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Alien Dawn

My kids really liked it
My boys, 12 and 13, really liked the show. They enjoyed seeing the skateboarding and liked the story line. It held their interest the entire time. They were able to relate to the kids in the show and really understood everything that was going on. They loved how the show portrayed bullying as uncool.(their words) As a mom of two boys that are in between little kid shows and adult sitcoms, it's refreshing to see a show for them that doesn't have a reference to sex or drugs. I thank the writers of this show for not putting in bad language that's in every single TV show created for the above 10 year old group. Also giving kudos for the writers to keep this one simple enough to understand yet give these 'tweeners just enough to make them think. We look forward to many more episodes. The DVR is set. :)

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