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Demolition Man

Is this movie supposed to be a comedy?
The movie begins with an action sequence where some innocent people are killed. Stallone, who plays a cop, is wrongly blamed, and both he and the real culprit, Snipes, are put into stasis. 22 years later, a corrupt government leader lets Snipes free and hires him as an assassin. Stallone is freed by the police to capture Snipes.

Snipes character is so freakin' nuts that he makes you laugh and think "wtf" quite often. The world in 2032 is so wacked-out that it leaves you intrigued. All the characters are so weird, too. There's some action involved but it's all very unrealistic. So, basically, it's a half-decent movie that's poorly made and some of the crazy things in it are so crazy that their funny.

Basically if you get this in a Stallone set (as I did) it's worth about $3 dollars (if a regular DVD costs like $10) or if you're a die-hard Stallone fan it's worth it, and you get to see pretty much all of Stallone's body minus his junk, if you're into that.

Tango & Cash

A good cop action comedy movie
Tango and Cash is an entertaining movie that will hold the viewers excitement. Cash (Russel) is a rash, somewhat flamboyant cop who nevertheless gets jobs done and is very effective at his field of duty. Tango is a somewhat older and wiser cop who has put hundreds of criminals behind bars. These 2 cops are regarded as the best cops in the city, and are also rivals. However, when someone frames the two of them for a murder, they end up in prison and are forced to work together as to escape the corrupt jail guards and prisoners, who hate Tango and Cash for putting them in jail in the first place.

This movie has some action and some dark moments, but not to dark, and has some comedy. Some of the comedy gets a little bit old towards the end and some of the larger action scenes seem pretty fakey. Other than that, this movie is an entertaining movie to watch, it will keep you awake and alert but not to much so, and it's an easy movie to follow if you don;t want to watch anything too complicated.

Buffalo Bill and the Indians or Sitting Bull's History Lesson

Can you say "bad"
There isn't really much to say about this movie. It's about Buffalo Bill and his white men being racist towards Buffalo Bill and his Indians. No action till the very end, which should get an award for worst action scene ever. it involves Buffalo Bill using man-strength to force Sitting Bull to the ground and then the camera moves away and we see Sitting Bull's body lying there. This is probably a bad review, which is understandable, as I pretty much stared at the TV half-asleep the entire time due to boredom (I had to watch it, though, for school). Um, don't watch it unless you like really, really boring films. I watched it with my dad, brother and mom 9she left in the middle of it), my dad said it sucked, it was like a 3, my brother (3 years older than me) said it was O.K.. So, unless you've watched every other film in the world and are sleep deprived, don't watch this film.

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