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A Heist of Your Time
Same old stuff. Not a documentary. If based on true facts, lots of drama unnecessarily added. Maybe watch while you're busy doing something else. So many shows like this one & not unique. Episodes 1&2 best, 3&4 good, 5&6 not do good.

Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami

The King of Boring
5 episodes too many. Same old story. Nothing to see here. Maybe a 90 minute "documentary" would have been OK. Just watch a couple episodes of the old TV series Dragnet 1969 & be more informed & entertained about drug cartels....

Hit and Run

Poor Dubbing. Filmed with no lights
Too slow. Poor dubbing of English. Way too many scenes filmed in the dark. Hard to tell what's going on in such dark scenes with no lights. Drags & drags. Odd ending. Might have been tolerable as a 90 minute movie. Even then only a 2 rating. Don't waste your time watching!

The Celebrity Dating Game

Embarrassingly Terrible
The beautiful & talented Zoey does her best, Michael Boltons' singing is great. The show is horrible. As it's Pride month, the first coupling of the show is gay, includes a B celebrity. The second "celebrity" discussion includes her either accent being either British or Australian. Zoey is lively, Michael looks a little bored sitting there waiting his turn to sing. The show isn't as advertised & a failure all the way around. Might last 3 episodes. Don't waste your time watching.

Master of None

Season 3 absolutely horrible in so many ways
This show is incredibly disappointing. No humor. False advertising: "A mature evolution of what we've been doing" Not putting any jokes in a comedy-drama isn't maturing.

Season 3 is unwatchable. It's the sort of production you find from an undergrad who wants too badly to be pretentious, yet lacks the restraint to do it with elegance.

Not the comedy Master of None, but a completely different story just milking off the original title. Not like the original show people loved at all. It's a drama about a character I forgot existed & don't care about. I just can not stay awake watching it. It's a completely different show now. Would not recommend.

Awful & Dull. Just another story about a lesbian couple, but this one moves at a snails pace. Absolutely nothing to to do with seasons 1&2. Should have been a spin-off "directed by Aziz.."

Unless you like watching people fold laundry while dancing for an hour. Only 5 uneven episodes, 35-55 mins each. Full season? Nope. Ten minutes of content stretched out into an hour. Boring.

First two seasons 10+ while Season 3 Less than Zero.

Not really related to first two seasons. You'll see that in the ratings I'm sure -- people will start and not finish. This show used to be funny, now it feels like some forced woke lesson. Maybe @netflix should start making content people actually want to watch again instead of making content for a tiny demographic of ultra woke urban elites.

I've been waiting for season 3 forever. I love aziz so much as a character. So far I've watched the first episode and my thoughts are I didn't like it. It was slow and there was nothing interesting about it. It also felt fake to me. I could tell they were forced unrealistic acting.

Why 4:3 though? No 4K? Horrid & crunchy visually adds nothing. Not artsy. Creative direction of making season 3 technically look and sound horrible as if recorded on a broken 1987 VHS Camcorder.

Was Aziz trying to hit all the woke benchmarks to hack in to awards?

However, music used throughout season 3 is great, as it was for seasons 1&2!!

Without Remorse

Waste of Time - Very Disappointing
Not like the book at all. Boring. Wasted 2 hours I'll never get back. Guess someone is trying to find work for Michael B Jordan. But this is a Total Failure.

The Serpent

Bad accents, storyline moves slooowly; back & forth timeframes add nothing. Don't bother.

Tudo Bem No Natal Que Vem

Great Christmas Comedy
Fun movie. Yes, like Groundhogs Day. Good job dubbing Portuguese into English.


Absolutely Boring
Tried to hard to be funny but too long & no continuity.

The Neighborhood

8th grade humor. GET RID OF THE ANNOYING LAUGH TRACK!! Great Actors, Lousy scripts.

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