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Mit meinen heißen Tränen

I saw this
on TV, a long time ago (when it came out) and was very compelled; and now I am watching the theatrical release, found in the local library. And I must say that it is a 'right under the skin' approach that hits perfectly. Everything fits. The cinematography is far out. There is not one 'son and so' shot. Not a moment wasted. Everything is fully loaded. Bigger than life. Beauty and meaning galore. The spare dialogue is straight to the point. The interpretations delicate. Bla Bla Bla. What can I say ... This movie makes you live/feel/breath every second of of the moments Schubert may have gone through (or not). Beautiful; equally suggestive and complying. It is like the skin of music.

It is what "The perfume" aims at, but never reaches. So amazing.

And yes, the foley work is more than excellent.

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