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The Prince of Tides

Midlife crissis vanity project
The whole time while watching it, I was wandering what director would make this ludicrously pompous, self congratulating character out of Streisand's character, and insisting on the ridiculous "sexy" shots of her legs in high heals so not subtly and totally out of story context. The whole character of Barbara Streisand and the story line with her son was so ludicrous , naive and unearned, like it was inserted from the other film. Then at the end I have learned from the credits that she was a director and and her son played the character of her son. That explained a lot! And also explained how this sappy, contrived, artificial film that cannot decide whether is sappy melodrama or "serious family drama" film got 7 Oscar Nominations! Nick Nolte is great but he acts in his own film.


so bad that is actually so bad
Christopher Coppola is officially the most talentless director and writer ever. And the guy who co-wrote it is Vallelunga - who was the co writer on the Green Book piece of crap film that actually got an Oscar>

Space Force

Amazing technical features, cringe-worthy lines, cheap jokes that never land
Under-developed father-daughter bonding moments, ineffective social commentary, obvious discussions about racist stereotypes and the odd serious moment of self-reflection which doesn't work. Space Force seems to be so concerned with trying to be both a light comedy and a serious drama about real political issues that it ends up forgetting about the most basic things. We are never given a reason to like any of the characters: the lack of backstory to explain their motives, combined with a lead whose most memorable feature is a very annoying, fake-sounding voice, makes for a show in which each of the ten thirthy-minute long episodes is perceived like a very long Terrence Malick film in itself. Despite its amazing technical features, Space Force suffers from a screenplay that gets us used to jokes that never land and exciting things that never happen, as well as cringe-worthy lines such as "my fuel makes your rocket burn" and "have you addressed the possible hazard of werewolves on the moon?". One episode after the other (that is, if you get past Episode 2's animal weirdness), you get used to the lenghty conversations and cheap jokes.

Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind

nothing to
Nothing to write home about. Kind of. Could've been something.


This series-bigger scam than the scam it portraits. Way bellow HBO standard
The whole series is disgrace, but especially the last 2 episodes are disgraceful example of milking of shallow subjects and non existing theme, repeating the same points while delaying the predicable, irrelevant end. Disgrace for the HBO. Pretensions empty 30 minute TV reportage blown to TV series.

Red Oaks

Horrendous writing poorly executed
Badly written tropes,poorly filmed, but the editing is just amateurish

Struggle: The Life and Lost Art of Szukalski

Shalow, glamorizing portrait on a rasist narcissist
Shallow, glamorizing portrait on a rasist narcissist. The artificial emotion is not earned. The ending of spelling ashes, filmed by amateurs, is ridiculously fitting end of pretentious life that was not tragic at all. The film tried to make it "tragic".

Lída Baarová

Amateurish, inconsistent, humanizing Nazis, horrible waste of an amazing story.

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