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The Marine 3: Homefront

Great Movie
Action movies are predictable but this one I thought was a little different. The main protagonist was bad but not your typical bad guy. Yes there was a scene that was unrealistic( Come on its Hollywood you expect it to be realistic what action movie is.) but you have to make the star the hero of the movie. It is called The Marine: Home Front for a reason he had been through a lot and knows about combat. He know how people think and work that what he is trained for. Marine's are bad-asses. I thought the acting was great and non-stop just kept watching going, wow can he top himself. It was a great plot and thoroughly enjoyed watching it. I waited weeks for the movie to come out being a huge Mike the "The Miz" fan. I was hoping but not expecting it to live up to my expectations. It did that an more. It was "AWESOME".

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