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  • I had to write my first documentary review after watching the second episode, when I shed some tears watching a success story of the animal from the mountains. Its not easy to capture such success when the rarity of glimpses of these endangered animals prevail due to human encroachment on nature. The majestic, vivid, beautiful and clear cinematography and the insight from Sir David attenborough and energetic score from Hans Zimmer makes this looks like documentary shot in heavens and earth is a heaven, the vulnerability of mountains conveys a message to human to act on saving this paradise. And this episode did just that.
  • Wow I had to write a review for this movie...What a delight.As I entered into the theater with high hopes, I expected it to be very good, turns out be even better. Seriously this movie shows how dreamworks animation is knocking on the door to be the best animation studio in the world.The visuals are highly detailed and extraordinary..Dragons are dark but more colorful than Godzilla.I am an animation fan but even if you are not you should not miss this one.It is going to be the biggest animation hit of this year.I even thought this was better than frozen because it was surprising how the climax turned out to be

    It has action,laughs and emotional moments that makes you hold on to your seat till the end. If you want family time or even alone time, this is the movie you should catch because this is better than the best animation in recent years.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What the hell just happened???I mean yeah, this show is all about surprises and the suspense but with more than 5 surprises and cliff hangers in just a single episode beats me.... This shows how talented the writers are for what matters and you just want more of it..just when you think you have figured it out you are served wrong.. This episode clearly have made evil win unless Doctor lecter isn't one.Return of Abigail out of nowhere was one of the few surprises you will encounter in this season finale that will just blow your mind away... A sweet looking dinner served in bitter taste but just excellent. Don't know how many of the character are dead or will survive the next season but you just have to wait to see... A 10 out of 10 episode and a breathtaking finale with more shocks than you can ever imagine..totally shocked
  • Tom Hanks is one of my favorite actors. His movies are always very worth remembering. This might not be that much memorable but this is as simple as it gets. During the whole movie I had an smile on my face. It was a very simple comedy with not much of sexual or offensive jokes made. It was very sweet in terms of hank's character. It might not be the best work by tom hank but his direction was okay. The story was normal and predictable and it was simple and didn't contain too much twists and the actors were quite good.

    He has proved that he still has charm despite his age. A person with good humor and who loves family time can enjoy this very much.
  • Warning: Spoilers

    OK,where do I start,great start and end to a magical drama with perfection in cast,direction and story. I mean how often can you be glued to your TV during the whole episode because you don't want to miss a single moment of it.

    I only started to watch this show this year in DVD,and the final season online...this is best thing happened to me as an American series fan and believe me when i say this,this is the best show The death of Walter white and a new opportunity to live the life given to Jesse is simply awesome(not the death part,the opportunity part) and the way every question has been answered,it deserves to be the finale unlike recent disappointment in such as dexter.. So all in all,a great show in the television history has come to an end and it made many fans cry because it has such an emotional ending.if your friends,family recommend you this show saying its the best,believe them because it is the best of all time.