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Dark Harvest

"Dark Harvest" is Latin for "waste of time"
The first opening scene that lasted around five minutes showed the potential of becoming an instant classic, with moderit to good acting, good film, a story that keep the volume up, and an in the corner the of screen a spooky "did you see that!"(the scarecrow moves).

After the quick set up of history that would come into the present, it was like someone else had written and directed the rest of the "film". The next scene is a basic outline of how the film goes downhill like a runaway truck. It looks like the rest was shot in video, with crappy "porn style actors", the set design was a lawyers office with practically nothing on the bookshelves or anything in the office at all.

I remember only watching crap horror films for a chance of seeing some naked "teenage" girls, back then there weren't Victoria's Secret mags everywhere, and not watching for things that make great horror films of today like acting, terror, suspense, intregue, and so on.

It took nearly fifty minutes for the first person to die. When it did, me and and my friends were so shocked by the WORST costume of a "monster" EVER, we through our popcorn at the TV screen booing.

Im Juli

instant Faith Akin fan
For someone to write, direct, and act successfully in a movie shows a great talent at work. Mr. Akin also shows great talent in finding wonderful actors. A terrific story for anyone who has dreamed about a journey about finding life. With gyspies, beautiful women, mind altering drugs, fellow travelers, traveling throughout countries, all to find what has been missing in life after thousands of miles was right in front of you all along. It also shows that though people may be different, we are all looking for the same thing, happiness. I can count on one hand the stories that have made me cry with joy, this being one of them. I can't wait to see more of Mr. Faith Akin's movies as I have become an instant fan with I'm July!

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