie theater. Inside the theater are Michael and his girlfriend. She's too scared to watch any longer, so they leave. As they exit the theater, he begins to tease her. ("It's close to midnight, something evil's lurking in the dark...") Michael then sings and dances his way down the street with his girlfriend. This scene shows Michael's skill with the camera. He never once acts "aware" of its presence, as many other artists do. As they make there way past the graveyard, the graves begin to open... Once they arrive at an alley, they are confronted with a horde of the undead. We then see the horror stricken face of Michael's girl. Who wouldn't have a horror stricken look if their date morphed into a zombie? Yep, he becomes one of the undead. (A very bright and shiny one, though.) He and his fellow zombies then begin what may be the most well known dance choreography of any music video. To tell you any more would give the ending away.

This is my favorite music video of all time! You don't want to miss it! I give it a 10/10. (Yes, I know you can see the curtains in the back of the sound stage, and the werewolf looks kind of cheesy by today's standards.)

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