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Great show, why did they cancel it?
It is a GREAT show and they canceled it! If you've never watched it before I would advise you to. There is a movie or two. It is a classic show that should never be copied, and the characters are classic. Maybe if the people who watch the reruns watch it enough and post great comments, Recess could possibly go back on the air!!!! If you've ever heard of Family Guy, it was canceled and one year later it went back on the air. Hopefully Recess will be the same if they decide to put it back on the air. If you have watched all the episodes then watch the movies, they are just as good. It reveals things in the movie! I'm glad I was able to find this show.

Everybody Loves Raymond

Extremely Realistic
I Don't Know about some people but this is a very realistic show unlike most other sitcoms. The show is just an exaggerated version of Ray's real life besides being an actor/comedian and the normal-to-be-abnormal North American lifestyle.

I have relatives who get a little too comfortable and cranky in public and at home. I also have unintentional as well intentional family who care and almost criticize in a loving way that sort of embarrasses you.

So basically , this show captures an exaggerated decent-income family in a hilarious manner to create a top-notch entertainment television show!

Bud Abbott Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein

Entertaining , even in 2004
How can any person judge this film.

Sure , the style and characters are old fashioned but the film gives Universal fans a last hurrah.

The film is a Comedy/Horror and is easily categorized as both.

The movie may not be scary but it sticks to traditional horror cultures and ways.

Sure ,the movie may also have less funny parts but how many film epics have had even longer boring stretches than this.

There are a few flaws but they have to be ignored.

And about it being outdated , it's 1948 you must understand that.

That's all it is.

By the way , besides me, does anybody know where Nauru is!

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