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I lack words to praise the director.
Every time (which I have done more than 20 times till now)I watch this movie I count it as another wonderful movie of Sri Viswanath. I am bowled over by Meenakshi. The precise depiction of the typical lifestyle of people dedicated to music and dance is worth any amount of praise. It is not new in Viswanath's movies but this movie overdid the others by margins.

Venkatesh's love for Bhanupriya is so clean and 'pure' I should say. If every artist had such a supportive spouse, then our country would not see the 'nearing extinction' situation of Indian fine arts.

The music is wonderful and one is placed in a dilemma as to whether enjoy the music or the dance. I would be surprised if viewers didn't feel an involuntary dance movement by their bodies while watching the damsel dance.

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