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There's better films out there, much better than this.
If I'd have known when I clicked on this movie that Fred Durst directed it then I wouldn't have bothered. But as soon as I got the "privilege" of hearing LB's music in a car radio and listening to Devon Sawa sing his praises it was thrown in the audiences face. Out of curiosity I finished the film. This movie was awkward, hateful, angry, and pointless, much like it's anger-filled child-like director. Add to that the mood was all over the place.

I had no idea what Durst wanted this movie to be. A horror/thriller? A parody? A horror comedy? A satire? A slap in the face to some other celebrity he got in another feud with?

I gave it more than one star mainly for the actors who seemed to put an effort into this. I could see how bigger names would try it too I think the plot is probably every celebrity's worst nightmare, shocking and interesting.

But I have no idea what kind of message he was trying to send. If you're being stalked, make sure you don't defend yourself or you'll go to prison? That all celebrities (or all people for that matter) are angry bullies? That any "fan" with a mental disorder should be feared? Was he trying to show us how easy it can be for someone to stalk or kill someone? What was the audience supposed to get out of this, if anything? No one seemed to learn anything. No one was likeable or seemed to possess common sense. No one had to die, and no one had to go through the violence that occured it was all too easily avoidable. Or was this just a personal mission of Dursts? Idk.

As for John Travolta, I would've liked to be a fly on the wall in that conversation with him and Durst to hear how he pitched this and what Travolta said. He's already an over-the-top actor in my opinion so I didn't expect this performance to be an "A+" but what was he thinking, I wonder.

My recommendation, if you see this movie on your feed, would be to skip it. Maybe watch Joker or Misery instead. Two films better deserving of your time.


Skip this one.
The season isn't finished yet but we've got 8 episodes of a dull, dark, boring and depressing atmosphere. Boring being the majority of how you could describe this show so far.

I'm amazed I got through 8 episodes of this dribble. The plot seemed very interesting at first then I got bored FAST. I lost interest by episode 3 but held out too much hope that the acting might get better, the story might get better or even the camera work but so far no such luck. We've had each episode end with some tiny twist turning out to be more irritating then suspenseful that will not even carry over to other episodes it's like whoever wrote episode 3 never read the script for 1 and 2 and so on. No one makes sense Everytime a so called truth is revealed to someone it's either quickly dropped or the recipient acts like they're breaking silence with another subject completely forgetting about it. The show doesnt know what it wants to be other than dark rooms filled with dull unrealistic people.

If you're looking for a show where each character spend the whole time playing their one-note unlikeable personalities and watching Toby Kebbell's "WTF" look on his face on the wide angle lense 60% of the time, then you might like this show.

Smart Guy

Still Funny!
Watching this on Disney Plus gave me the old nostalgia feels back and you know it's still just as funny to me now as it was when I watched this on TV as a kid. I still love this show, Omar Gooding (Mo Tibbs) being my favorite character. And I'm still asking the same question I did years ago: How in the world did Full House get eight seasons and Smart Guy only got three?!

If you currently have Disney Plus and you're looking for a funny sitcom you can watch with your whole family or even on your own, trust me you can do a lot worse than this, it's a fun one.


It's not Broadchurch, as much as it wanted to be
I'm sure they thought that bringing David Tennant on board would win everyone over that this would be their golden ticket to this shows' success since he was a huge part of what made the British series, Broadchurch, as successful as it was. But even he couldn't save this Americanized version.

It's like I hear all the time, the British know drama. And there's many reasons as to why this American remake did not make it past a first season.

1: It's almost the EXACT same story as Broadchurch almost scene for scene, therefore too predictable to many audiences and not enough suspense. They didn't take the time to create something a little more different something of their own aside from spinning just one big twist.

2: America likes a longer drawn out series, something this story was not meant to be. With Britain it's the opposite they're usually more fond of the mini-series, these tend to outweigh their longer series and this is the perfect story to keep in suspense just long enough and bring to a sensible close before you lose interest. Broadchurch amazingly lasted three seasons and the creators never intended to go any further than that. This version looks like it was half-assed to bring in just enough of a continuing audience only to want to know what will happen as long as there was one foot in the door, maybe they could continue it for who knows how long.

3. It was doomed from the start, taking everything from a story that was recently already done and then add a cast (aside from Tennant) who just seemed bland, unfocused and undedicated to their roles, at least compared to the cast of the original series.

4. Tennant was their best hope to keeping this alive and while he did do great with what he had to work with, I could still see a little lacking in the performance. He juggled this with all his other projects (including Broadchurch which they were still working on at the time) and also struggled with his American accent. I'm going on record saying I admire and always enjoy watching Tennant's work as an actor. I think he's brilliant, talented, hard-working and motivated. However, I can still admit that his attempt at an American accent, especially here, has been his Achilles heel and it was distracting.

I give it 4/10 stars because I give them credit for trying and for convincing Tennant that an American remake had potential, enough to get him to sign on and give it a shot. As far as crime-dramas go it's not the worst out there, but it was never going to go the distance.

Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco

So, kid ignores dog, kid yells at dog, and as a reward, kid gets 2 dogs??
The original had a solid story when it didn't need to as I believe it was a straight to video Disney movie. It was emotional, adorable and between the voice actors, the rest of the actors, the settings, music and how brilliantly the animals were trained you could really feel the situation and finish the movie with a nice warm feeling (assuming you can feel for the relationship between a person and their pet nearly as much as I do).

Pros: Considering many of the embarrassing family films starring animals they've released since Beethoven and these two Homeward Bound movies in the 90's, this sequel isn't too bad. Animals still seem like they've been through a great deal amount of training and I did get one or two chuckles from some of the dialogue. These days filmmakers don't care how stupid the dialogue is it doesn't ever even need to make you smile, "as long as you just get a dog to sit there and CGI the mouth to move around I guess you're good to go, kids are entertained? No? Oh well we made money." And that's about it. The dogs are beautiful and you can tell the voice actors are still invested as well.

Cons: The excitement was significantly dimmed considering they weren't in as much danger as the first one. I mean we're going from wilderness with larger more dangerous animals, no food except whatever fish the cat could catch, fast flowing rivers waterfalls, unsteady hills and rock paths etc. Now they're in a city with an infinite amount of leftover food thrown away, other dogs to make friends, no wild animals, and tons of places to take shelter on the way home. They even had a guide get them to the bridge lol. Woo hoo. The setting and story is much weaker than the first film, the dialogue is overall weaker, there's not much character development, the kid actors are now stale as they probably don't care anymore outside of all the money they're about to make again.

It's cute and it's far from the worst Disney movie focusing on live action animals, but it's definitely not the best. If you want a fun movie featuring real trained pets and old slapstick humor with a couple laughs, then check out this movie. If you want to really feel something of the connection between kids and their pets, just go watch the first one again and you're good. Also check out Beethoven, My Dog Skip and Marley and Me If you want it to tug at the heartstrings.

Knock Knock

The film sucks. It's barely a film. Eli Roth needs to come down off of his ego horse he's getting into the same mess as M Night Shamaylan. Reeves has never been that great an actor (for the record I've been a fan of his since Speed) but at the very least he can be pretty fun. I feel like maybe what he's doing here is a favor he owes someone. Because he can't be hurting for $$ after his recent successes.

What can I say about this movie that hasn't already been said a hundred times? ...oh, yeah I feel bad for Colleen Camp seems like she's cursed to forever play the friend or neighbor who stumbles upon an affair or something made to look like one in B thriller movies. I hope she finds something better.

All Hallows' Eve 2

Pretty Lame
No scares, aside from the last one out of the 15 stories they throw in here and even that's been seen before which at best plays as creepy.

Doesn't in any way compare to the first All Hallows Eve or it's third installment, Terrifier.

Too much build up to the most disappointing ending you've already seen in the trailer, not kidding, they show the entire beginning and end in the freaking trailer.

Acting is beyond terrible. Effects are terrible.

And the absolute worst thing this movie had going against it is that Art the Clown was not in this film. He was marked as the best part of the first film it doesn't make sense that they wouldn't bring him back. At least this was rectified with Terrifier.

If you've seen All Hallow's Eve and enjoyed it, skip All Hallow's Eve 2, go straight to Netflix and watch Terrifier it'll save you 1.5 hours of your life.


Fear does it's job
3 times. First was when I was 10, I had no idea what Arachnophobia meant, my aunt and cousins wanted to watch it. I was freaked out enough that after the first kill I cried and ran down the hall to another room and ended up pulling an all-nighter.

The second was when I was 19 I forced myself to watch the whole thing only I couldn't look half the time I ended up mostly just hearing it and screamed whenever I managed to look up.

The third was tonight. I'm 32 years old. Being a big fan of horror movies I thought I'd give it one more try. I didn't make it past 15 minutes.

If the movie was meant to scare someone it did the job! Hence the 10/10. I won't try watching this movie again lol.

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